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Before this moment, three couples of college students would be meeting in different locations. Anderson would meet Mirabelle early in the morning in a park. Corbin would meet Andressa at her house at noon. Meanwhile, Lawrence would meet with Juno in the campus stadium in the afternoon. And then, all of them would wake up at the same place, seeing themselves laid on a gigantic carpet! They observed with more attention, to find out they were inside an unknown house, which had titanic proportions! The walls, windows, furniture and everything inside it looked taller than buildings!

Anderson was sure something like that could be nothing more than a bizarre dream, so he immediately attempted to go back to sleep, to no avail, while the others would be observing, intrigued. They would soon realize the situation was indeed real. Did not take long for them to have a “good morning” in the form of a buzz, which was much louder and terrifying than usual. It was a bee. Like everything else in the house, it was oversized. Even not being monstrously big, roughly a little bigger than a watermelon, the sting of a bee is not to be taken lightly. And if a normal sized bee could inflict so much pain, at that size it could possibly be as deadly as a knife. Those college students could hardly imagine what would come next. However, despite the situation, the ever optimistic Anderson, even with him being too skinny for his 180 centimeters tall pale body, was still far away from giving in to fear.

”Guys, even if a bee is that big, if it stings someone, it is still going to die! Do you get frightened that easily?” Anderson said, making fun while trying to motivate his girlfriend and the new companions.

”Oh yeah? Then let it sting you and see if it hurts, nerd!” Andressa promptly replied, annoyed, thinking she was implicitly being called a coward. The girl with a 187 centimeters tall, statuesque body and ebony skin, would hate having it wounded - or worse - by a giant bee.

”Go back to your honey! You might be big, but you’re still a bug!” Lawrence shouted, staring at the bee and raising his fists, in an attempt to impress the others with a display of bravery, confident in the strength of his muscular 167 centimeters tall body.

The bee, obviously, did not enjoy the slightest bit of that, and lunged forward towards Lawrence, buzzing around his head to sting him, Although the bee was fast, he managed to dodge the stings, then retaliated, landing a mighty left jab at its thorax, knocking it down. However, the tough guy would not have time to boast, as they hear more oversized bees coming at them. He was not sure if he could fight many of them at once, and definitely would not want to know how badly a sting from those bees would hurt.

“Dammit, I had a gun! Where the fuck is it?” Juno muttered, frustrated, while searching for a handgun, which would not be there. She always carried one for self defense, and would be expecting to reach for it and open fire against the creatures. Unfortunately, the ones responsible for bringing them into the house would be sure to take any weapons away from her. She had a 163 centimeters tall athletic body and abundant breast size, but she was not much of a fighter. She would rather use her brain. Except for that situation, she had no ideas.

”Obviously the best thing to do is to run fast, unfortunately” Corbin said, since that seemed in fact the wisest thing to do, and Lawrence had nothing to say, so they all ran away. Corbin was a 165 centimeters tall young man with medium build, olive skin and nothing physically attractive. How did he manage to get a date with someone like Andressa? For the sake of a peculiarity, many people would consider it too bizarre, but for him it was the most charming.

The room where they found themselves looked like some kind of office. There was a window and a doorframe. In a corner, some shelves, and a writing desk with a computer. In another corner, a pile of cardboard boxes, which were arranged in a way that left plenty of good spots for small creatures to take shelter under. Everything is the size of tall buildings.

”Boxes! Underneath them we’ll be safer, I hope!” Juno commented, and they followed towards the boxes.

As they approached the boxes, the bees decided, at least for that moment, to leave them be, turning around and flying away, however, the group did not have a second to celebrate, for the reason those boxes were already taken. Mirabelle soon yelled in front of a huge red-headed cricket that showed up! With its already frightening size, which was comparable akin to a medium dog, they did not forget how swift crickets are. It quickly jumped towards Juno, who barely dodged it. Then Lawrence sprinted towards the cricket and managed to land a right punt on its head, like it was a football, apparently rendering it dizzy.

”Better forget about the boxes, there might be many more of them!” Mirabelle muttered in an attempt to calm down, even being too frightened. Like everyone else, she would not enjoy at all having her curvy 160 centimeters tall body and large hips made into an insect meal.

”What are you guys saying? They’re still bugs! We can’t squish them, but we can kick them! Bees are dangerous with their stings, but crickets are nothing!” Andressa replied. She was far from being as optimistic as Anderson, but was too haughty to admit that beings, which usually don’t mean the slightest harm, could become an actual threat.

”Are you sure those boxes would be good for shelter? Even if we are protected from the bees, there may be other creatures. What if they come in greater numbers and surround us?” Corbin inquired.

”Boy, they’re insects. They may be dangerous, but they possess no intelligence.” Juno replied, trying to inspire more confidence.

”Lawrence Yardley will never be bug food!” The burly guy exclaimed, while walking towards the boxes. There were two more crickets in the way and he faced them, trying to maintain a fearless hero demeanor.

One of them, in a swift leap, charged against Lawrence, who managed to dodge, but the other cricket also jumped at him, and from that one, he was not able to dodge. Even downed, Lawrence could hit the cricket’s head with a punch, causing it to back away slightly from him, giving him enough time to get up and then counter-attack with a mighty and accurate dropkick, which forced the cricket to flee. Meanwhile, the rest of the group managed to scare away the other cricket. That minor victory would raise the morale of the group, at least for a moment.

”Now it looks like those boxes are ours! Even small, we are the dominant species! Humans eat insects, not the other way around! No fear!” Anderson was doing an excellent job of morale encouragement, because if a skinny and frail-looking boy was not feeling frightened, it would be terribly embarrassing for someone as built as Lawrence, an athlete like Juno and an egomaniac like Andressa to be. The group resumed walking towards the boxes, looking for the best spot where they could find shelter, but before they could even get close, another unpleasant discovery surprised them.

”Look at that!“Mirabelle shouted and pointed to a huge centipede that was creeping down one of the boxes! The sight of its body was already horrifying, and having a giant size was even worse! And as far as they know, all centipedes have venom. Trying to take it down would be an awful idea and realizing that hiding around those boxes would be even more dangerous, the group decided to run to the writing desk.

”If we can climb that, it would be great. But how about flying insects? How do we defend ourselves against them? What if more bees come?” Corbin made another question.

”Dude, you will end up bringing us bad luck with those thoughts!” Anderson replied in a joking tone.

“Great, let’s climb. And how good are you at climbing?” Corbin added.

“Man. Giant house, giant bugs. I’m sure there is a giant person as well. And if that big asshole comes here, a table would be a terrible place to be.” Lawrence murmured.

“Yeah. Also, there might be worse surprises up there. And falling from high places hurts. A lot. We’ll be much safer on the ground.” Mirabelle advised.

“Well, we can explore other corners of this house. Might find a better hideout.” Juno said, trying to lighten the mood.

They decided to leave the ‘office’ in search of another room, crossing the door, which conveniently was left open, in order to get out of there quickly before they could see more insects coming out of those boxes. That door led them into a long hallway. To their left, they could see that the hallway would end in a closed door, far away, also three more doors and a passage to another room. To their right, at the other end of the hallway, there was one door, which was much closer, and ajar.

The next plan was to see what could be found beyond that door. However, after a walking distance of a little more than one meter, still in a safe distance, they could see what was behind it. Not only shelves with plenty of books, there were moths, butterflies, dragonflies and flying insects in different shapes and colors flying over there. Going there would probably end terribly, and that would not be the plan.

“What is this place? The bug’s paradise?” Corbin commented, awe-struck.

“Bug’s paradise! What if it’s not the house and the bugs that were made gigantic, but we are the ones who were shrunken?” Anderson wondered.

“Well, if they are big or we are small doesn’t make a difference, really. We are the ‘prey’ here for now. And we just found out that shrinking, or growing to giant sizes, is not just a fantasy!” Andressa replied, full of hope.

“Wait until we find out how to grow into giant sizes too, how much fun we’re going to have with those little creatures,” Anderson said, laughing. Mirabelle approached him, kissing his cheek, then smiling.

“Now we go to the other side, right?” Juno suggested, and everyone agreed to follow the opposite direction.

As they approached the other room they saw previously, they started to hear unnaturally loud footsteps! There was indeed a giant, most precisely… a giant woman! They just witnessed an enormous figure of a woman walking towards that door. Lawrence and Juno briefly stared at each other. They sure recognized her, while the others were merely staring in disbelief, doubting their own eyes and senses. And there was another problem: the group were standing practically in the middle of the hallway, as she walked without paying attention to the tiny presences, barely stepping on some of them! Fortunately, they could manage to move out of the way of her massive sandal-clad feet in time, suffering no injuries.

The group hastened to move away from the woman’s field of vision, following the access and coming across what looked like a dining room. There was a wooden table, chairs and usual dining room furniture, which looked rather cheap, though there was a much bigger thing to be concerned about at that moment.

“Does that weird woman live with insects? Is she going to cast them away from there? Or is she going to kill them?” Mirabelle wondered. The girl was overly curious and wanted to see what would happen, and she wanted so much, she would go back to the hallway, attempting to watch the scene with one of her eyes. And she wanted to have a better glimpse of the giant woman.

“What difference does it make? Are you fucking serious? Going to risk our safety to satisfy…” Andressa complained, trying to play the leader, to be interrupted by the sound of the opening door.

Mirabelle would observe as the house owner as her attention was on the insects, paying no heed to the group, while in awe of the beauty of her body. That tall body with slightly wavy orange hair at shoulder-length, wearing a blouse, short shorts and gladiator sandals, displaying her bronze skin, shapely arms and legs. But she would be immediately recognized at the moment she started talking. That woman was Vedrine, the campus librarian, who spoke with a Serbian accent. And all of them, who, surprised, would hear the booming voice. She was talking to the insects!

“You have an entire house, yet you insist on staying exactly in the place I reserved for my books and important notes? You are capable of understanding my point.”

“That damn librarian? She has zero social skills, but never thought she was that sick! To think someone would hire…” Lawrence exclaimed, being interrupted as Mirabelle gasped.

Their eyes would widen and their mouths would hang open as the ‘little’ creatures started flying out of that room, through the hallway, some of them went through the dining room while others went elsewhere. It was difficult to count, but they could see over a hundred of them. It appeared as if they could actually understand what the house owner said, or worse, like she could somehow command them!

“Guests? I told you before, I wanted to bring them here. Is their presence bothering you? They are not that bad, just awfully rude.” Vedrine continued to communicate with the insects as she closed the door. It looked like there would be nowhere to hide.

“She told the bugs to get out of there, and they did! Unbelievable!” Corbin exclaimed.

“The bugs? Really, Corbin? She was toying with us all this time! And now, what is she going to do? Experiments? It can’t be happening!” Andressa replied, desperate and nonconformist. After all, seeing herself in that situation was no less than outrageous. In that instant, they could feel the ground shaking again. It was the woman walking towards the dining room.

“The ‘guests’ she mentioned are just hallucinations, since she has mental issues! We can still remain unseen!” Anderson continued, trying to keep everyone optimistic, albeit being sorely mistaken.

At that moment, they could have a much better sight of the abnormally tall woman as she walked towards the table, reaching for a chair, while looking in their direction with a slight smile, to make clear they were not in her house by accident or misunderstanding. They now could have a better sight of her face, which looked young, despite her actual age being much older. That was indeed the campus librarian. Juno was still able to keep calm, but they could not say the same about the others. Anderson and Mirabelle were desperately trying to convince themselves that the experience was nothing but some kind of nightmare. Lawrence was amazed to find out that his fantasy scenario could in fact come true, at the same time, mad because he was not one of the giants. Andressa was boiling with anger and Corbin was just plain confused, as the owner of the house drags a chair closer to them, on which she would lean on with legs crossed, while her eyes on them.

“You almost stepped on me! How could you?” Andressa shouted furiously.

“I think she can’t hear us,” Corbin replied calmly, unlike his girlfriend, who was too infuriated to think.

“Vedrine! What the fuck is going on?” Lawrence also manifested irritation.

“There is no need for yelling. I am able to hear your voices perfectly. Do you always need to be like that?” Vedrine replied in a playful tone.

“Hold up… I remember you! You are the librarian, right? I don’t recall your name, but why are you doing this? Why did you almost crush us?” Mirabelle attempted to reason with the titanic woman.

“Are you a giant, or did we shrink?” Corbin inquired.

“I am glad to see that some of you remembered me. I loved it, in fact, though this is not so important. Regarding your size, you are the ones who had their body height reduced to ten centimeters tall. How are you feeling? And you two shrieking that way, it is not very civilized. My intention was to test how quickly you would react and move out of the way. I expected better. At least all of you are still unharmed. Or maybe you were expecting to be stepped on? I can do that with no problem. You just need to say so.” Vedrine explained, giving the impression that she was treating the situation as some kind of sick game, amusing herself at the expense of human lives!

“What are you talking about? What is your problem? You talk to bugs and squish people?” Andressa kept on ranting until Vedrine uncrossed her legs.

“Says the girl who believes to be flawless and expects people to treat her as a goddess! How wonderful life is! One is always learning something new, and you, lovely Andressa, discovered something new today! For your information, none of the creatures in this house would be wandering right in the middle of the corridor like you. They are able to understand where I usually walk. How do you feel knowing there are insects who are more intelligent than plenty of people, you included?” Vedrine replied jokingly, in an attempt to further infuriate them. However, the effect was quite the opposite. Would it be the fact she was right? Or was it fear? After all, one does not need intelligence to know that provoking someone while they find themselves in such a situation would be a terrible idea. Only an insane person would do so.

“Are you calmer this time? Much better. It was not difficult, was it? Dialog is possible. So… Mirabelle. As I said, that was to test your reaction time. Would be the most embarrassing if you ended up being stepped on earlier. I am going to explain the reason you are here, just for a moment.” Vedrine said, then proceeded to silently wait for something, and the others followed along. She extended her left hand, and a huge beetle would land on her palm.

“So, you probably have seen one of these, do you know what is more fascinating? How many times their own weight they are able to lift! Isn’t that beautiful?” Vedrine commented joyfully, while caressing the beetle with her right index finger.

“They are much prettier beneath my sole!” Mirabelle ruined the mood with an expression which was nothing pleasant in Vedrine’s ears. The creature would immediately fly away from the place.

“I have a more pleasant idea. How about we see how pretty YOU would look beneath my sole?” Vedrine inquired, staring at her with a menacing expression, and taking the size difference into account, the daring girl would surely be frightened.

“This is a banter, a most twisted one, but still just a banter, is it? That is homicide, you can’t do that! Well, you can, but you would pay dearly for it! My family has contacts…” Andressa replied in Mirabelle’s place, slightly afraid, until Vedrine interrupted by tapping her left foot, which would make the girl immediately stop talking.

“Andressa… you are a poor little thing! Unable to deal with life problems by yourself, you need others to handle them for you. Another discovery for you, young ones: threats will not work on everyone. Though I find it amusing when someone threatens me. Why did I have to interrupt you? ...hehe… I dealt with fearsome criminal factions before and none of your contacts would pose me actual danger. Furthermore, they are likely to find this story too absurd to be real, don’t you think?” Vedrine commented, smiling, as she proceeded to stand up in order to move the chair closer to the group, before leaning on it again. They would not even think about running away from her, for the reason that a swarm of insects would be around to prevent their escape. In that instant, the distance between the group and the feet of that strange woman was about 60 centimeters only, and for literally being minuscule compared to her, they were terror-stricken. “Continue that way. It is very unsightly to run away from other people! About your question, now I can answer it. So, you especially, Mirabelle, Anderson, Andressa, Corbin, Juno and Lawrence.” Vedrine continued saying, as she pointed her right big toe to each one of the youths while saying their names.

They were dangerously close to a pair of legs which towered over them, and she could easily touch or flick them violently with her feet, or even worse, and despite her doing nothing of the sort, the situation was terrifying. Even more to Andressa and Juno, who would love to be in Vedrine’s place. Meanwhile Mirabelle, trying to convince herself that it was not real, walked towards Vedrine’s right foot instead, while repeating in her mind “This is not real”. Vedrine would stay still, allowing the girl to approach. Mirabelle then touched her big toe, to do nothing else afterwards, paralyzed by fear. The situation was indeed real. Corbin loved the idea of being miniature sized before the feet of a beautiful woman, and Mirabelle just found out she also loved the idea, although they hoped the woman would not be as deranged as Vedrine. Corbin would rather have Andressa being the one instead, after all, she accepted a date with him despite being out of his league, for the sake of a fetish which both of them share, and he would not believe that girl could be worse than Vedrine, that is why he decided not to get closer. The house owner did nothing but observe Mirabelle static and the others standing in the same spot with a slightly disappointed look before recalling the plans she had for them.

“I am conducting scientific experiments and you seem to be the best test subjects. I want to know how you survive in your current sizes and how you plan on avoiding being made into insect dinner”. Vedrine finally explained in her own manner the reason to kidnap those youths in specific.

“Scientific experiment my ass! You want pleasure at our expenses! Where is the science in this?” Juno retorted.

“The reason for this question? Are you interested in talking about science? Anyway, it was necessary to make several modifications to your organisms so you would not be disturbed by the complications that would come with the size change. And I see you are not being affected by any of them.” Vedrine presented more details

“And what do you expect to gain? Super powers?” Corbin inquired, with a certain interest.

“Why not? It is a magnificent idea! Don’t you agree? Anyway, take a look at yourselves. Any lunch box can be made into a swimming pool for you. And a cake would last much longer. Try to see the advantages of this.” Vedrine joked again.

“Advantages? How about switching positions? You get to be tiny and I go back to my natural size. Would you accept?” Juno retorted.

“And the problem would be… Hmmm” Vedrine inquired, looking upwards, doing a chin-stroking gesture with her right hand, while crossing her legs again, almost kicking the tiny ones with her right foot in the process. “So, Juno, you do not recall what would you do if you had the capability to resize someone’s body to tiny heights?” She added.

“Me? I’m just suggesting! If you think being at this size is good, why don’t you try it for yourself?” Juno replied, in an attempt at persuasion, which obviously would not work.

“You are correct. It would be horrible. Since I had heard the lovely and magnificent fantasy you were commenting on. Every part of it. Surely having you in control of other people’s sizes would be nowhere beneficial. Why don’t you tell everyone more about them?” Vedrine retorted.

“What? Such blatant lies! How about the way you have been using it? I almost ended up as a victim of insect attacks. Later I was barely crushed like one!” Juno exclaimed, to the point of giving in to rage.

“How much harm did you actually suffer? Everything was under control and easy. All of you are here intact. There is no reason to complain.” Vedrine replied, and with that, Juno would have nothing more to say.

“There are so many people who would voluntarily agree to be subjected to these ‘experiments’ of yours without giving you the trouble of kidnapping and all. But you chose us specifically just because of the things we do to insects?” Corbin decided to speak up.

“You are college students. Intelligent and hopeful. I need to be away for a moment. It will not be long.” Vedrine ended the conversation, and none of them would say anything, attempting to get more information. At that point, they believed it would be pointless, also too dangerous. While she stood up, returned the chair to its place and walked towards another room. There would be no telling if the exit of the house would be that way or not.

“Guys, since we are together in this, it would be nice to introduce ourselves, wouldn't it? But at least the lunatic already did us the favor, so we don’t need to! Hehe.” Mirabelle, despite everything she witnessed, tried to do as her boyfriend would and cheer up the situation.

“Well done, Mirabelle! You are inside a deranged bug lover’s house and say to her face what the ugly thing deserves! And yes, you must already know, but I don’t mind repeating. I’m Andressa, and I love my name.” Andressa replied, smiling.

All the six would already know each other at that point, feeling motivated to find how to escape that house, or return to their natural sizes if possible. Enthusiasm would not last long for the reason they could still hear dish and cutlery noises. Vedrine had not yet left the house. The sounds indicated where she was would appear to be a kitchen. So much so that she would be back with a plate in one hand and a cup in another. The plate had a sizable piece of chocolate cake! Vedrine would not actually mind if they would eat it or not. After all, there were ants in the house who would not refuse it. And the cup was filled with tea. She would place both items on the floor, at everyone’s reach, then give the group an amused glance, and without saying a thing, she walked to the end of the long corridor, towards the closed door. They could not determine if it was an exit until they explored the house better. They were now apparently without anyone around to bother them, with a piece of cake which for them was immense. Yet, they were still aware the insects would not leave them for too long. They still would have to think about what to do next.

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