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As the summary says, this is a story with female growth. Both women will grow into amazons, one strong and fit, and the other one big and soft.

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Author's Chapter Notes:

I have a treat for you. Since I´m a little ahead on my patreon, and this chapters are a bit shorter, I´ll upload the first three chapters today. Hope you like them :D

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A sunny evening. A clear sky, a fresh breeze outside. Quite a day to be outside. Or at a coffee shop. Like Trevor currently is. But he´s not alone, in fact, he´s with two lovely ladies.

Pretty girls. Both with big, bright eyes. One´s blonde, and the other one´s a brunette. And he loves being with them, the only problem is, he´s never been with both at the same time.

In fact, these ladies are not supposed to know each other. All three of them shouldn´t be at the coffee shop at the same time. Why? Because each one is supposed to be a secret for the other one.

Trevor did a little something he shouldn´t… he dated both.


He´s a quite good-looking guy. 6´1”, hazelnut-colored eyes. Which shine allured quite some women. And his smile, his white pearls, a perfect smile! His hair is brown, almost black, and his hairstyle is one which you can hardly tell it´s a style or he just messed up a bit. Either way, it looks good on him.

His body´s kind of muscular. Ad muscular as the one of a 26-year-old man who visits the gym four times a week. He´s quite handsome, and what´s more, he´s good managing his time. Else, how did he make it to date these two, pretty ladies at the same time for about… six months?


“You´re a pig!” Said one of them, the blonde one.

Her name´s Kelsey, she´s 24-years-old. Blonde hair, a little messy; with bright green eyes and no lipstick. In fact, she doesn´t wear much makeup. Maybe a bit of eye-shadow and a cream, or was it sunscreen?

She doesn´t need makeup because she´s pretty. Passionate, confident, and… she speaks up what she thinks, like now. She´s very mad.


“Come on, there´s no need to yell,” at least not on a public space, “remember, we´re here to work things out.” Said the other lady, the brunette with big blue eyes.

Her name´s Pamela, or Pam as he calls her. She´s 25-years-old, nice, easy-going. Gentle, to the point where she´s cute! Always smiling, thoughtful. Not shy, more like… quiet sometimes. But that doesn´t mean she´s not a little mad right now.


Trevor´s got a knot in his throat right now. He thought he could keep both, as a secret from the other. There´s so much things he loves about both. The gentle Pamela, the smart Kelsey. Pam´s caring, Kelsey´s wildness. He met them kind of at the same time. And before he could think on something, he was already dating both!

The worst thing is he actually made it official with both. And he won´t tell, but it was with like a week´s difference. First Pam, since she was so sweet and projected a lot of love. And then Kelsey, because she was just… sex with her was quite a thing. Plus, she´s got so much in common! Same series, same taste in music. Not that he doesn´t have a lot in common with Pamela too, but… he´s bad at taking decisions.

He hoped time would tell, but now, it´s kind of… too late.


And how did these ladies find out? How did they plan this sort of… date? Because it was a plan of hers. Supposedly, Pam invited him to have some coffee, and when he was there, Kelsey popped out of the bathroom, looked at him with angry eyes and sat at the same table as them.

He nearly broke in sweat when she did. And when she greeted Pam, he just froze.


Turns out, he made this little mistake. When he was at Kelsey´s apartment, watching this new horror movie on the usual streaming platform, he got up to the bathroom. Leaving his phone behind. Unlocked.

It buzzed, and even when Kelsey was not one of those nosy, toxic girlfriends. But the phone buzzed like five times. So, she read the messages.

“Good luck at your meeting tonight!” What meeting? It was Saturday, and he doesn´t work on Saturday´s, and who´ll attend an after-hours meeting?

Then more messages came up.

“See you tomorrow, I´m excited for our date at the park!” Date?!

“I´ll bring those sandwiches you love.” The name on the contact was Mike Plumber. A plumber? With sandwiches? Yeah, sure…

“Nothing but the best for my love <3” Food? My love? Who is this?!

“I love you!!!!!” that was it!


Kelsey was not dumb, in fact, she was smarter than Trevor, but she never liked to point that out.

She made a plan. Wrote down that phone. He was sure he was cheating on her with another woman. And she was right.

She called, only to be greeted by this overly-sweet woman. To whom, she explained EVERYTHING.


Long story short, neither could believe it! Trevor was such a nice man. A gentleman even! Why would he do something like this? Plus, where there just two of them? Or maybe more?

It was just two, but that was one more than he should.

They didn´t schedule this date until they had more details on him, and once they gathered the new info, they made the plan.


“So… are you mad?” he asked, and did he really asked that?

“Of course! You dumb…” Pam Interrupted Kelsey.

“We are, mostly disappointed. Trevor, my love, I thought we had something special!” Pamela´s eyes went teary for a moment.

“Cut it off. I thought WE had something.” Kelsey said.

Yes, there was something, but between all that real love, there were lies. Betrayal. Fake appointments, fake extra-hours worked. Not fake feelings, just… he messed up.


Trevor just sank on his chair. The 6’1” man looking at his girlfriends, yeah plural! He was ashamed, He felt small.

And both noticed. While Kelsey was glad he felt like shit! Pamela felt a bit sad for him.


“Listen. What you did has no excuse! It´s unacceptable. We´re people, you know. You can´t just… just use us like shoes! We need attention, love, and for the most, be the ONLY woman in your life.” Kelsey declared.

“She´s right. How many times were you lying? When you said you couldn´t make it, were you with… her?”


“No… I think it´s better if you just… don´t…” Pam was about to cry. Which Kelsey found unnecessary but, whatever…


Kelsey spoke: “Now, listen. We both should break up with you. What kind of shitty boyfriend are you? Rule number one is “I won´t date other women” don´t you know?!” He just scratched the back of his head.

She was right, he hurt them both. And why? Because he was an idiot. But even this idiot is kind of lucky.


“But.” Said Kelsey. “We both found a way to make this work… sort of.” He was listening.

“Yeah,” Came Pam. “We may have… checked on your phone…” they learned his password. Pam memorized the first three digits, and Kelsey the last three. “Sorry, but we had to.” Kelsey was like, sorry for what?


Both ladies were looking for the best way to solve this. In the end, they found a way. One where they wouldn´t have to beak up. Even if they should. But Pamela was the one who most likely would forgive him, and Kelsey knew it, plus, this idiot was the most decent boyfriend she´s had, so…

“We´ll compete.” Said Kelsey.

“Compete?” Trevor was confused. As in a fight? Some game?

“Listen,” Came Pam´s voice, and then she whispered: “We know about your… taste in women.” Taste?


Both Kelsey and Pam were not much different, physically speaking. Kelsey was 5´7”, and Pam was just an inch shorter, 5´6”. However, both had quite some nice bodies.

Both ha sizeable breasts, a firm, round butt. An hourglass figure with some nice hips and thick thighs. Both had slim figures, that´s for sure. But that´s not what Pam means.


“We know about your… height… fetish.” He swallowed. Yes, there´s one thing Trevor likes more about women. And that´s when they are taller, taller than him, and not just by a little.

His phone was not full of it, but he´s done some research about “Tall”, “Amazon”, “Giantess” and so on. He didn´t quite had a specific type but, the taller, the thicker, the bigger, it was kind of… the better.


Trevor drove his hands to his knees. They got him. His main question was, what was the game about? What kind of competition? Were they going to, like, see who looks taller in heels? He knows Kelsey´s most likely to win that one.


“Here´s the deal.” Said Kelsey, “We…” she approached and whispered, so that only the three of them could listen, “We decided to, you know, sort of… fight for your love. And how? Well… we´re going to make your dreams come true, even if you´re a dick. We´ll grow for you.” Grow?

They, not only gave him a second chance, but they decided to grow for him? How?



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