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Bonnie was not to be the only person to find a much smaller boy to eat at a school fete, and neither would the events be confined to earth. The giant dimension had paralled earth in many ways, and it was about to once more.

Now that Colleen had the ability to teleport anyone from earth to the machine in her own home, she decided to move out of the house near the portal and onto a much larger property. To do that, she would need to accumulate a lot of giant currency as soon as possible.

To facilitate this, she turned the teleporter onto an entire school of earth boys in another country who’d never heard of her, namely Australia, and brought them to her house. She told them of the portal outside, and of how she had originally come there from Ireland She explained that she no longer needed the portal, now that she had adapted Sandra Corlani’s time teleportation technology to be able to teleport people from anywhere on earth to her home. Colleen then sold them to the wealthiest giantess she had met.

Colleen then moved out of the house with the earthbound portal in the garden, sold it to a native born giantess, and acquired her huge giant estate.

The giantess who had bought the school of Australian boys, Kiri Williams, was a mother at Daughters Of Widows Advanced Girls Education Rural School (DOWAGERS). She held a stall at the school’s quarterly Mothers & Daughters Fete, and prepared to sell her rare earth boys for very high prices. It was a school for the wealthy, and she was going to cash in.

She signposted the many boxes with the words:


GOOD FOR PETS, AMUSEMENTS,                                                           NOVELTIES OR COMPANIONS.


She arranged the entire stall to be filled with earth boys on all 4 sides, and stood in the middle with a money bag tied around her waist to store the takings.

Guy was a boy almost 14 years old, looking out from the stall tabletop. He saw a beautiful 24 year old girl come and sit on a seat across the lawn from the stall. She was wearing a creamy brown checked long dress that reached a little below her knees. She crossed her legs, thereby accentuating their shapely appearance, folded her arms and looked around for a while. He hoped that she would buy him, feeling suddenly that a size difference was not only not a problem but added to the girl’s attractive appearance enormously. She sat there for a while, then got up and walked over to another stall, which was selling dresses. He saw her pick up a medium to dark blue one and go into the change room tent beside the stall for a while. Soon she came out wearing the dress that she’d tried on, paid for it, and put her original dress into her small backpack. Then she turned to face his direction again, totally concealing the backpack. She walked over to Kiri William’s stall and looked at all of the boys.


*          *          *          *

Faris Buckner was a freelance writer, living in the Blue Mountains district beyond the outer western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. He was extremely handsome to look at, but for some reason had never found true love. There had been a few short lived attempts at relationships with girls who had treated him badly, and also a number of unreciprocated crushes on other girls.

So it was natural enough that he would dream about falling in love. For years, there were just occasional one-off dreams, and the experiences therein were generally as short-lived and unfulfilling as anything that he had attempted in real life.

He was extremely choosy and fussy about potential partners in real life, and his sleeping self was equally disappointed by the opportunities which had so far come his way.

One night, within minutes of falling asleep, he drifted into a deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of heavy sleeping and dreaming. He dreamt that he could see and hear the face of a beautiful girl talking to him. He had never seen such a girl in real life, with these particular facial features and yet somehow he already knew her name. It was Jodie Moore, or Jody Moore. He couldn’t identify the spelling of a name used in a dream.


*          *          *          *

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