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              The trees rustled in the night, yet the air was still. Feet glided across the ground, yet there was no sound. Like a blur, the young woman darted through the forest, her dark green robes rendering her nigh invisible against the foliage in the dim moonlight. Scaling a rock in seconds, she eyed up her prize.


              Civil war had enveloped her homeland long before she was born, and today, the country had disintegrated into a realm of fiefdoms and warlords engaged in a never-ending struggle for power. The ancient capital of the country, hung in the balance as great men of the age threw the might of their armies at each other. While the armies of the lords fought for control during the day, at night, a different war raged in the dark. Warriors like herself crept through the forests, performing tasks ranging from espionage to sabotage and even assassinations in the ever-shifting landscape of the war. From an early age, the kunoichi trained night and day to serve her lord, a powerful man who she was determined to help one day seize control of the seat of the country.


              For now, she scouted her target. The spies before her identified a potential chance to gain the upper hand. Information obtained identified a meeting of several rival lords, supposed to be preparing for an alliance. It had been far too long since she had gotten to do anything fun, she mused, reminiscing on the weeks of spying work behind her. As fun as pretending to be a merchant’s wife was, nothing beat the thrill of a proper assassination mission, especially when the method was left to her own discretion.


              Kagae waited breathlessly, silently observing the six men like a cat on the rooftop. The warlords below were none the wiser as they made their way through cask after cask of alcohol until they lost themselves in drunken merriment. Like drunken fools, they loudly spouted their plans to the ether, not even considering the idea of spies observing their meeting.


              She brushed her hand across the small vials in the cloth bag, each carefully nestled to prevent them from clinking. Her lord knew many skilled alchemists, and she had a variety of tools at her disposal, from poisons that caused terrible spasms before death to an entire range of pyroclastic compounds, perfect for sabotaging enemy defenses. Today, one of them prepared something special for her. A compound so secret even her lord does not know what it contains. This freedom to approach her tasks however she desired was the true reason why she enjoyed these types of missions. So long as the targets were neutralized, her lord allowed her to do whatever she felt would be the best option. Because of this, she quickly gravitated to shrinking as her method of choice for tonight. With a smirk, she carefully poured the liquid out of the vial, ducking out of the way just in time as the men below looked up, curious about the sudden appearance of the strange fluid from the roof. Although she looked away, she could hear it work, as the soft sound of hissing liquid and the drunken confusion of the men below wafted to her ears. After waiting a few minutes for the sounds to stop, she peeked down into the room. As she expected, the room was empty, sake cups, rice balls and other utensils scattered as if the men using them had just vanished. Of course, she knew the truth.


              Kagae carefully entered the room through the grate, crawling across the rafters until she could slide down the wall. As she expected, the diminished forms of the men looked around confused, though definitely still drunk. They reacted as she expected to when her comparatively massive form dropped down into their room with a soft thud. She could barely contain her excitement, watching as they drunkenly attempted to move away from the intruder, slurring their words as they attempted to call for help. Their diminished voices failed to even penetrate the thin walls of the room. Knowing she only had a few minutes to collect her prizes and run, she quickly rushed forward, prompting them to stagger to their feet in a vain attempt to escape.


              Unfortunately for them, they were no match for the agility of a master kunoichi. In an instant, her hand plunged into the crowd, quickly snatching five of the struggling men and shoving them into her bag. The sixth barely escaped from her grasp, before being cut off immediately as Kagae placed her hands on the ground, using her forward momentum to pivot into a flip. Her massive sandal landed in front of him with a powerful thud, blasting him off his feet. Five would be enough for her purposes, she thought as the man froze in fear under her gaze.


              “No value in keeping a sixth,” were the words that slipped out of her mouth as she lifted her sandal, barely stifling a moan as she let it fall onto the figure below. The hard wooden sole of her sandal effortlessly popped the tiny noble, smearing him into crushed guts and pulped viscera that stained the tatami mat red. With a twist, any remnant of the man was ground up into crimson gunk. Normally she enjoyed drawing out the suffering of her little toys, twisting and breaking them until they burst, but she was on a time crunch, and besides, sometimes it is fun to mix it up.


              She looked around the room one last time before deftly kicking the table from its place into the ground, flinging the lit candles onto the dry tatami mats below. Before she vanished, she could hear the grunts and the sound of swords unsheathing as the guards outside rushed in, greeted by an empty room and a quickly spreading fire. As she dashed away from the castle, she could hear the panicked sounds of the guards and attendants behind her, faced with the loss of their leaders and the castle quickly bursting into flames.


              Years of training made her run home a breeze, barely even stopping for a rest as she dashed back through the forest, letting the pandemonium fade to a quiet din before vanishing entirely, leaving nothing but the sounds of the forest and her own footsteps as she dashed back to her hideout.




              Over the next day and night, Kagae made her way back to her lord’s territory, denying the enemy even the chance of catching her, should any of them have even attempted to track her down. After a mixture of running and hitching a ride on merchant carts, Kagae arrived, exhausted, to her hideout.


              The small cottage was nestled deep within a forest, insulated from the outside world by a thick foliage. Far away from the nearest village, Kagae was completely alone, save for her new possessions. Lightly humming to herself, she dumped her toys onto the ground, giggling as she watched the disoriented, hung-over men flop onto the worn old mats.


              “Evening, worms!” Kagae cheered, and the men turned their eyes skyward at the enormous girl looming over them. Still in shock from their kidnapping, the men tried their best to stagger to their feet.


              “I wouldn’t try escaping. Even if you can escape being a stain on my sock, where are you going to go? You’re far away from home and the size of an insect, put your tiny brain to work and figure out why running away is a bad idea.”


              The men stopped and dropped to the ground from her words, right as Kagae uncrossed her legs. Her tabi-clad soles settled down between them with a soft thud, filling their air with the rank smell of old socks.


              “Well, for now, why don’t you make your worthless little lives useful and rub my feet. I had a long journey from your castle to get here, so my soles are very tired. Give me a reason to not stomp on you like the pests you are.”


              The men nearly gagged as the noxious stink of her pungent soles burned at their noses. Her tired soles, worn from the lengthy journey, were stained brown from old sweat and dirt scraped up by her sandals. Slowly, the men fought the urge to run, and nervously approached their captress’s mighty soles. Kagae simply stared down at them with a smug smile.


              “See, you guys can behave if you want to. Isn’t this much more fun than making war with my lord’s clan? With all of you out of commission, he should be able to swallow up all your land fairly quickly. However, that’s all concerns for big people. You don’t need to worry about that stuff, just focus on rubbing my feet.”


       The men sighed in defeat and resignation and pressed their hands into Kagae’s nasty socks. The damp fabric almost dripped with sweat as they began to press as hard as they could into the putrid fibers. Kagae, meanwhile, watched her new pets at work, savoring the slight feeling of tiny hands rubbing her feet. She enjoyed the power she wielded over her targets when they were normal size, but the way she could so effortlessly dominate and destroy these little pests caused her to unconsciously bite her lower lip.


              “Alright pets, stop!” She ordered, and they complied without hesitation. “I’m going to take off my socks so you can do a better job.”


              Kagae deftly slid off the worn tabi, tossing them aside as she set her sweaty, calloused soles. Years of strict training had worn down any softness to toughen her feet against the ground. An intense stench radiated worse than the socks ever could, prompting even Kagae herself to instinctively cover her nose.


              “Lick them clean!” She giggled, savoring the rush she got from ordering her possessions around. Sure, she was going to have to kill them eventually, but for now, she would enjoy making the rest of their pathetic existence a living hell.


              The former nobles almost vomited as the vile sweat filled their mouths. The grody soles of a peasant girl burned against their sensitive palates. Kagae watched expectedly for something to happen, only for one of the men to give up and double over, gagging as pure disgust overwhelmed his entire body.


              Kagae gave an exaggerated pout. “What a rude thing to do in the presence of a lady,” she sternly replied, pushing the two other worshippers on her foot away from her prey. The man was barely even aware as she raised her foot over him. Only when the sole began to press down did he quit his gagging and spitting long enough to scream in terror. Kagae drank it all in, the wailing, his pathetic pleas for mercy as a once powerful warlord squirmed under her sole. No matter how powerful he was in his normal life, the sole of a random kunoichi was enough to press his body. Hours of practice squeezing berries under her feet allowed her to maximize his suffering as she slowly began to roll him beneath her sole, enjoying the occasional snap of his bones.


              “Squish.” Kagae muttered as she pressed down. His wailed turned to gurgles as more of his innards were pushed out. A bit more weight was all it too before a crunch filled the ears of the others. In a moment, his ribcage shattered, pressing his guts out of every part of his body. Blood spattered from her sole, soaking into her worn mats as her foot crushed the former warlord into a pat of grimy gore, a darkened crimson smear adhered to the dainty foot of a young woman. Kagae tipped her foot over to reveal her handiwork, driving the survivors into a fit of hysterics as they looked at the pulped remains of what once was a respected regional leader dripping from her sole.


              Kagae grabbed a small handkerchief from her table and with a single wipe, mopped up the crushed body of the man. After tossing the bloody silk over with her socks, she turned to the survivors.


              “Four of you left, what should I do?” She muttered through ragged breath. The memories of what she just inflicted on the tiny rushed through her mind, igniting a fire of lust between her legs. As she stared down at the survivors next to the bloody splotch on her mat, she slowly began to undo the sash on her kimono. Hidden daggers clinked to the ground as she disrobed, exposing her nude body to her captives. She massaged her modest breast while teasing her hairy, stuffy pussy.


              “Alright, I want one licking my asshole, two get to climb inside my pussy and one lucky tiny gets to lick my nipple!” Kagae surveyed her option, grabbing the youngest looking of her toys and lifting them to her face. “Congratulations! You get to play with my nipple! The rest of you, get to work!” She set her prize on her nipple, moaning as he began to tease the sensitive tip.


              The thick stench of the kunoichi’s crotch filled the lungs of the tinies as they approached her burning sex. For a moment, the three bickered among themselves about who would be forced into her ass before two of them ganged up on the fifth, pressing his face into the grimy pucker as the two climbed up the hairs to the chasm of her pussy. Kagae winced and moaned as tiny hands and mouths brushed against her sensitive body. Four tiny lives now devoted themselves to pleasing her body, sending lightning shocks of pleasure across her body. Moaning, she reached her free hand down and pressed the tiny licking her ass against the grimy hole. Uncaring about his safety, she ground the tiny against her ass, moaning as she felt the hole open to accept the tiny into her body.


              Her asshole clamped down on him like a vice, firmly entombing him in the putrid hole. The tiny wailed in agony as her sphincter tightened on his body, the vibrations on the sensitive flesh only serving to amplify Kagae’s pleasure. One of her pussy tinies grabbed ahold of her clit and her asshole clenched. Instantly, she felt the tiny man inside liquefy in the disgusting cavern. His legs spasmed briefly before hanging limply from her hole. Kagae screamed in ecstasy as the pleasure of obliterating someone in her ass become overwhelming.


              “I need to kill more of you, I can’t take it anymore.”


              All grace and precision disappeared from her movement as she snatched one of the tinies from her pussy and tossed him underneath her ass. She wasted little time in planting the toned cheek back down on the tiny, moaning even harder at his faint attempts at resisting her weight. As she felt his body break beneath her, Kagae shoved the other tiny down into her pussy, just in time for her entire body to spasm in pleasure. For just a moment, the normally composed warrior lost all control, ceding it to her pleasure as her mind went white in pleasurable agony. The tiny under her ass exploded into a stain on her cheek as her hips bucked, quickly smearing into a red smudge over her buttocks as she shuffled and gyrated in an aroused stupor.


              Kagae returned to Earth moments later, chest heaving violently from her explosive orgasm. For a few moments, she wallowed in the afterglow of the pleasure. Small shocks of pleasure continued as the battered tiny in her pussy continued to weakly squirm.


              “Keep me feeling good until you die.” She muttered down at him, before looking at the tiny on her nipple. Kagae was completely surprised to find that he had somehow managed to cling to her nipple throughout the entire session, dutifully worshipping her nipple the entire time.


              “As for you, my little friend,” she cooed, lifting the last tiny from her body into the air. “I’m hungry.”


              Kagae opened her mouth and dropped the last of the captured warlords into her mouth. The body of a nobleman, lightly perfumed with a mix of his and her sweat, sat easy on her palate, and she allowed herself time to savor his tiny form. Her tongue prodded and pried at his toned body, dragging him across her putrid maw before tipping her head back and swallowing the unfortunate man. A shame, she thought as she traced the lump down her throat, he might have been rather attractive had he not been an enemy of the lord she swore her life to protect.


              The tiny man landed in foul acid of her stomach, which immediately got to work dissolving his body. He was barely even afforded a moment to scream as the caustic fluids began to melt his body, exposing the muscle before even that dissolved to his skeleton. Shock claimed him mercifully, and he quietly melted away to nothing in a few moments, his devourer long having forgotten about him in the putrid cavern.


              Kagae rose to her feet right as she heard a sharp knock on her door. Not even bothering to don her kimono, she slid the paper frame to reveal a young man kneeling at her doorstep.


              “Our lord has heard of your work, and he wishes to thank you. Your reward will be delivered soon, but he wished to thank you for dispatching our enemies.” His head raised, and he blushed, eyes darting away as the bare body of the kunoichi stood over him.


              “Thank you. I feel with the upcoming wars, we both will be kept very busy. Stay safe, messenger boy.”


              He rose to her feet as Kagae began to close the door.


              “Kunoichi-san, what did happen to those warlords?” The young man nervously inquired.


              “I wouldn’t worry about it dear; they are of no threat to our territory anymore.”


              Kagae elegantly turned around, exposing the dried splotch of blood on her asscheek from her session, giving the man a brief glimpse of the crushed stain as she closed the door behind her. Returning to her main room, a brief twitch in her pussy caused her to giggle.


              “Still alive, huh? Hope you can survive me bathing in the river.”

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