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Story Notes:

this short story was initially written in Portuguese, I had to translate it artificially so maybe they have some adaptation errors. If you have any questions check the original version, and if anyone understands Portuguese and thinks that I could edit the text in some other way please let me know.

Author's Chapter Notes:

i did everything possible to make this story readable for those who were interested in the idea but could not read the original version, please if you like the story be sure to comment!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

There was a busy street in the historic center of Salvador a Bahia with its board offering passersby their delicacies. The woman, Vera, was 36 years old, black skinned and dressed in a white dress and turban. She was kind of chubby but her smile and warm expression from afar gave her a beautiful and slender look.

The woman served the people who passed next to one of her daughters, who played on the floor of the sidewalk in front of the townhouse where they lived and where the tent of Vera was also erected. Not far from the woman and her daughter a small green stroller on the floor stood still. It was small enough to be a toy, but without anyone noticing, the vehicle was manned.

  ** What are we going to do, Atta? Our crew is gone and we are out of fuel! ** Asked a tiny little man inside the miniature car. And the young lady next to him replied a little impatient but containing his annoyance. ** Padius, understand, this planet is essentially a replica 25 times bigger than ours! That is, we can easily find supplies here... We just need to go out and look!** But of course the young man next to her, Padius, did not like the idea very much. **Are you crazy? These monsters out there can devour us or worse!** But she explained . **I just said they are human! Well, there are also animals, but.. Finally, humans do not eat humans, so if that is your concern relaxes!**

Padius did not want to give in, but Atta was determined to get fuel, so she got out of the car, armed with a rifle as small as her. By the way, Atta was a young girl, thin and low even for her proportion. It would have for Padius 1.50m, but for humans its size would be 6cm. While his friend had 7 centimeters for humans and 1.75 for Atta. Both were teenagers, the girl was 13 or 14 and the boy was about 16. Despite this, the two were dressed in military-looking costumes and carried bulletins with ammunition, pistols and even gas masks. Both had repeating rifles and armed themselves with them when at the girl's initiative they left their car - a jeep, in fact - to look for alcohol, their fuel.

The vehicle was in a corner of the sidewalk, between a huge white wall of the townhouse and a flower vase positioned behind a huge ear (brazilian public telephone). It was relatively well hidden, as giant humans would not pay attention to a "toy" behind a vase in the middle of the sidewalk. And if they did they could easily accept that it was a toy of the 4-year-old who played nearby with his dolls while his mother sold acarajes.

**The plan is as follows...** Said Atta to the partner **Our jeep is powered by alcohol, so we just need a little of that to follow the journey** Padius followed the incredulous partner, he said: ** tah... But look at these humans... If we can call them that... This guria in front of us looks like a king Kong and should only be about 4 years old or something...!** , * *thank her for being young, so if she sees us she can forget us. But I don't think an adult will pass up if they see two tiny teenagers!**

They kept walking, the idea was to cross the girl and look for any alcohol on the huge board of Bahia. But the child, who played with dolls four times larger than the little ones, did not take long to realize their movement. She was taken in by an animal curiosity and then dropped her Barbies to stretch out her "little" childish hand and try to grab one of the miniature soldiers. The girl, as the mother was black and her whitish palm soon hovered over Padius, who frightened did not know how to retreat and ended up shooting desperately in the child's hand. Her rifle did not hurt her more than a bee sting, but the pain felt was enough for the child to scream and get angry.

Endowed with anger and pain, the girl, Aghata, rose to the top of her apparent 25 meters, with the will of her feet ready to exterminate the insect that stung her. **Bad pet!** Bulbuciated with his childish language while his foot, shod in a pink sandal, violently addressed Padius and, consequently, Atta.

**Did you have to provoke?** Complained Atta while pulling the partner to both escape the collision. **It is not my fault! Me... I didn't know what to do!** The two little ones spent some time just running randomly on the sidewalk while running away from the colossal child. Until finally Atta got tired of Aghata's relentless attack and decided that to retreat he would need to distract the child; then she had Padius run towards the jeep as she aimed her rifle at the giantess. She wanted to avoid unpleasant reactions, but was forced to shoot Aghata's left eye. Her projectile, almost the size of a grain of sand, could not cross the ocular orb of the girl, but it would easily stun her like a wasp sting at one of the most sensitive points in the human body.

As a result the girl began to cry vigorously, the little Atta knew that her mother would soon come to her rescue and when it happened it was stupid to be near. Then she ran into the jeep with a racing heart and waited for the inevitable to happen. Soon a furious Vera came to check on her daughter. The child on account of the bad pain may explain to mother about the little ones but the woman began to inspect around furiously, and, her frown was so severe that Atta was extremely relieved that her vehicle was not suspicious in the eyes of the human. On the other hand Padius was nervous, and the thing only got worse when the woman started



Chapter End Notes:

it may be that you have some grammatical error or something... but anyway, be sure to comment!

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