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a group of tiny aliens is lost in the Brazilian city Salvador. It remains to unite to survive. now in English!

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Published: January 15 2024 Updated: January 19 2024
Story Notes:

this short story was initially written in Portuguese, I had to translate it artificially so maybe they have some adaptation errors. If you have any questions check the original version, and if anyone understands Portuguese and thinks that I could edit the text in some other way please let me know.

1. Chapter 1 by Barbarizando [Reviews - 0] (1056 words)

i did everything possible to make this story readable for those who were interested in the idea but could not read the original version, please if you like the story be sure to comment!

2. Chapter 2 by Barbarizando [Reviews - 0] (1676 words)

I decided to post the second chapter, where the thing starts to move more...

3. Chapter 3 by Barbarizando [Reviews - 0] (2368 words)

apologies for the delay! I'm making further progress on the original version... 😅😅😅 but here's another chapter!

4. Chapter 4 by Barbarizando [Reviews - 0] (2986 words)

Check out what Flávia will do with her little ones here! If you like it, don't forget to check out my art on Deviantart! the link is at the end.