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Story Notes:


As the sun cast its golden rays through the sleek modern corridors of CosmoGenesis Innovations, Kate stood poised at the entrance to the CEO's office. With a forced smile and fake polite attitude, she navigated the senior scientists who passed through the doors for their meeting with the CEO. With the exception of Doctor Lucy, all of them were men, Kate noticed. Their gazes lingered on her, captivated by her beauty.

Kate was a stunning 20 year old slender Latina with dark flowing hair and captivating brown eyes. Prior to working as an executive assistant, Kate had been an OnlyFans model for a couple years, where she mostly paraded her G-cup breasts while chatting with hey paying customers.

Her boobs had always been a center of attention and Kate figured should could make a living out of it. However, the competition for this type of content was ferocious and, unfortunately, the majority of her videos eventually got leaked on public porn sites, which significantly undermined her earning opportunities. In the end, she decided to get a more stable job and was hired as a secretary at CosmoGenesis Innovations.

The meeting began as Maxwell Quinn finally arrived; he was the enigmatic and eccentricity CEO with an insatiable thirst for innovation. Over the last few years, his company, CosmoGenesis, had been working on developing a revolutionary transportation technology, under the secret project “EtherShift”. The technology functioned through a chain reaction that created mini black holes which, according to their theory, would allow for instantaneous travel across infinite distances through wormholes. Powered by exotic matter and quantum algorithms, EtherShift promised to open up a universe of possibilities for exploration and adventure.

The only, yet very significant, roadblock was that CosmosGenesis was under the scrutiny of regulating bodies that completely forbade Maxwell from conducting any practical experiments involving this technology given the unknown risks entailed from working with black holes.

Maxwell, thriving to push science and technology, decided to allow a secret experiment that would satisfy his thirst for innovation and discovery. The secret experiment was in fact Doctor Lucy’s idea. She was a very ambitious Senior Scientist and had played a significant role in developing EtherShift. Lucy wanted to see it through and volunteered to participate herself in the experiment.

The agenda for this meeting was to review the activation sequence protocols and other parameters of the EtherShift experiment. The final destination of the experiment was a planet named “Aurora Terra” that, based on their measurements, should offered similar conditions to Earth.

Lucy would embark on this journey with Jack, a Junior Engineer at CosmoGenesis, as well as Kate, some secretary, who had accepted to fill-in last minute. Kate had reluctantly accepted to participate in this experiment, forced, under direct threats of being fired, coming from Maxwell himself.

Excited to set off on the journey, Jack was thrilled to be accompanied by two incredibly attractive women. One was a stunning blonde with blue eyes, while the other was a sexy Latina brunette, both blessed with mind-blowing breasts. Kate confidently flaunted her assets in a snug white shirt, a stark contrast to Doctor Lucy, who seemed to be attempting to conceal hers in a loose sweater.

As a scientist in a male-dominated field, Doctor Lucy maintained a professional facade to hide her true obsession with sex. Her insatiable desires had started at a young age, shocking her parents when she began exploring her own body at just four years old. As she grew older, her sex drive only intensified, leading her to discreetly pleasure herself at work, sometimes even during important meetings.

The three adventurers regrouped in the mission preparation room, prior to embarking the EtherShift Transporter Capsule. They all got into their suits and gathered their equipment, which included various tools and survival apparels.

"Alright, miladies. We're gearing up for the big mission. Ready to make history?" asked Jack.

"Absolutely! This is what we've been working on for so long… I can't wait to see what lies beyond our world." answered Lucy, who then looked at Kate with a warm smile, hoping to encourage an enthusiastic reply.

"I actually can wait. I didn't sign up for this shit! I can’t believe this Maxwell fucker is forcing me to do this…" Kate said.

“Kate, we can hear you…” Maxwell’s voice said through the intercom.

“Fuck” Kate mumbled to herself as she remembered the CEO himself was in the mission control room with the senior scientists and the mission operators.

"Common Kate, think of the impact our discoveries could have on humanity" Jack said.

"I don't give a shit about humanity right now Jack, we don’t even know what we are doing or what is on that damn planet." Kate immediately answered back.

“Don’t you worry sweet Kate, I will be there like good old days, whenever you need me.” Jack said with a wink, while slapping a killer smile. This made Kate smile back as she remembered her time with Jack and what a good fuck he was.

"And who knows, Kate? Maybe you'll find something new out there that changes your mind." Lucy exclaimed.

The trio then finally moved to the Transporter Capsule and the mission countdown began: “10, 9, 8, …” the robotic voice said through the intercom of the Capsule.

Little that they knew, CosmoGensis had been compromised by a rival company lead by an equality eccentric and drastic CEO who was just as determined to be the first in succeeding this monumental scientific achievement.

A scientist had been compromised and bribed to upload a virus that would alter the activation sequence. The exact consequences of using such a virus on that type of technology were unknown but would most surely deem the experiment to failure, the compromised scientist thought to himself.

The countdown continued “…7, 6, 5”. Kate, Lucy and Jake felt more and more anxious as the numbers were approaching zero.

Then suddenly, terror surged through their veins as the shrill wail of an alarm pierced through the intercom.

The countdown, however, continued despite the alarm… “4, 3, 2, 1”


In the science lab adjacent to the Transporter Capsule, the massive sudden explosion rocked the air, annihilating the equipment and the personnel alike, which included Maxwell himself, who was the only one knowing the full details of how EtherShift worked.

The black hole detonation sequence had malfunctioned due to the virus uploaded.

The government meticulously ensured that this story never saw the light of day, and without his visionary CEO, CosmoGensis Innovations quickly went bankrupt and was ultimately sold for scrap in a fire sale.

Chapter 1

As she gradually emerged from the depths of unconsciousness, Lucy was met with a disorienting sensation of weightlessness. She stirred, disoriented and groggy, amidst the aftermath of the explosion. Through the haze, she saw the Capsule in ruins with the equipment scattered around. She then further turned her head and saw her colleagues, Jack and Kate, dazed but alive.

With trembling hands, Lucy offered them support as they were also waking up. “Kate! Jack! Are you OK?” asked Lucy as she was trying to calm down her hyperventilation.

“What the fuck happened?” Answered Jack, disoriented and confused.

“I have no idea… the Transporter Capsule has been blown to pieces! It’s completely messed up! This was our back!!!” Lucy said, panicking, and restarting again to breath more an more heavily.

Slowly opening her eyes, Kate was the next one to gradually regain her vision and focus. Finally able to keep her eyes opened for more than a couple seconds, Kate stood up and took a good look around her, spending some time simply to process her surroundings.

The world around her felt both familiar and alien – a landscape resembling Earth, but seen through the eyes of a giant. From her vantage point, the forest stretched out like a vast carpet of green, its canopy reaching towards the sky in a majestic display of life and vitality. Trees that once appeared tall now seemed like mere bushed of grass beneath her colossal form, their branches swaying gently in the breeze far below.

“What is this place?” asked Kate.

“Can’t  say for sure… but it seems to match the description of Aurora Terra, our intended destination.” answered Lucy.

“What are you talking about Lucy? Look at your feet, the tallest trees barely reach our knees. What the fuck is this?” yelled Kate in panic.

“Try to stay calm Kate, I am sure there is an explanation, these might simply be different variations of the trees we have on Earth.” Jack offered rather unconvincingly.

“Look!!! There is something over there!” Lucy said while pointing towards Jack and Kate, who turned around to see a cluster of tiny structures in the far distance.

“Let’s go investigate! Perhaps someone can help us!” ordered Lucy.

The tranquility of the village was shattered in an instant as a deafening explosion of immense brutality rocked the earth beneath its feet. Buildings quivered and trembled, shaken by the force of the blast. Panic gripped the villagers as they emerged from their homes, their faces etched with fear and disbelief.

“Is anyone hurt?” asked one of the five village guards, waiting for any sign of help needed.

“I don’t think so” answered another guard.

After a few moments, the villagers eventually regained their peace and resumed wrapping-up their daily tasks. It had been another day of relentless toil for the villagers, whose faces etched with lines of exhaustion. In the face of such daily adversity, they found solace in the bonds of community, and in the knowledge that their hard work was the foundation upon which their village stood and had survived so far.

But that peace was soon shattered again in an instant as the villagers looked to the horizon and witnessed an impossible vision; three giants approaching directly towards their village. One man and two women, all of incomprehensible scale. The giant male seemed to stood tall over 100 meters, and the two giantesses, one blond and one brunette, who stood comparatively shorter, yet still of immense proportion. All wore unusual costumes that seemed from another world.

Terror gripped the hearts of the villagers as they beheld the towering figures, their immense forms casting long shadows over the landscape. Mouths agape, they stared in disbelief, unable to comprehend the enormity of the threat bearing down upon them. Panic surged through as the villagers scrambled for safety, their voices rising in a cacophony of fear and desperation. Mothers clutched their children tightly, fathers hastily gathered what few weapons they could find, and elders murmured prayers for deliverance.

The ground trembled beneath the colossal footsteps of the giants, their approach relentless and unstoppable. Houses shook as if in protest, while livestock scattered in a frenzied stampede, seeking refuge from the impending catastrophe.

In the midst of it, a man struggled to maintain his balance, surrounded by frenzied horses, then was brutally trampled by one them. His face was covered in blood and a few of his ribs had been shattered. Another villager ran to his rescue and helped him get back up to safety inside a house.

As the giants drew nearer, the air crackled with tension, the very atmosphere thick with dread. In that moment, the villagers knew that their peaceful existence was about to be shattered by forces beyond their comprehension, and they could only watch in terror as the giants loomed ever closer, casting a shadow of darkness over their once serene village.

Chapter 2

Lucy, Kate and Jack quickly covered the distance that separated them from the small cluster of structures. As they were approaching they started to discern the details; about a dozen houses surrounded by a wood palisade with two gates and two towers.

Strangely, the pack of structures seemed like some kind of medieval-era village, only scaled down to minuscule proportions.

As they loomed over the palisade, their colossal forms casting shadows over the tiny village, they beheld a scene of panic and chaos below. From their towering vantage point, they could see the villagers scurrying about like ants, their movements frantic and desperate. They could hear the sound of tiny shouts and cries, mingling with the distant wails of a bell sounding the alarm as the villagers rushed to barricade their homes and seek shelter.

A few tiny figures below seemed to had been unable to get into a house in time before they were all barricaded from the inside, leaving them outside, desperately begging to be allowed in, unable to comprehend that their very friends would not let them in. The pack of left-out villagers eventually converged on each other and started to run as fast a possible towards the gate that was opposite to the giants.

Jack, Kate and Lucy were dumbstruck by the situation that unfolded down below their eyes. Jack realized that Kate was in fact right that the world around them was minuscule as a whole, not just the trees, and quickly felt bad about the little mites below who seemed in terror.

Kate, on the other hand, could not help but smile at the scene, somehow, realizing that she enjoyed the fact that her presence was causing such turmoil. Upon further contemplating the scene below, a warm sensation started spreading from her core, making her pulse quicken and her skin flush with desire. Kate’s heart started racing as a tingling in her private parts grew more intense.

Lucy, for her part, quickly regained her wits and observed the situation below with attention, making mental notes on everything she could see. She noticed the pack of villagers going for the gate and quickly traveled around the village to block it from the outside by dragging her shoe across the ground to seal it with a mound of dirt.

“It’s for their own safety. If we let them out, we might step on them later.” Lucy said to Kate and Jack.

Lucy turned her gaze upon the group of villagers still outside, smiled gently at them and tried speaking to them in a tone that was kind and reassuring. Somehow, it seemed to help calming down the villagers who gradually stopped running around. One of the villagers replied faintly in a language that was alien, and yet sounded familiar to English. Lucy wondered to herself if this was a coincidence.

“Please, ask your friends to come outside.” Lucy said, but to no avail. The trio waited a couple minutes to allow some time for the situation to defuse.

Kate, meanwhile was loosing patience. Initially amused and even aroused by the chaos caused by her mere presence, she was now feeling annoyed that the little villagers were ignoring them.

Kate’s childhood had been one of neglect - her father spent most of his time either at work or drinking with his buddies, while her mother had always been coping with a severe case of substance abuse. Kate’s childhood had thus been one of loneliness without any proper education, and as an young adult, she thrived in confrontations and reveled being the center of attention.

“Come out now little bugs!!!” Kate said with an harsh and threatening tone of voice.

“What the fuck Kate?!” interrupted Jack, turning his head towards her.

“They’re wasting our fucking time!” Kate said, answering back to Jack with determination and hostility in her eyes.

Kate then crouched down and extended her arm towards the bigger house. Jack wanted to stop her, but refrained, afraid to escalate the situation and cause harm to the tiny villagers. Kate’s hand reached the bigger house and easily pocked through the barricaded doors, smashing them to pieces. She waited a few more seconds to see if the villagers would get the message, but not a single one exited the house.

“Kate, stop it!” Jack said, but Kate was determined to get her way. She then raised her hand over the house and grabbed the roof to remove it. She easily snatched the roof off the house, sending debris and bricks onto the villagers below.

A tiny woman in the house was hit straight on her shoulder by a cluster of bricks, causing her to yell in pain and collapse on the floor.

“Oops, sorry!” Kate said half apologetically.

Using her index finger, Kate gestured to the group of 15 villagers to quickly make their way outside. Despite their reluctance, they complied, aware that they had no alternative. One man assisted the woman struck by the bricks, prompting Kate to wonder if he was her husband. Another man moved among the houses, engaging in what appeared to be conversations with their inhabitants. After a few moments, villagers hidden in other houses cautiously emerged from their hiding spots and gathered in the center, vulnerable to the whims of the giants.

Lucy gently smiled at them to signal they had no hostile intentions, also trying to alleviate the language barrier to ensure a more productive exchange. This seemed to appease a good fraction of the villagers, with some villagers even smiling back. Lucy then raised her hand slightly and gave a small wave. To her surprise, some of the villagers waved back at her.

As a kid, Lucy had learned to fluently speak three languages, and thus, she felt confident that she could quickly learn the basics of their language. Moreover, the words spoken by the tiny villagers strangely resembled English.

Lucy pointer to herself with her index and pronounced her name: “Lucy”. Several moments of silence passed when a little girl finally decided to come forward, also pointing at herself, shyly saying “Zyra” in the cutest tiny voice.  

Lucy, Jack, and even Kate couldn't help but find her irresistibly cute. Their hearts melted at her innocent vulnerability and enthusiasm. The little girl, Zyra, then started to feel overwhelmed by the combined attention of the three titans and could not help to run over to her mother, burring her face into her tunic.

Kate angrily tapped the ground with her index finger where the little girl had been standing moments before, causing vibrations to ripple through the earth. In a commanding tone, she declared, "Zyra, get back here! We didn't give you permission to leave."

The entire village stood paralyzed with fear, even though they couldn't comprehend Kate's words except for the mention of the little girl's name. Their gazes were filled with desperation and confusion, directed towards Zyra and her mother. Zyra shook with terror as her mother led her back to where she had stood moments earlier, silently praying for the mercy of the giantess.

This made Kate feel bad, and she decided to let Lucy be the one to continue the interaction with the tiny villagers.

Lucy tenderly stroked Zyra with her finger in an effort to soothe her, and it appeared to have some effect.

Lucy's scientific curiosity continued to drive her, sparking numerous questions about the tiny humanoids.

To Jack's and Kate’s astonishment, Lucy proposed, "Let's gather a sample and return to our camp".

"Huh, a sample of what?" Jack inquired, perplexed.

"Of the tiny alien specimens, of course! What else? I'm keen to delve into their physiology... Remember we're here for scientific discovery!" Lucy replied to Jack.

Jack began to ponder how well he truly knew his two female colleagues...

Bending down towards the group of approximately fifty villagers, Lucy carefully selected six specimens based on their age and gender. The villagers remained frozen in fear as the blonde giantess chose them, apprehensive of potential punishment from the brunette giantess if they moved again.

Lucy then placed her selected samples into a slender plastic flask, commonly utilized for gathering small mineral specimens.

The trio returned to the camp, where they had stored their equipment and supplies.

Chapter 3

Lucy, Kate, and Jack made their way back to their makeshift camp, although calling it a "camp" seemed like an overstatement given that it consisted of only three survival tents provided by CosmoGenesis, along with some additional equipment.

Lucy placed the flask containing the miniature villagers on a small table and lifted the lid, noticing that the two younger specimens were in tears. She attempted to muster a comforting smile once more, but remained steadfast in her determination to proceed with her scientific study without further delay.

Jack and Kate, meanwhile were chatting while Jack was examining the status of their equipment.

"Hey Kate, mind giving me a hand with checking our equipment?" Jack's voiced carrying a teasing tone as he glanced over at her, finding any reason to engage in conversation with Kate.

Kate smiled, playfully batting her eyelashes, and sticking her chest out, as she joined him, noticing the subtle flirtatious undertones in his words.

Lucy observed the exchange, noting the spark of attraction between the two.

Lucy decided to make herself more comfortable by removing her EtherShift suit, and then her sweater, ultimately revealing a tight sport tank top that struggles to contain her enormous breasts. With a swift motion, she exposed herself, the fabric stretched taut against her ample bosom, leaving little to the imagination as she adjusted to her new state of undress.

Lucy then reached into the flask, her thumb and finger delicately plucking out the young adult male specimen from Aurora Terra. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she begins to strip him down, more accurately tearing his clothes off his tiny body, leaving him exposed and vulnerable in her grasp.

"Lucy" she said, pointing to herself, and he quickly responded, "Thalos." Lucy smiled, indicating he got it right, as she inspected his tiny, familiar features.

Noticing his resemblance to Jack, she found Thalos to be handsome and fit, with dark hair and a well-maintained beard for the medieval era. Realizing his biology is similar to an Earthling male, just much smaller, around 3 cm tall.

Lucy quietly started to revel in this unusual power dynamic.

Thalos, could not help but gaze at Lucy's giant cleavage, which she noticed, making her smile. Deliberately increasing the sensuality of her touch, she caressed his tiny body, sending waves of excitement through him until he could not hide his arousal, having to cover his erection.

"Tiny Thalos could help me learn the basics of their language," Lucy thought to herself, partly true and partly an excuse to keep him close.

Deciding to save Thalos for later, Lucy gently lowered him into the depths of her massive cleavage, where he found himself surrounded by giant orbs of sweet, warm flesh that pressed against him, making it hot and difficult to breathe.

Despite the overwhelming sensation, Thalos managed to stay calm, finding a small pocket of air to breathe in the midst of Lucy's ample bosom.

Lucy then proceeded to analyze the remaining five subjects who had already stripped down. She noted that her initial findings regarding their biology were consistent across all subjects.

Lucy then proceeded to put every subject back into the flask, except Thalos, who remains stuck deep within the confines of her massive bosom, his tiny form nestled snugly against her warm skin.

Lucy briefly wedged her massive tits apart, creating a small space to check on Thalos, ensuring he was safe nestled between her warm skin. While a flicker of doubt crossed her mind about the ethical boundaries she was crossing, the insatiable thrill and necessity to grasp their language urged her to keep Thalos with her for now.

Chapter 4

Jack and Kate then visited Lucy's tent to inquire about her findings regarding the inhabitants of Aurora Terra.

"Any Nobel Prize in sight?" Jack asked upon entering Lucy's tent, with Kate trailing behind him.

"The subjects display identical biology to their Earth counterparts, except for their size, of course," Lucy explained.

Jack noticed only five subjects remaining in the flask. "Where's the sixth one?" he asked.

"Don't worry. I've secured him tightly for further study. I want him to teach me their language, and then I'll make sure to teach you and Kate." Lucy assured them.

“The communication equipment is completely dysfunctional, by the way… no chance of making it work…” informed Jack.

“Noted… it’s getting dark outside, we’ll return the specimens to their village in the morning. I don’t want to accidentally trample their little village.” added Lucy.

Looking forward to a well-deserved sleep, after such a crazy day, each of the adventurers returned to their respective tent.

Lucy deposited the flask containing the five specimens, together with some of her personal belongings on a small rectangular table, and then sat down to a even smaller table, retrieving Thalos from the depth of her cleavage.

Thalos, was drenched in sweat and gasping for air, he had been struggling to breathe every time Lucy's movements pressed her flesh tightly around him. He lied down for a moment on the small table.

After giving Thalos a short break, Lucy gently nudged him with her index finger, signaling him to stand. Thalos looked up at Lucy, taking a moment to regain his breath while admiring her stunning features: her flowing golden hair, captivating blue eyes, and the colossal breasts that Lucy purposefully emphasized on the table, almost engulfing him.

As Thalos beheld the mammoth breasts before him, a feeling of awe swept over him. In that moment, he felt minuscule and humble, experiencing a profound sense of reverence and admiration in the presence of such magnificence and scale.

“A goddess…” he wondered.

With precise dexterity, Lucy firmly pinned Thalos down with just two fingers, her touch gentle yet commanding. With deliberate movements, Lucy began to point to various parts of Thalos's body, her gaze intense as she awaited his response. Each touch was purposeful, her fingers tracing the contours of his form as she sought to elicit a reaction. Thalos, though initially hesitant, began to respond, his voice a melodic cadence as he uttered the names of each body part in his native tongue. With each word, Lucy listened, her curiosity piqued by the sounds that filled the air.

With a wicked grin, Lucy slowly traced her index along Thalos's, now erect, member, relishing in the power she held over him. Thalos's breath hitched, his body responding to her touch with a mixture of desire and fear. Lucy's gaze turned predatory as she leaned in close, whispering words that sent shivers down Thalos's spine. The air crackled with tension as Lucy's intentions became more clear, her actions speaking louder than any words could convey.

Lucy, with a devious smirk, slowly peeled off her top, unveiling her giant breasts with a seductive sway. Thalos's eyes widened in a mix of astonishment and desire, his breath catching in his throat. Lucy's confidence radiated as she flaunted her assets, knowing the effect it had on Thalos. The room filled with a charged atmosphere as Lucy stood there, a vision of temptation and power. Thalos, unable to tear his gaze away, felt himself drawn deeper into Lucy's web of manipulation. The game had only just begun, and Lucy held all the cards, including Thalos himself, in her hands.

Stranded on this strange new world as a giantess with almost no one to judge her, Lucy felt a newfound sense of liberation that beckoned her to explore the darker, repressed aspects of her personality. Despite her usual behavior, the presence of the tiny 3 cm Thalos seemed to unlock a side of her that yearned for indulgence and worship.

Little did he know, Thalos would become the unwitting catalyst for Lucy's journey into uncharted territory.

The giantess’s breasts stood like towering mountains in front of Thalos, as he looks up in awe. Her massive areolas cover a vast expanse of flesh, drawing his eyes to their enormity. Despite her size, they radiate an overwhelming warmth, inviting him to explore their colossal curves. Enormous and enticing, they dwarfed him in comparison, a symbol of her immense power and allure.

Grasping Thalos gently in her hand, Lucy enveloped his tiny form between her enormous tits, the contrast in size exhilarating. Moving him back and forth sensually across her nipple, creating a mesmerizing rhythm that quickly overwhelmed Thalos with pleasure. Within minutes, the intense sensation brought him to a climax, as he released a miniature eruption against the backdrop of her towering boob.

“Good boy… now let’s go back to our work.” said Lucy, knowing that Thalos could not understand her.

After spending a few hours studying the common tongue, Lucy grew weary. Initially thinking of returning tiny Thalos to the flask with the other minuscule specimens from Aurora Terra, she instead opted to keep him close, gently nudge him into the comforting cup of her sleep bra, withing its soft and ample padding ensuring his safety.

Lucy wondered if this was safe for tiny Thalos. As an experimental scientist, she knew there was only one way to know. After all, Lucy had many more experiments in mind and Thalos would be her little guinea pig.

Deep within the vast confines of Lucy's bra cup, Thalos found himself enveloped by an intense warmth that threatened to overwhelm him. Struggling against the constriction and immobility, he fought to find a position that allowed him to breathe comfortably. Throughout the night, the relentless heat and pressure kept Thalos awake, his diminutive body craving release from the stifling grip.

Chapter 5

Back at the village, a group of bandits found themselves in front of a immense mountain of grass which blocked the main gate. They had to walk around the palisade to use the other gate to storm the village.

As the bandits approached the village gates, the guards sprang into action, their hearts pounding with adrenaline-fueled urgency. The leader of the guard, stationed in the keep, wasted no time, immediately ringing the alarm bell to alert his comrades.

With swift determination, the other four guards rushed to take their defensive positions, forming a tight formation near the gate. Their swords gleamed in the darkness of the moon, ready to defend their home against the impending threat.

The village guards, outnumbered and facing experienced cut-throats, engaged in a pointless fight. The clash was intense yet short-lived, filled with blood and screams coming from the guards who fell one after another. The village guards were no match for the seasoned bandits who showed no mercy. It was a gruesome scene of brutality and violence, with the bandits overpowering the guards with their superior skills and ruthless tactics.

As the bandits stormed the village, and killed the guards, the desperate cries of the villagers filled the air. Some offered whatever meager possessions they had, hoping to appease the ruthless intruders, but the bandits remained unmoved. Their intentions were clear - they sought the village's women. With merciless efficiency, the bandits seized eight young girls, including Zyra, striping them naked from their clothes, binding their wrists together before swiftly departing from the camp.

Fathers, driven by despair and fury, attempted to defend their daughters, but their efforts were in vain against the overwhelming force of their opponents; they too met the same tragic fate as the guards before them.

As the bandits disappeared into the distance with their captives, a sense of despair settled over the village, leaving behind only heartbreak and devastation in their wake.

Jack had already been up for some time when Kate emerged from her tent. The pink bikini she was wearing barely contained her ample assets, her curves spilling out provocatively.

Kate's massive breasts strained against the pink bikini top, her nipples subtly peaking through the fabric. The bottom piece of her bikini was a revealing thong cut that showcased her firm cheeks, the tiny strings disappearing between them, drawing attention to every tantalizing curve. The fabric of her pink bikini hugged her in all the right places, leaving little to the imagination as Jack's hungry gaze lingered on her enticing figure.

"Like what you see, Jack?" She teased, noticing his lingering gaze.

"You know I do" he replied, a playful grin tugging at his lips.

"I might take off my top later, to tan better. Perhaps you'll get a better view" she purred with a smile, relishing Jack's focus.

Kate did enjoy Jack’s company. In the past, their breakup had been inevitable when she made the bold choice to pursue a career as an OnlyFans model, embracing her sensuality and independence. Kate realized too late she had made the wrong choice.

“Is Lucy still in her tent?” the stunning brunette asked.

“Yes, I think she studied the alien language most of the night.” answered Jack.

“Let’s bring the little guys back to their village. They must be freaking out.” Jack added.

Jack silently entered Lucy’s tent and spotted the flask containing the sleeping tinies.

Kate and Jack headed back towards the tiny village.

They quickly arrived at the village which was only about 50 meters away at their scale. The minuscule village appeared as a chaotic mess, with tiny figures strewn on the ground, surrounded by pools of blood. This time though, the villagers didn't flee from the giants but huddled together, waving for help. Jack liberated the tiny villagers in the flask and, with Kate, tried to understand what had happened.

"Where is Zyra?" Kate inquired, her voice edged with concern, addressing the villagers.

"Zyra?" responded a woman who was in tears. Kate quickly remembered this was Zyra's mother.

The tiny woman gestured towards the main road, which connected to the gate Lucy had condemned the day before.

"Damn, we still need to clear that gate." Jack exclaimed.

"I'll follow the road. You stay here. Protect them." Kate declared firmly before setting off.

Kate strolled for around 100 meters down the road until she glimpsed a gathering of diminutive figures in the nearby distance. Moving closer still, she noticed a line of nude girls and women, their wrists bound by ropes. The group stood motionless, while a tiny armed man appeared to be raping one of the girls.

 Kate's fury ignited at the horrific scene before her.

The bandit band had been parading the nude women like trophies, subjecting them to repeated rape and abuse as they traveled back to their camp.

The bandit captain, Viktor, was in the midst of having one of the girls when the earth began to tremble. Turning their heads in confusion, the bandits beheld an impossible sight: a giantess, a colossal brunette woman standing near 100 meters tall.

Viktor, blinded by his own twisted desires, perceived Kate more as a seductive figure rather than the looming threat she truly was, her curves and features captivating him.

"Stay calm, let's see what this big bitch wants!" Viktor callously remarked, oblivious to the impending doom that awaited them.

As Kate approached with a fiery rage in her eyes, she stood in front the bandits, blocking their further. Her gaze fell upon Zyra, bound among the other girls, her tear-streaked face pleading for deliverance from the giantess. The remaining girls, caught in a mix of tears and shock, seemed to have disconnected from reality, their souls adrift as a defense mechanism against the horrors they had lived through.

Without a word spoken, Kate descended on her knees before the bandits like a predator, her giant crotch towering over them. With a swift and brutal strike, she obliterated Viktor and a few other bandits in a brutal pop, showering the group, including the traumatized girls, in a gruesome torrent of blood and viscera.

"Shit!" Kate thought to herself, surprised by the blood splashes.

The remaining bandits, in a futile attempt to flee, scattered in all directions, their movements ridiculously slow and feeble in the face of the giantess's wrath. Kate effortlessly caught one in her grasp, flicking him into the air to meet his demise in a twisted spin of death.

Rising to her full height, Kate pursued the remaining bandits, each step of her pink sandals crushing them into the earth, their bodies crunching beneath her colossal weight as she left them flattened in pools of blood and remains. She kept the last few bandits for further interrogation, their screams muffled by her unforgiving grip.

Returning to the trembling girls, Kate attempted to comfort them with gentle words, but their trauma had rendered them unresponsive to any solace she offered. With a tender touch, she gathered them in her other hand, a stark contrast to the brutality of what they had lived through.

Kate headed back to the village.

Chapter 6

As Lucy woke up at the camp, she stretched her arms lazily, feeling the fabric of her sleep bra straining against her massive bosom. The reality sunk in—the tiny alien planet surrounding them

Noticing the tiny bump that was Thalos nestled between her breasts, Lucy's fingers hovered over him, feeling the soft rise and fall with her breath. Her mind swirled with the strange turn of events that had led them to this alien world, her nipples hardening in anticipation.

Ignoring the tiny Thalos, who was prisoner within her bosom, Lucy's hand continued its descent. It slipped deep within her panties as she started to pleasure herself quietly, her wetness growing with each teasing touch.

Trapped within the confines of Lucy's bra, Thalos tried to move against the fabric, hoping to signal his presence to the goddess who had finally awakened, his tiny form barely noticeable against her heaving breasts.

Meanwhile, as Lucy indulged in her own pleasure, Thalos remaining utterly helpless within the confines of her bra. His tiny form squished against the warm expanse of her breast, feeling every movement she made as she pleasured herself. The fabric of the bra becoming his prison, a place where he could only hope to catch her attention amidst the overwhelming sensations she was experiencing.

Lucy's fingers delicately reached within her bosom, freeing tiny Thalos from his confines. She brought him to her face, her lips and tongue caressing his private parts with a tantalizing touch. Thalos responded immediately, his tiny cock becoming erect.

As Lucy's lips and tongue work their magic on Thalos, his tiny body was quickly overwhelmed by the sensations. Gasping for air, he found himself lost in a sea of pleasure, every touch sending waves of ecstasy through his minuscule form. Lucy's heavy breath repeatedly washed over his tiny body, adding an extra layer of sensation to the already overwhelming experience.

Within seconds, tiny Thalo, unable to contain himself any longer, erupted, sending his release onto Lucy's giant, hungry lips.

Lucy lowered Thalos back to her chest, feeling his tiny form against her skin. Moving him further down towards her forbidden area, her giant hand caressing herself furiously. Thalos, a tiny being in a medieval-era world, was overwhelmed by the sight before him, his eyes widening at a lady's private parts he had never seen before. The forbidden view of Lucy's behemoth vagina stirred a mix of curiosity and arousal within him, a world of sensations he had never explored.

As Thalos continued to watch, two giant digits came back for him, reaching out to bring him even closer to the giant pussy that loomed before him. The overwhelming scent of arousal filling his senses as he was drawn towards the immense center of her desire, a place that promises both danger and ecstasy.

Without warning, Thalos was flipped on his belly, a strange substance then applied to his back. It was a special easily-solvable glue that quickly adhered him to Lucy's giant right digits. He found himself stuck, unable to move as she brought him back for a quick kiss on his member, which had hardened again, a mixture of desire and curiosity swirling within him.

Lucy lowered Thalos back to her hungry vagina, the movement fluid and relentless, taking no pauses along the way. She started fingering herself with the finger Thalos was stuck to, the sensation of his tiny form adding a new layer of excitement to her self-indulgence.

Lucy's movements were relentless, yet punctuated with short pauses, allowing Thalos to catch his breath in brief moments of reprieve. The tiny being quickly became out of air, overwhelmed by the experience of exploring the giant womanhood, leaving him fighting for his very survival amidst the sea of sensations that threaten to engulf him.

After several minutes of self-indulgence, Lucy brought Thalos back to her face to inspect him closely. He was a mess, Lucy noted, covered in pussy juice, his tiny form glistening with her arousal. Thalos looked tired, breathing heavily and frantically, the intensity of the experience evident in every trembling breath he took. Despite it all, Thalos was still sporting a raging erection.

"Ready for round two, I see?" Lucy said in his tongue, mocking him kindly, a playful glint in her eyes as she teased the tiny being in her hand. "Tell me, who is your goddess?" she asked, her voice laced with a mix of amusement and desire, waiting for his response with anticipation.

"You are!" Thalos exclaimed, his breath heavy and labored, his words a breathless admission of desire and worship. Stuck to Lucy's giant digit, he looked up at her with reverence and longing, his declaration a testament to the power she held over him.

“Good worshiper…” Lucy replied, her voice filled with approval and domination. These simple words carrying a weight of control and satisfaction, a subtle reinforcement of her authority over him.

Lucy’s soft breast flesh then enveloped Thalos as she applied his tiny cock on her nipple, the sensitive tip grazing against the tiny length. Warmth and friction building up as she dragged him up and down, repeatedly, the sensation driving Thalos to moan softly in pleasure. Lucy's breath quickens, her own arousal matching the intensity of the moment as she gave him a giant boob job, the stimulation pushing Thalos over the edge into a blissful release.

"You belong to me now..." Lucy informed Thalos as she detached him from her digit and dropped him on the table where her other belongings lied. The weight of her words hanged in the air, the implications of his newfound ownership mesmerizing Thalos was slowly realizing the depth of his submission to her.

Lucy then exited the tent, leaving Thalos on the table next to her dildo, a bottle of lubricant, a chapstick, and a few other items, including the special glue she had used to adhere him to her digit.

Thalos, his heart pounding in his chest, sweat and pussy juice beading on his skin, and his eyes darting around in panic, was overwhelmed by confusion and fear about what was to come, the uncertainty of his fate weighing heavily on his tiny shoulders.

Back at the village, Kate freed the rescued tiny women she had saved from the bandits, also releasing the handful of battered tiny bandits she had spared for now. These struggled to even crawl, drained from the relentless force of Kate's unyielding grasp as she made her way back.

Shortly after, Lucy arrived at the village and inquired about the chaotic scene below.

"They were attacked by these bastards! They attempted to abduct their women!" Kate exclaimed angrily, pointing at the bruised bandits on the ground.

Lucy picked up one of the bandits between her fingers, applying pressure as a warning to cooperate.

"Explain your actions, vermin!" Lucy commanded the bandit in his own language.

"I was just following orders from my unit commander, Silent-Serpent the Cut-Throat," the bandit replied, fear evident in his eyes.

"I see... and where is your unit commander?" Lucy questioned.

The bandit remained silent for a moment, but after a few squeezes from Lucy, he finally yielded the location of their main camp.

“Kate, Jack, follow me” said Lucy.

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