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Nat strolled into the empty locker room, her track shoes squeaking on the tiles as she did so. The rest of the team were still on the field, tiding away the equipment. Fuck that, Nat wasn’t interested in helping out.

The long low room was empty, looking as it had done every day since the ‘60’s. Bags were left under benches, to her left a full gym kit was strewn over a rail. She sat down heavily on the nearest bench; the hot flesh of her thighs where they peeked out of her tight, white shorts slapping against the wood.

She was going home after this so wasn’t going to bother getting changed. She was only here to get 10 minutes out of the arid summer heat and knew this room had an old but decent aircon and would be empty. She’d wait for Zoe to finish up then the two of them would split.

She swung her long legs up on to the bench, kicking off the discarded gym kit letting it fall onto the worn tiles.

Gross. She leaned forwards. Did someone leave their underwear here too?

Her head turned as a squeak sounded nearby. What the fuck?

Normally she would have missed it. Normally she wouldn’t have noticed the tiny movement but today must have been her lucky day.

The Shrinky had pushed itself into the corner of the bench between the seat and the backrest. It must have hoped it would have gone unnoticed. Guess it should have stayed quiet.

It had barely avoided being sat on. Nat frowned. The little shit could have stained her shorts. It turned and saw her and squeaked a cry of fear again.

Nat extended her finger towards it, her fingernail a deadly blade that could have slit the shrunken creature open with barely a touch. ‘I found you,’ she sang softly.

The Shrinky squealed and tried to push herself further into the recess without much success.

‘You know I can fit my fingernail in there and fish you out if I wanted to, right?’ Nat’s nose wrinkled at the creature’s stupidity. ‘And if I do, you’re gonna get hurt. I don’t really care but since I’m feeling nice, I’ll give you to the count of three. One.’

Another cry of fear came from the creature as it crawled out of its hiding place. It looked up and almost fainted as it took in the vast woman filling the sky in front of it.

Nat chuckled as she reached down and plucked the Shrinky from the wooden surface. It was weightless, helpless in her grip. Shrinkies were so dumb and pathetic.

Her ice blue eyes burned into this one, noticing it was a pale and frightened young woman. She was crying with fear, burbling ‘no’ over and over again.

‘Yes’, Nat hissed, a sharklike grin of brilliant white spreading between her pink lips. She could have eaten the tiny woman easily. She was barely an inch and a half tall. Nat could do anything she wanted to her.

‘Please,’ the woman blubbed, ‘please don’t hurt me.’

‘Why?’ Nat smirked, ‘How are you going to stop me?’

The Shrinky burst into tears again, trembling in her grip.

Nat could have closed her fist and silenced her without a thought. Her body would crack and break in an instant. A quick death for such a tiny creature. Nat rolled her eyes.

‘Fine, I won’t hurt you.’ She drawled, bored. ‘Just stop crying.’

The woman wailed again.

‘I said shut up!’ Her voice was like thunder, blasting the woman with hurricane force. It ripped away her cries and left her pale and stunned.

‘Better.’ Nat bit her lip, her mind formulating a quick game.

‘Ok, I won’t hurt you, but you have to make a choice. Do you understand?’

The woman looked at her dumbly.

‘Answer me when I fucking speak to you!’ Nat’s perfect brows furrowed, her grip tightening ever so slightly.

The woman yelped with discomfort. ‘Yes!’ she choked, ’I understand!’

‘Good’ Nat leaned forward and tossed the woman back onto the bench. She landed painfully, rolling onto her side.

Nat wasted no time, slamming her foot down beside her. The tiny woman was dwarfed by her sneaker, the impact knocking her backwards. ‘Get up!’

She rose, shaking to her feet.

Nat’s foot was already moving, lifting over her victim’s head, casting her into shadow. The woman whimpered with fear.

‘Do you see how easily I could crush you? You are a bug and I could end your life so, so easily.’

The tiny creature could only look up with wide eyes at the sole that hung over her. The white surface was patterned with shallow treads and stained a pale brown from the dust of the track. It was a killing device, a machine that could drop down and compress her body like a grape against the wood beneath her feet. Within a second, her life could be over, her blood trickling across the floor like wine. She was utterly helpless.

She dropped to her knees; her soul chilled. Tears flowed silently down her pink cheeks. ‘Please, God, please.’ She whispered.

Nat smirked high above as she swung her foot aside and thudded it down beside the quivering creature.

The tiny woman’s eyes tracked up the giantess’ body. Roving past her long, tanned legs that spread either side of her, across the crotch of her white shorts, her bare midriff and training top, into the dancing eyes of her captor.

‘But I’m not going to kill you.’ Nat purred, smiling down from heaven, ‘You can choose what happens to you. Ok?’

‘Uh huh,’ the Shrinky replied, dumbly, ‘ok.’

‘Option one.’ Nat lifted her finger into the air. ‘You can crawl over to my shoe, kiss it and beg me, as your new goddess, to make you my toy. I will own you and you will do whatever I ask for the rest of your miserable life.’

A whimper answered her, broadening her smile. ‘Or’ a second finger joined the first, ‘I can let you go. Just, off you go, good luck.’

The Shrinky looked up at her puzzled and silent.

Nat leaned forwards, her smile sweet and deadly. ‘Want some time to think about it?’

The woman barely had time to answer before Nat continued, ‘Or maybe you want to know a little bit more? That’s ok, I’ll show you.’

Her hand fell to the waistband of her shorts, slipping inside of her underwear. Her eyes never left the Shrinky at her feet as she felt around her pants before drawing a tiny something blinking into the light.

The shrunken man was discarded more roughly that the woman had been, crashing into the wood with barely a sound. He crawled to his feet beside the tiny woman, looking at her for barely a second with moon sized eyes before scuttling over to his mistress’ foot. His mouth and tongue found the smallest stain on the side of her shoe and went to work.

He was emaciated, his skin thin and stained. He stank of sweat, though none of it his own, and of the juices of his owner’s womanhood. He was their age; probably being found in much the same way she had been. It was clear his mind was as broken as his body.

‘What do you think?’ Nat smirked.

The woman whimpered as the tiny man licked and worshipped the massive shoe beside her.

‘No? Doesn’t that look like fun to you? It’s fun for me. Is it fun for you Geek?’

The shrunken man threw himself onto his knees, bowing deeply. ‘Yes Goddess, thank you Goddess.’

‘You love being my fuck toy don’t you Geek? You love it when I step on you don’t you? It reminds you what a worthless little bug you are doesn’t it?’

‘Yes Goddess,’ Geek croaked, ‘thank you Goddess.’

‘See, Geek loves to be fucked with. It’s the best his life could ever be.’

Her foot moved, resting on its heel. The ball of her shoe passed over Geek’s head before lowering, pushing him onto his back. He was compressed with barely a sound, just a muffled grunt of pain as he took his Goddess’ weight.

‘Get back to licking, Geek.’

The tiny woman could see that he was obeying, his tongue darting against the dirty soul as his eyes closed against the pain.

Nat tapped her other foot. ‘All you have to do is crawl over, kiss my shoe and say, ‘please let me be your little slave, Goddess, pretty please’ and then it’s done. You can go in my pants if you like, and Geek can go in my shoe. He knows how to stay alive; he’ll show you.’

The tiny woman shook her head, ‘No, please, no.’

‘No? Really? You’re super sure you don’t want to be like Geek?’ She twitched her foot, releasing another grunt of pain from her slave. ‘I’m shocked, honestly, I’m shocked.’

She lifted her foot and snatched up the tiny man, dropping him back into her pants. With a deft finger, she pushed him into a favourable place, releasing a tiny gasp of pleasure as she did so.

‘Ok then.’ Nat feigned sadness, ‘If you want me to let you go, I’ll let you go.’

Her hand reached out towards the tiny woman, looking for a moment as if she would strike and crush her beneath her palm.

Instead, she lowered it gently, extending her fingers. ‘Climb on.’

The Shrinky hesitated.

‘Do you want me to help you or not?’ Nat scowled. ‘I know I said I wouldn’t but there’s still time for me to crush you.’

The woman swallowed her fear and scrambled onto the outstretched digits.

Nat lifted her carefully and conveyed her to the floor, hovering an inch above the tiles.

‘Go on,’ she urged, ‘go.’

The woman was puzzled but climbed down to drop onto the tiles.

Nat swung her legs off of the bench, each foot booming ominously onto the floor. The woman watched her carefully, expecting her to strike, expecting a trick.

‘What are you looking at me for? Go, run, before I change my mind!’

The woman hesitated again, raising irritation in the giant woman.

‘I said go!’

Nat swung her foot forwards, firmly but not hard enough to kill. It struck the tiny woman, sending her bouncing painfully across the tiles.


The woman staggered to her feet, blood dripping from her lips. Behind her, Nat reclined against the bench, swinging her feet back onto the wooden boards.

The Shrinky had only made it a few steps before she felt something change. A vibration through the floor. She looked over her shoulder to where Nat was smirking at her. She hadn’t moved.

They both heard the sound of voices swell in the hall. Practice had finished.

The tiny woman yelled for help as the door swung open, begging Nat to save her, to take her. The word Goddess left her lips as the first shoes pounded into the room.

A shoe caught her, almost decapitating her. Dazed she was tossed across the ground, her ear drums bursting as a sneaker exploded beside her. Their chatter was like thunder, a storm of legs and shoes destroying the ground in an apocalypse.

She couldn’t stop screaming though her voice could not be heard above their footfalls.

Nat watched, trying to keep the shrunken woman in sight without alerting the rest of the team to the Shrinky’s presence. Inside of her pants, Geek moved letting loose a ripple of pleasure that swept through her body.

The tiny woman turned, staggering forwards, her arm outstretched to the giant woman who smiled and flashed a small wave back at her. She stumbled, falling forwards as a giant sneaker landed behind her with a sickening crunch.

Her scream of agony was brutal, primal, animalistic yet too small for any of the titans above to hear.

The sneaker moved away, taking the ruin of her legs with them. Bleeding and bisected, the tiny creature mewled in pain, crawling across the tile as vast beings moved unknowingly above her.

The Shrinky looked into those ice blue eyes, to the titanic woman who watched her die, biting her lip with excitement.

‘Goddess, please,’ she choked, begging with her final breath.

She didn’t see the footfall that ended her life and none marked her passing. The bloodstain that was left as the giantess who killed her stepped away lasted barely a second before a second footstep scuffed it off the tile.

Nat smiled to herself, turning away and grabbing her bag as Zoe walked into the room.

‘What’s got you in a good mood?’ Zoe asked coyly.

‘Nothing,’ Nat smiled back, ‘Nothing at all.’

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