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Author's Chapter Notes:

Part 1: Intro

The Hero always wins. That is the story that is always told. When the world is in crisis thanks to the powers of the demon lord, a Hero will arise to slay them and bring peace to the world once more. 

“So, young Hero. Do you truly think you can defeat me, the Demon Queen? How foolish. You should grovel at my feet and kiss them begging for mercy!”

“... grovel?”

“Hm? Is that hesitation I see? How amusing.”

Legends tell of a Hero who can resist the dark charms of the Demon Queen and, without succumbing to temptation, overcome her powers and slay her.

“What? Why aren’t you obeying? My magic! ”

“Hmph. It’s over, Demon Queen. Your reign of terror ends here.”

And in the end, that is what happened. The powerful holy sword wielding hero defeated the Demon Queen, saving the human realm from the demonic beasts. After succeeding in his valiant quest, the hero became celebrated as the kingdom’s protector, received many accolades and praise from the king and queen, and earned the respect, honor, and love of the people.

He returned home celebrated as the mightiest and most desirable man in the kingdom.


“Curse… A curse on you…”

However, this is not a story of a Hero’s journey. The Hero’s adventure has ended. The victory scripted out by prophecy has already passed.

“O’ foolish Hero… The price for slaying me is an eternal curse…!”

What role does a Hero have once his mission is over? What protections does he have now that the prophecy has been fulfilled?

“A curse of temptation! You will fall to temptation now that your role has ended…”

The answer is ‘none’. Although the Demon Queen died, her death throes sentenced him to a mighty curse - one that he would never be able to escape from.

A mighty Hero you shall no longer be! You shall be at the mercy of the very humans you fought to protect!

This is the story of the Hero’s fall after the Demon Queen’s end.

Part 2: Alchemist Peony (6’ → 4’8’)

“Sir Hero! Over here!”

“No, Sir Hero! Me! Why not go with me instead?”

“Now, now, ladies. There’s plenty of me to go around.”

When it comes to being the Hero who saved the human kingdom, his everyday life was met with the calls of adoring fans and beautiful young lasses vying for his attention. Even after returning to his hometown, that was no different.

“You sure are popular now, aren’t you, ‘Hero’?” a tired voice playfully called him by his title after he closed the door to enter the village alchemist’s atelier.

“Well, I did just save the world after all, Peony,” the Hero boasted. This earned him Peony’s yawn.


“Yes, yes. Good for you,” the 5’ tall alchemist stood up from her seat and wandered over to the 6’ tall Hero she had known since childhood. “I should be honored that the Level 99 popular Hero, who gets all the women swooning at every turn, has deigned to enter my humble shop which is unworthy of visiting.”

Although her eyes were droopy from sleepiness, the brown haired alchemist made it clear from her tone that she was unhappy. She poked the Hero in the chest repeatedly, noting his toned abs and muscle through the leather clothes he had finally been able to wear after spending months in armor.

“Are you jealous?” The Hero had more than enough courage to ask.


“Hngh! You’re not wrong,” Peony recoiled at how spot on his statement was. However, she was able to admit it. In fact, after she locked the door behind the Hero, her voice gained confidence. “But I’ll bet that I’m one of the few people who knows the secrets of a Great Hero such as you~!”


The Hero swallowed his saliva as Peony grabbed a vial from her desk and took a seat next to a window. With a wave of her hand, the curtains closed immediately. The alchemist girl slipped off her leather boots and made a show of stripping off her black socks in front of him. Then, she uncapped the vial in her hand and poured it over her feet.

“It’s been months since we’ve last done it. Have you improved now that you’re a ‘Hero’?” asked the alchemist. “I can’t wait to test my aphrodisiac on someone with the title of Hero now~!”

There was no need for an aphrodisiac. The moment Peony had taken off her boots, she had gotten the Hero’s attention. While he had to remain steadfast and strong-willed on his journey to defeat the Demon Queen, the Hero had a secret that only a few people knew. His hesitation in his fight against the Demon Queen had stemmed from this as well.

“Come on, Hero~” the alchemist girl teased. “Lower your pants. Let’s have a fun time just like back then~!”

With those words, the Hero stripped in front of Peony. His member was already erect even before encountering Peony’s medicine. Of course, Peony already knew this. She readily rubbed his penis with her aphrodisiac covered bare feet. Her exhausted face disappeared as she licked her lips. She had been waiting for this for months ever since her childhood friend had set out.

“Hnggh! H-Hah!”

“Oh? You’re holding out so well! You’ve probably been able to get so much experience with women on your travels, but I’ve been holding it in just for you.”

“Haah! Nggh! H-Huff!

“You’re the only man who has the same interests as me, Hero. I’m fine with sharing, but I won’t lose to any other woman when it comes to knowing what you like~!”

And what did he like? Wasn’t it clear enough? The Hero had a foot fetish. Having concealed this passion to undergo his mission, he was now able to let it all out back in his hometown. His childhood friend Peony rubbed his manhood between her soles happily.

“Haaaaah! H-Haaah! Haaargh!”

“That’s it, Hero! That’s it!”

 Slowly… and then faster… and then slowly again… She adjusted her rhythm to let the aphrodisiac seep into his erect ‘sword’ and gave him her blessing. Until finally…

“Haaargh!” The hero climaxed. Peony found herself sprayed by the Hero’s white magic power. She nearly fell backwards off her chair before the Hero caught her just in time.

“Oooh. So suave~” she complimented, satisfied to have given her love to the childhood friend who had left town after waiting so many months. Even though his title of Hero had made him a distant existence, she could still excite him with a footjob like she had done before his journey. “Shall we continue this in… bed?”

But before Peony could receive the same satisfaction back, she noticed that something was wrong. When Peony stood back up after leaving the Hero’s arms, she found herself looking down at him rather than up at him, and the reason why appeared as a black mark above the hero’s crotch.

“Hm? Peony, did you get taller?”

“Huh? No… T-This is…? Appraisal!”

[Hero Lv77 Heroic Swordsman/Adventurer]

Height: 4’8”

[Peony Lv29 Alchemist/Villager]

Height: 5’0"

With her Alchemist’s Appraisal skill, Peony saw that the Hero’s Level 99 status had dropped to level 77, but more importantly than that, his height was 4’8” tall now.


“Curse… A curse on you… A curse of temptation… and weakness…”

This was the Demon Queen’s Curse.

Part 3: Farmer Leona (4’8” → 3’7”)

“So not even holy magic could remove it?”

“No, it did not work.”

“Oh no… What about Master? Do you think my Master’s potions can help?”

“Maybe? I’m not sure.”

“It’s possible at least, right? I know Master’s potions are sometimes even more effective than Holy Water! I’ll go get her! Just wait here! And promise me you won’t succumb to any temptations for now!”

A curse of temptation and weakness - that was what the Demon Queen had left to Hero who had defeated her upon her death. After confirming with the Kingdom about the curse to no avail, the Hero was only instructed to avoid temptation if he did not want to activate the curse again. Even Peony had said the same thing as she ran off to figure out what she could do for him.

Even in death, demons caused trouble. The Hero wanted to venture off to find a solution on his own, but Peony had promised to go bring her Master, the Court Alchemist who had taught her. He couldn’t deny that Peony’s master might actually be capable of dispelling his curse. If that was the case, he would wait. All he had to do was NOT fall for any temptations in the meantime. That would be easy, right?

… wrong.

The curse was more than just a spell that weakened the target. It held a self-suggestion spell within it as well. The Hero’s desires were being amplified. He tried his best to clear his thoughts, practicing sword swings outside of his home but…


“... You want to see it, don’t you?”

“Hngk!” The voice of the Demon Queen in his head made him dizzy. 

“Huh? S-Sir Hero! Are you alright?” His moment of weakness was seen by a blonde villager girl who wandered by his house. The moment she approached him, she tried to help him up. To her surprise, she was looking down at him. “Hm? Oh, Sir Hero is shorter than I thought.”

“Hm?” He grunted, trying to endure the curse.

“A-Ah, my apologies,” the villager girl bowed her head, realizing she was rude. “I’m Leona, the farmer’s stepdaughter. I just moved into this village a few months ago.”

“Mn… Nice to meet you,” the Hero regained enough composure to greet the farmer girl who had introduced herself.

“Are you alright?”

“It’s nothing. Just an old wound from my adventure,” the Hero spoke vaguely to try to reassure the concerned villager girl.

“Hwah? That’s so dashing!” Leona was as breath taken as a fangirl by the Hero’s words. “A-Ah. Um… Hold on… I-Um… Here!”

Leona fumbled before handing the Hero the basket of grapes that she had originally brought along. “This is from our farm. I was told to bring this to you as a gift for coming back to the village.”

“A gift? Oh, thank you!” The Hero accepted, knowing that this gift came from the farming family who often cared for him when he was younger. If Leona was their stepdaughter, that meant that the retired guard who had helped him out had finally remarried. After taking the basket, the Hero reflexively moved his hand to try and give Leona a pat on the head, but he quickly recalled that she was taller than him by a solid 9 inches.

Not enjoying the idea of looking up at a villager girl who had to be younger than him, the Hero reflexively glanced down. He couldn’t stop himself from seeing purple juices on Leona’s legs and on the parts of her feet he could see through her shoes.

“Hm? Your feet-” he started. His interest was immediately piqued.

“Hm? Oh. I was stomping some grapes earlier to make wine. I guess I didn’t wipe it all off,” Leona was thankful to have been informed. Taking a seat on a stool in the Hero’s yard, she slipped off her shoes, rolled up her dress, and reached into the pocket of her blouse to pull out a handkerchief to wipe it off. Before she, however, the Hero grabbed her wrist. “H-huh? Sir Hero?”


“... This is what you like, isn’t it?”

The whispers of the curse were powerful. The Hero could not resist the temptation as he knelt down in front of Leona.

“Allow me,” he said as he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Slowly, he ran his tongue up Leona’s foot, licking up every drop of grape juice as well as all of the dirt and sweat on it.

“S-Sir Hero?! Hwah! W-Wait, I’m not ready yet!” Leona squeaked, blushing red at the Hero’s actions. However, as the hero’s tongue caressed her foot, she changed her mind. “... It feels good…?”

To make the Hero fall into temptation so quickly, the curse was definitely powerful, but it was not due to the curse that Leona was enjoying his actions. The Hero’s reputation had earned him many admirers as well, and Leona was one of them. She had accepted the chore from her stepfather because it had given her the excuse to go see the Hero, wanting to take the opportunity to get to know him and possibly earn his affections.

She certainly never expected that the Hero would start licking her feet. Had she hit upon the hero’s tastes? While it was unexpected to her, she did not dislike it. In fact, whether it was because he was the admired Hero or because of his tongue technique, every inch of her feet and legs that he liked got her excused. 

“I could get used to this…” Leona was surprised at her own words. She did not want the Hero to stop. She wanted him to continue. “Sir Hero, make sure to get between my toes too.”

And that was what the Hero did. The 5’5” Leona ordered the shorter 4’8” Hero to lick up and down her legs until they were clean. It was as though a younger villager girl had become a queen who could dominate him.

As humiliating as that sounded, though, the Hero could not deny his own desires as he lowered his pants. He got too excited too early. 

“Haaargh!” The hero ejaculated. When he did, the world around him seemed to distort and warp. The curse activated once again. “Huh?”

He found himself staring up at Leona’s breasts even while she was seated and he was standing. 

“Hm? Why’d you stop?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I got smaller,” he stated the obvious. “This is terrible. That temptation was so strong, that curse…”

“Temptation?” Leona looked down, scanning the Hero from the top to bottom. She had thought the hero was short before, but he was now 3’7”, the size of a young child.  He could probably get mistaken as Leona’s younger brother than as a Hero now. While she should have been concerned, she couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of him. “Ehehe. Wow, Sir Hero. You’re really cute!”

“Cute?” The Hero was surprised at being described that way. Despite being a brave hero, he ended up taking a step back when Leona stood up to her full height. Hewas stunned to find himself unable to see her face because he was lower than her breasts now. 

“Is this your preference, Sir Hero?” Leona asked as she put her hand over his head to compare heights. “I’ve heard of people using magic potions to make things more ‘interesting’ in bed, but I didn’t expect the savior of our land to have THIS sort of taste…”

“My preference? No, I- Mgff!?” He tried to clear up the misunderstanding but was forcibly silenced.

Leona gained a lot of confidence after getting to the Hero aroused earlier, so she sat back down onto her seat, hugged her thighs and kicked her feet in her seat, boldly tempting the Hero. When she stretched her legs forward, the big toe of her right foot entered his mouth. “Don’t worry. I don’t mind. I’d be honored to be your partner, Sir Hero. You like my feet, right? Then let’s continue~!”

“Mgfffa!” The Hero pulled back, trying to avoid Leona’s temptation, but because he pulled back, Leona tried to keep her foot in his mouth. She ended up kicking her leg out fully. When she did, her toes left his mouth, but she shoved her foot into his head. A sole almost twice the size of his head slammed into his face, knocking him down. Leona’s legs were almost as tall as him, so she did not need to leave her seat to take him down. Immediately after downing him, she then covered his face with her right foot while she put her left foot down on his crotch.

“Keep licking. I’m not clean yet, Sir Hero,” giggled Leona.

Coming back to his senses after having shrunk again, the Hero tried to push Leona off, but to his surprise, her strength was much more than his. What had happened? The answer came to him when he used his own appraisal skill.

[Hero Lv59 Heroic Swordsman]

Height: 3’7"

Strength: 22

Endurance: 19


[Leona Lv19 Farmer/Villager]

Height: 5’5"

Strength: 33

Endurance: 29

Agility: 30

He had leveled down along with his size, but the level difference between the Level 19 Villager Leona and him, a Level 59 hero, was exactly 40 levels. However, when he took a look at his own stats, what should have been over 200 Strength was now only 22. This was much less than Leona’s 33 Strength stat. He was now being overpowered by a villager girl. The level drop was one thing, but the status decrease was far beyond that. This curse was more than what he had expected.

“Mgffgh?!” Unfortunately, the Hero could not think as Leona rubbed his sole all over his face. With her other foot rubbing his crotch, Leona was going to make him shrink again.

“To think I’d have the honor of getting my feet licked clean by Sir Hero,” Leona spoke in a daze of admiration and arousal. “Please keep going, Sir Hero. I’m sure this will make both of us happy~!”

There was no choice. The Hero was going to have to continue licking Leona’s foot. Was this really a bad thing to the hero, though? His lower body was saying that it wasn’t.

Part 4: Rabbit Florist Syl (3’7 - 2’10” - 2’1)

An hour passed since the Hero had to deal with Leona. The farmer girl had left satisfied after making him release his ‘sword’ a second time. She was still under the misunderstanding that his shrinking was caused by a magic potion he had purchased for sexual play. He chose not to run after her to clarify her misconception, though. He did not want to risk falling for temptation again.

Sealing himself inside his home, the shrunken Hero who was 3’7” earlier was now 2’10”. He actually had a hard time closing his door now that it was above his head. It wasn’t just because he couldn’t reach though. It felt noticeably heavier now as well. Losing so much Strength along with his size had made doing anything difficult for him.

The Hero tried to calm down and assess his situation while in the living room of his home. To think that he had been overwhelmed by a villager girl… Every time he fell to temptation, he got weaker, but it wasn’t just his height. His level and his status were reducing along with it. This made it even harder for him to resist any temptress.

[Hero Lv47 Heroic Swordsman]

Height: 2’10"

Strength: 18

Endurance: 16

Agility: 17

The Hero shuddered to think what Leona might do if she returned. After shrinking a second time, he was level 47 now - was roughly half of his previous level. Level wasn’t his main concern though. It was his Strength stat which was 18 now. A young villager farmer girl had a strength of 33. Even a small village child had at least 20 Strength. That meant that he was weaker than a small child now despite being the size of one.


“Waaaah! No!”

A loud crash and a scream outside of the Hero’s home caught his attention. Despite his concerns about his weakness, the Hero was a Hero for a reason. Hearing the panicked shout, he leapt into action, rushing to the door. Although he had to jump up to properly pull it, he was still tall enough to do so.

“What happe- Mgfhf?!” he shouted as he opened the door. When he opened it and ran out, though, he ended up slamming into a pair of legs almost taller than him. A white ball of fluff brushed against his nose when his head dashed into a sizable butt.

“Hwah?! What in the-?” The owner of those legs and butt stopped bending over and turned around. The Hero reflexively took a step back, actually intimidated by the 5’8” girl looming over him. She was exactly twice his height… actually more because the soles of her knee-high boots were an inch thick.

“Is that… Syl?” The Hero recognized the girl from her fluffy tail and her long ears. She was the only rabbit beastkin girl in the village - the florist, Syl. 

“Huh? How do you know me little bo… Wait, are you… Mister Hero?” Syl took a moment to recognize him now that she was shorter than the length of her legs. “What happened? You sure don’t look like a hero who defeated a demon lord anymore. You look… cute?“

“It’s… a long story,” he chose not to explain and hid behind the edge of the door nervously. He tried to steer the conversation away from anything that could result in Syl learning about or trigger his fetish. “Actually, I should be asking you the same question. What was that scream?”

“Ah…” sheepishly, the rabbit girl avoided eye contact; however, it was clear from the mess behind her what had happened. “I… may have ended up dropping the vase of flowers I was delivering to you as a gift…”

“Typical Syl... You ARE going to clean that up, right?” the Hero chuckled, pointing at the broken pottery shards littered all over the grass. He knew Syl’s clumsy disposition well because her flower shop was literally right in front of his home and he always heard whenever she fell.

“... Yes… I’m sorry,” Syl’s ears drooped from her mood. “Can I borrow a dustpan and broom?”

“Sure. It’s in the kitchen,” the Hero allowed the florist girl into his home. This was typical of Syl. The rabbit girl was very clumsy, often dropping things, breaking things, and losing things. It was amazing enough that she was able to manage her flower shop on her own. Actually, he recalled that the town blacksmith’s daughter and the town’s librarian who were her friends often had to clean up her messes for her.

Allowing another woman into his home after it had been proven that he was weaker than a villager unnerved the Hero, but as long as he didn’t fall to temptation, the curse wouldn’t activate. If he kept his distance, he’d be fine. Also, considering it was clumsy Syl, the Hero believed there would be no way she’d tempt him.


… He did have some reservations about Syl’s boots, though. She had slipped them off upon walking in. A thought crossed his mind, wondering how it smelled.


“Gwaah! S-Sorry!” Before he could act on his own thoughts, Syl shouted from the kitchen, having dropped several steel pots and pans off of their place on the shelves. That allowed the Hero to regain his composure. Her clumsiness triggered his protective instincts as a Hero more than his preferences as a man, so he believed that Syl would be safe to be around.

…However, he was greatly underestimating Syl’s clumsiness. 

“Okay~! I’m all done-Wah! Uwawawaaaaa!” After she finished cleaning up all of her messes, the rabbit girl hopped towards him to announce the good news, however, she suddenly slipped on a rug.



Before the 2’10” Hero could react, the 5’8” rabbit girl’s long legs slammed into him. Her thighs squeezed together, clamping his head the moment she fell and taking him down along with her. The hero ended up staring up at the ceiling with both of Syl’s thighs flanking his head on both sides while Syl ended up landing on her butt, her legs sprawled on top of the Hero.

“Ouch. Ouch. Ouch… S-Sorry, I fell again,” Syl apologized, wincing from the impact. As she did, her legs moved and her feet ended up planted above the Hero’s crotch.

“Mgfhuh?” The Hero stiffened up in more ways than one when he realized where Syl’s feet were touching. 

Syl immediately felt his reaction. “Hm? Why does it feel like something’s poking at- Ah… I see…”

“Syl, get off!” he demanded, not wanting to initiate the curse, but it was already too late. He struggled to get up, but even if he wanted to break free, her legs alone were so heavy that he couldn’t push them off.


“Don’t struggle… It feels good, doesn’t it?”

It did. He couldn’t deny the curse’s words. His erection became even more obvious as Syl moved both of her feet onto the bulge in the Hero’s pants.

“I remembered Peony telling me about how much you liked feet, but I thought she was just joking. Did you really get excited because my feet are on top of you like this?” Syl was blushing, but she was not embarrassed. In fact, her face had the expression of a woman who was struggling to hold back her smile. She took it as a compliment. “Well, I HAVE heard that a Rabbit’s Foot is a very desirable thing.”

The Hero had thought that Syl would be safe to be around, but he had forgotten that she was a rabbit girl. Rabbits were a very promiscuous species.


“Let’s get this off to make things easier!” Syl leaned forward and undid his pants, allowing her feet to slide down his legs to pull it down, exposing his erect penis poking out of his underwear. Happily, she surrounded it with both of her feet. Because he was half of her size, the fact that his erection was half the height of her soles made her giggle. “Hehehe! I never did get your answer about why you’re so much shorter, but your ‘sword’ looks really adorable now, Hero.”

As insulting as it was to have his penis considered ‘adorable’, the Hero began breathing heavily. The caress of the rabbit girl’s soles around his erect member was mind-numbing. The curse weakened him to temptations, but that also meant that the temptation of Syl’s feet were greatly effective on him.

“Haaah…! Haaah…!”

“Oh? You’re so excited. I wonder if I can make you cum with just my feet then,” Syl licked her lips. It was as if she had a sudden change in personality, but in truth, it was just her rabbit instincts kicking in. Both of her feet sandwiched his cock and covered it entirely. Immediately, she began stroking his dick with both of her soles.

“H-Hwah! A-Ah! Ah! ... Ha-Haaaah!” the Hero moaned as Syl got to work. Syl may have been a clumsy girl normally, but in terms of sexual activities, she was incredibly proficient. 


“Hngh?!” The Hero released his load in no time at all, and unfortunately for him, that meant he was going to shrink again. Syl’s legs felt heavier while her feet got bigger as he shrank from 2’10” to 2’6”. 4 inches may not sound like much, but it made Syl’s movements even more pronounced.

“So fast! You’re a bit of a quickshot, Sir Hero. Come on, you can last longer, can’t you?” Syl giggled. She was not going to let him rest despite the fact that he was literally dwindling down beneath her. The Hero’s level dropped down to 41 while his strength became 12. He was no stronger than a baby now, but his shrinking still wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

“Hngh! Hw-Hwoaaah!”


Syl made him climax again, milking the Hero of his semen which actually never shot out above her foot. He had shrunken so small that his penis was hidden between her soles, and it only sprayed those soles, unable to fly out anywhere else.

“Ugnh… No… Wait…” The Hero shouted, activating his appraisal skill as he shrank again, going from 2’6” to 2’ exactly.

[Hero Lv33 Heroic Swordsman/Adventurer]

Height: 2’0"

Strength: 7

Endurance: 5

Agility: 6

[Syl Lv21 Florist/Villager]

Height: 5’8"

Strength: 30

Endurance: 32

Agility: 31

At Level 33, he was one-third of his original height and level now, but his over 200 Strength had plummeted down to only 7 now. Not even a newborn had stats lower than 10. He was now completely at Syl’s mercy, and the Level 21 Villager girl seemed to be even more overwhelming than a Level 60 dragon.

“Fufufu… So easy. You’re really making me hot, Hero,” giggled Syl. She was having a lot of fun playing around with the Hero’s shrinking cock with her feet. However, he had shrunken enough now that the length of her feet covered half of his body. She stirred from her aroused state to remark her own surprise. “Huh? My feet are almost just as big as you now.”

“... They are… Haaah… Haaah…” the Hero tried to catch his breath now that Syl stopped rubbing his ‘sword’. “Can you get off now?”

“Get off…?” Syl blinked. It took her a moment to process his words, but she eventually realized what she had been doing. It sure was something to see a rabbit girl’s ears turn as red as the rest of her face as her embarrassment took over. “Wait… Did I just…”

Promptly, Syl stood up, freeing the Hero from her body. And then… With the high speed of a rabbit, she ran.


Part 5: Blacksmith Mia & Librarian Ettie (2’  → 1’ 4”)

Although the Hero was told to forget everything, it was not possible for him to do that when she had left him the ‘present’ of being 2’ tall. He had been brought down to a third of his original height because the normally safe and clumsy rabbit florist had succumbed to her own instincts.

“So this is what they mean when they say that rabbits have a powerful sex drive,” the Hero groaned while wandering his house pantsless. He had gotten too small to wear them anymore after Syl had made him ejaculate and shrink, they were now too big for him. His shirt was just dragging across the ground while he wore it like a dress. While it reduced his movement doing so, he preferred this over being naked.

That wasn’t the only thing that was too big for him either. The door to the Hero’s house was still wide open. He wanted to close the door, but with only 7 Strength, it was far too bulky for him to easily shut it.  This, along with his weakened state, actually unnerved the Hero who did not enjoy the feeling of being so defenseless in his own home.

He had every reason to be too.


“Hey, Hero. Did you do something to Syl? We saw her running out of your house,” a brash voice shouted into his home. A tanned young woman holding a sheathed sword kicked the door so hard that it slammed into the wall with a powerful thud. She was not alone either.

“We? I was the one who saw. You were too focused on the Hero’s sword earlier,” A much more composed voice belonging to a bespectacled young woman of the same age spoke. 

“Says the woman who had her nose buried in a book. I’m pretty sure you were the one who didn’t see what happened properly, Ettie.”

“Are you calling me a liar, Mia?”

After intruding into the Hero’s home, the two young ladies engaged in a glaring contest. The Hero grimaced, somewhat thankful for his small size because the two of them hadn’t spotted him behind the comfy chair in his living space. The blacksmith’s daughter, Mia, and the town’s librarian, Ettie, were Syl’s friends, but they were also known for their constant rivalry that nobody wanted to get in between. 

“Tch. Whatever. Where is the Hero anyways?” Mia clicked her tongue and propped the sword she had brought against a wall. “Hey, Mister ‘Saved our Kingdom’, your sword’s maintenance is all done.”


“Is he not here? The door was ajar earlier, so I assumed he was,” Ettie glanced around. “He couldn’t have left so suddenly after Syl ran out, right?”

“..........” The Hero remained silent. If the two of them thought he wasn’t around, they would just leave.

Unfortunately, neither Mia nor Ettie were going to leave. Additionally, the difference in their perspectives worked to their advantage and his disadvantage. He could not see over the chairs and tables inside his own home, but the 5’7” Mia and 5’6” Ettie had a clear view of his living room.


“Wait, what’s that?” Mia asked. Because she was over 15’ tall from his perspective, her footsteps felt heavy to the Hero as she approached. Hoping she hadn’t actually spotted him, the Hero pressed his back against the chair to try to stay hidden. That was useless again Mia who simply leaned over the chair and looked down.

“Huh? What are- Is that a person?”

“Tch,” the Hero clicked his tongue and leapt away as Mia tried to reach down to grab him.

“Hey, get back here!” 

The Hero ran, trying to get as far away from the tan blacksmith girl as quickly as he could. His speed, however, was dependent on his Agility and his running stride, neither of which were comparable to either of the villager girls. Three of his steps were one of Mia’s… or maybe 5 considering he was struggling with his enormous shirt. And when it came to their Agility stats, his 9 Agility paled in comparison to Mia’s 30 or even Ettie’s 26.


“Got you!” Ettie effortlessly approached him from behind and grabbed him out of his clothes. She lifted him up off his feet like a stuffed toy. The fact that he hadn’t been able to outspeed even a sedentary librarian revealed how slow he had become due to his size. “I got it…uh  wait, him? I got HIM?”

“What? Whoa. It really is the Hero,” Mia was just as surprised to see the 2’ tall Hero. “What happened to you? Why are you so short and naked?”

“Hngfk! Let go!” The Hero didn’t answer. He was more preoccupied with trying to break free of Ettie’s grasp, but the librarian’s fingers were too strong for him to break out of.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Ettie tightened her grip on him even though she did not actually need to. Doing so squeezed the air out of the Hero’s lungs. “Mia, I think Syl used a self-defense item on him. I’ve read some books about it before. I didn’t think Syl had one, but that must be why he’s like this.”

“Self defense? So he tried to take advantage of Syl? What kind of Hero does that?” Mia scowled, believing Ettie’s words.

“Wait, that’s a misunderstanding!” The Hero tried to defend his reputation. “She’s the one who assaulted me.”

“Syl? Assault someone? Don’t lie,” Mia growled, not believing him.

To his surprise, Ettie actually believed him. “No… It might actually be possible, Mia. You know how she gets when her instincts take over…”

“That’s exactly what happened,” the Hero affirmed. His shouts were seemingly ignored as Mia continued focusing on her conversation partner, Ettie.

“Eh? But he’s the Hero, isn’t he? Isn’t he strong enough to fight back?”

“Maybe he didn’t want to fight back. Syl’s a pretty girl after all.”

“Well, I won’t deny that Syl’s a beauty…” Mia relented. “My bad, Hero. I guess I was getting a bit hot headed.”

“You’re always hot-heated, Mia.”

“Shut up, Ettie,” the blacksmith girl snarled at Ettie’s quip. She was curious about something, though, so she approached the Hero. “Hey, Hero. Which part of Syl did you like the most?” 

“Huh?” The Hero was surprised at Mia’s question.

“You’re just going to ask him upfront, Mia? Well, I guess I’d like to make a note of this too,” Ettie wasn’t against learning the Hero’s preferences.

“...” The Hero closed his mouth. If he told them, it would be risky. However, it was not possible for him to keep his mouth shut.


“Say it… They’ll understand…”

“... Her feet. Her technique with her feet was amazing…,” the curse put his thoughts into words for him.

To make his statement seem more honest, the curse gave him an erection. Because he was being held between both girls without pants, the blacksmith and librarian saw it immediately and couldn’t help staring at it.

“W-Why are you getting so hard?” Mia looked away with a red face. However, she was not angry about it, just flustered. In fact, she voiced her own thoughts in a mumble. “Feet? ... I take care of mine after working on the forge, but can they really compare to Syl’s…?

“... Ahem… That sure is a specific preference…,” Ettie coughed with a blush. Silently, she mumbled. “I’ve read up on foot services before… Can I maybe…”

The two girls heard their own side remarks, though, and started to glare at each other again.

“So you’re finally being honest with yourself? That’s a surprise, Mia.”

“What kind of dirty books are you reading in that library, Ettie? Have you been fantasizing about him in your room every time you read them?”

“Shut up. You’re thinking of taking advantage of this, aren’t you?”

“As if you also aren’t thinking the same thing.”

“Ladies?” The Hero was unsure why the two girls suddenly started acting meek, but even though he (and his penis) was smaller, he was still a man they had been attracted to before he became a Hero. Now that they had witnessed his erection and learned of his tastes, they both wondered if they had a chance.

Ettie walked over to his sofa and lowered him down onto the floor, but the Hero was not relieved as he saw Mia head over to the door of his house to close it. Additionally, both ladies started to slip off their shoes - Ettie revealing her white pantyhose and Mia revealing her sweaty bare feet. Both girls took a seat on opposite chairs and kicked their feet out onto the footrests.

“Hey, Hero,” “Which of ours do you like more?” The girls finished each other’s sentences. They were rivals in everything including love, and the Hero was now being forced into their rivalry as the two of them were vying for his affections.

Being a Hero earned in the affections of way too many women, and while this was something he would normally enjoy, his curse was making this blessing into a miserable trial for him to try and survive.


“Go forth… Judge for yourself…”

The Hero could not fight the curse. The sight of both girls propping their feet up just for him was too strong of a temptation for someone with his fetish to endure, especially when all four feet were each half the size of his body.


The Hero felt compelled to step forward. He went right first to Mia. Her bare feet, which had been in her boots when she had previously been working in the fiery forge of the smithy, was covered in sweat. The pungent smell called him. Almost as if he was under hypnosis, he pressed his face and body into Mia’s left foot. The blacksmith girl tilted her right foot and pulled it back, locking him against her sole.

“Looks like he picked me,” Mia proudly boasted while flushed red. “T-They, might stink a bit because of how sweaty I get working next to a fire, but if you like it so much, Hero, take a good whiff, alright?”

Sniiiiff! Lick! Lick!

The Hero did more than just breathe in the odor of Mia’s foot. He licked her sweat, rubbed his body against her sole and started rubbing his crotch against her sole. 

“Hmph. No fair,” Ettie pushed up her glasses and pouted. She was not one to enjoy losing to Mia. “Hero, you have to try both of our feet to compare, you know.”

Ettie’s seat was close enough to Mia’s that she could easily reach the Hero. Her white pantyhose clad feet pried Mia’s right foot off of his back and then sandwiched his body. She pulled in towards her and did the exact same thing as Mia except mirrored, pinning him to her right foot using her left foot.

Sniiiiff! Lick! Lick!

The Hero did the exact same thing as he did with Mia. Ettie’s pantyhose, however, was a fresh experience for him that day. While he would have expected a sedentary librarian like Ettie to not sweat much, Ettie was unathletic so any physical movement made her sweat a lot, and her pantyhose collected every drop of it. The damp fabric covering her leg was filled with the concentrated essence of her foot sweat.

“Haaah… Nghaaah!” The Hero hadn’t had any chance to breathe between both girls, but his arousal only grew because of it. He rubbed his penis onto Ettie’s sole, his movements getting faster and faster and he got closer to climaxing.

But climaxing would have to wait as Mia’s soles enveloped his skull and pulled him towards her.

“Hey, give him back. He likes my feet more.”

And Ettie’s pantyhose clad feet pulled him back yet again.

“No way. Clearly, he’s enjoying mine.”

“Mgfff!” The blacksmith girl and librarian fought with their feet over the 2’ tall Hero. He was sandwiched between both their feet as the rivalry grew hotter between the fire-working forger and the paper-reading book lover. Their sweats mixed and seeped into his body. The friction of Mia’s tan, bare foot on Ettie’s pantyhose clad foot generated an immense amount of heat as they rubbed into him. And the scents of their feet blended together, intensifying until finally.


The Hero finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. He climaxed between both girls’ feet, ejaculating all over Mia’s barefoot and Ettie’s white pantyhose. And with this, the curse shrank him again. The 2’ hero’s body dwindled away while still pinned between Mia and Ettie. His feet left the floor and his limbs seemed to get pulled inwards as the enormous feet surrounding him expanded and the pressure of their soles pinning him down got even stronger.

“Mgghfffghff!” The Hero’s face could no longer be seen between the girls’ soles. The entirety of his head and torso was covered by Mia’s sweaty sole and Ettie’s pantyhose. The only thing that stuck out now was his arms and legs.

He was now only 1’4” - just a bit bigger than a doll and the two arguing rivals were now 25’ tall titans to him. And with that, the formerly Level 99 Hero was now Level 21, the exact same level as Mia and Ettie, but the status difference was even more obvious now.

[Hero Lv21 Heroic Swordsman/Adventurer]

Height: 1’4"

Strength: 3

Endurance: 2

Agility: 2

[Mia Lv21 Apprentice Blacksmith/Villager]

Height: 5’7"

Strength: 34

Endurance: 31

Agility: 30

[Ettie Lv21 Librarian/Villager]

Height: 5’7"

Strength: 30

Endurance: 31

Agility: 26

If one were to appraise even just their physical stats, the girls were practically 15 times his. Because of this, their fight amongst themselves became too much for him. His Endurance was too little to handle any of their Strength. The last of his energy was squeezed out of him as the two girls’ crushed his body between their feet.

“Mgrk! Gaaaah…” The Hero’s body fell limp. His vision grew dark. The curse had made him so weak that the girls’ soles had completely overwhelmed him.

“Huh? H-Hey, Hero?”

“Uwah. Wait, we didn’t mean to-”

The panicked voices of the bickering blacksmith and librarian were the last thing he heard before he passed out. At least they finally stopped fighting with each other…

Part 6: Swordmaster Tabitha (1’4” - 10”)

Hero’s must not know defeat. That was what he had been taught by his mentor in the sword. To fulfill the prophecy of the Hero of Legend who had to slay the Demon Queen, he was told that he could never lose against an opponent even if they were stronger than him. He had succeeded at doing that. Since he took up the mantle of a Hero, no monster had ever gotten the better of him.

No monster had gotten the better of him, but the feet of two villager girls had apparently succeeded.


“Are you awake?” a woman’s voice entered the Hero’s ears as he stirred from his slumber. It was neither Mia’s nor Ettie’s. It was a gentle and firm voice, although at his scale, it sounded somewhat strong and intimidating despite its gentle tone. 

“Master?” The Hero recognized the woman seated on the chair on the opposite end of the room. A woman whose bangs covered her left eye, she had a composed and powerful aura even while sitting down, but at the same time, her gaze was passionately gentle.

“Good afternoon, my protege,” smiled his Master. Swordmaster Tabitha, the Lightning Queen, was the retired adventurer who had taught him how to fight ever since he was young. To say that she had raised him would not have been an inaccurate statement. He did not move as she stood up from her chair and walked over to the bed he had been resting on. When her shadow fell over him, he flinched. “I was waiting for you to show up ever since you returned to the village, but I never thought your naked body would be delivered to me in the arms of that bickering duo. I never expected you to be shorter than my knee either.”

“It’s been a while, Master. Sorry, I’m-”

“You’ve been shrinking thanks to all of those girl’s feet, correct? I heard as much from Mia and Ettie,” Tabitha cut him off by putting a finger to his mouth (or rather most of his face). She gazed at him gently before taking a step away, signaling for him to get up. He followed her orders, willing to follow her like a baby chick would chase after its mother.

The Hero sat up, but he realized that his feet no longer touched the floor. He had to jump off to get down onto the floor. When he did, though, he started having second thoughts. It might have been a better idea to stay on the bed.

At 1’4”, the Hero was less than a quarter of the height of his 5’9” Master. He had to look up to even see her knees despite the woman going barefoot in her own home. A level 67 former adventurer, Tabitha still looked young due to having the blood of a half-elf. With his Appraisal skill, he was able to see her status which he had admired since he was young.

[Tabitha Lv67 Swordmaster/Adventurer]

Height: 5’9”

Strength: 169

Endurance: 146

Agility: 175

He had always wanted to be like his Master, and after reaching Level 99 as a Hero, he had obtained stats comparable to her if not better. Unfortunately, with only 2’s and 3’s in his physical stats, the gap between him and his Master felt insurmountable.

“You’ve become quite small since I’ve last seen you, but your body has become rather muscular,” Tabitha observed his naked form with interest. Since he was so short, she did not use her hands to inspect his body. Instead, she used her feet, poking and prodding at his abs and pecs with her big toe.

“Mgah? M-Master?!” The Hero recoiled, flustered by the scent of sweat and soap mixed together. Had she just finished washing up after a workout? More importantly, if his Master had heard about what had happened, why was she using her feet? Just seeing a toe as large as his head directly in front of him made the Hero’s lower body shiver.

“Ah. You’ve become quite a man, haven’t you?” Tabitha grinned. “Your ‘Holy Sword’ isn’t much more than a toothpick, but it’s rather lovely to see how much my apprentice has grown… or shrunk I suppose.”

“T-This is… Master, please, I don’t need you poking fun at me right now,” the Hero took a step back hesitantly.

“Oh? You don’t? And I’ve been waiting soooo long for your return too,” his Master frowned. To the Hero’s surprise, the older woman was exaggerating her movements mockingly. 

“I-I’ve been… busy…,” the Hero made up an excuse. His face was red and flustered. He felt like a child in front of Tabitha not only because of his size but because she was the woman who had trained him and practically raised him, so it was not too far off to say she was like his mother.

“It’s been a while since you’ve returned to this village, and not once did you come to visit me,” the motherly swordswoman frowned. “Don’t tell me that you’ve been galavanting all over town having fun with other women and forgot all about your beloved Master.”

“I-I was… Uh… ” The Hero couldn’t find the right words. She wasn’t wrong.

“I was right, huh?” Tabitha sighed. “And here I thought the boy who confessed to me when he was younger would keep that promise to return to me after defeating the Demon Queen… I guess with all the young ladies vying for your affection nowadays, I’m just old news…”

“S-Sorry, Master. I was just waiting until I was strong enough to face you again,” he said, trying to come up with a different excuse.

“That’s such a bold lie coming from a Hero,” Tabitha caught his lie immediately, putting her hand on hip. The Hero took a step back in fear. “Just because this cottage is outside town doesn’t mean that I don’t know how many girls you’ve bedded since you’ve returned. I’m a little disappointed that you think so little of me.”

The Hero was being scolded like a child. However, even he was aware that this wasn’t a mother-child relationship. Tabitha was a woman. Although she was a half-elf who was much older than she looked, she was still young enough to have considered having affections for him. In fact, she was rather smitten with her apprentice in reality. She had been waiting for him to come back from his journey to fulfill the promise he made when he was younger, but he had ignored her completely. He had made her feel lonely because of that, and this was Tabitha’s method of getting back at him.

“I heard you passed out during Mia and Ettie’s scuffle earlier too. Is that true?”

The Hero did not want to admit it, but that was what had happened, and both women likely revealed it when they brought him to his Master. “I was just caught off guard because of the status difference between us. Don’t worry. I’ll be the strongest in the kingdom again once I get back to normal!”

“Are you making excuses? It sounds like you were defeated by their… feet,” Tabitha paused when she realized the pun she had made. “You always did have that preference; You and Peony both.”

“I… I’m just under the curse’s influence. I won’t fall into temptation again.”

“Temptation? Ah… So that is how the curse works.” Tabitha figured out the mechanics of the curse from the Hero’s words. “I see. So you’ve been shrinking because of all of these sexual escapades of yours. No doubt, they all involve your foot fetish.”

“U-Uh… I… Uh…” the Hero couldn’t deny that.

“You’re level 21, the same level as when you left this village. Does that mean that you’ve been defeated by temptation enough times that your size and level have been reduced to make you as weak as when you just started out? Actually, you’ve gotten even weaker because of it,” the Swordsmaster noted her apprentice’s status.

“I told you. I didn’t lose. It’s the curse’s fault.”

“Don’t you blame the curse. It’s your own discipline that’s the problem,” Tabitha raised her finger and scolded him. She was going into full-lecture mode as his mentor. “A Hero must not know defeat. How many times have you been defeated by your temptation today”

“I… Uh… Maybe 4-5 times?” The Hero tried to remember how many times he had been shrunken after ejaculating.

“4-5 times? … That many women too?” Tabitha frowned. “... I was right that the promise you made to your Master is nothing but an afterthought to you now.”

Seeing his Master’s melancholic look, the Hero tried to make amends. “I do like you Master, do not misunderstand me. I apologize for not coming sooner, but can we talk about this another time? Peony went out to get a potion from her alchemy master to deal with this curse.”

“Peony’s helping out? That should be fine then. I know the Alchemy Master’s abilities,” the swordmaster vouched for the alchemist’s solution. “But no. I don’t think I’ll postpone this talk. If you truly understand my feelings, you should prove it.”

“Prove it?”

To the Hero’s dismay, the woman lifted her foot up. All of the steps he had taken to pull back from her were not enough to get even a single step away from the woman. The woman brought her foot directly in front of the Hero, twirling in a circle in front of him. “Me too. Fall into temptation with me too.”

“Uh… Master… I don’t-” The Hero tried to resist. He was certain that the curse’s voice was going to whisper into his ears soon. His Master’s foot within arm’s reach was utterly hypnotic.

Unfortunately for the Hero, even if he wanted to resist the curse, he had said the wrong thing. Upon hearing his refusal of her confession, Tabitha’s frown deepened. She shook her head. “It sounds like you require another bit of instruction from your Master. I’ll train you until you understand my feelings.”

“T-train? Now? Master, what are yo- Mgfff?!” The Hero stuttered. Tabitha took advantage of his moment of hesitance, raised her foot, and pressed it into the Hero’s face right when he blinked. He did not see it coming and was caught off guard. She effortlessly shoved him down onto the floor of her bedroom.

“What do you think? Compared to all of those village girls, this is the sole of a disciplined veteran,” the swordswoman declared, rubbing her foot over the tiny Hero’s face and body.

“Mgff-Ma-ff-staffh?” He could hardly speak, but he recognized how bad this was. The heel of her barefoot covered his crotch while the ball of her foot smothered his face.

“Don’t worry. I’m buffering how much weight I apply right now,” Tabitha reassured him, feeling his body twitching under her sole. She then ordered him as though she was giving him a training regime.  “Still, I’m not going to go easy on you. How about showing you a swordmaster’s fine footwork?”

A swordsmaster’s footwork? 

“Mgfffhaa?! H-Haaah! … Ngaaah!” The Hero moaned. His Master Tabitha was known for being a fleet-footed swordswomen. That meant she knew precisely how much weight to apply to her feet to make the quietest and fastest movements. She dexterously manipulated her foot on top of his crotch, sensually stroked his penis despite the enormous size difference.

“Hngff! Nggff!” The Hero’s breathed heavily. His Master’s foot overwhelmed him. None of his struggles managed to move it even an inch. It was simply impossible with the size and stat difference between the two of them. With only 2 strength, he was probably only as strong as a rodent, and no rodent could fight back against a swordmaster even if she was not using the full weight of her foot. Additionally, since he had woken up in his Master’s home, he was completely naked, so he felt his Master’s foot directly with no clothes in the way. The feeling of his Master’s foot on top of his crotch and the scent and taste of his Master’s feet, which seemed to be covered in sweat after a day of training, were intense at his size. 

Despite how many times he had come that day, he could not stop his own erection.

“Hm?” His Master felt his tiny penis poking against the sole of her foot. A small smile appeared on her face. “So you’ve finally unsheathed your ‘sword’. I’m glad to see that you’re thinking of me in that light… Or is it just my foot that’s exciting you?”

His Master actually wanted him to fall into temptation, and unfortunately, he couldn’t help it, not when Tabitha’s foot was over half the size of his body. The former legendary swordwoman’s technique was too skillful.

With his Master’s passionate footplay on his shrunken body, the Hero could no longer resist the curse. The whispering voice in the back of his head spoke up.


“You are weak… Know your place…”

The curse fogged up his thoughts again. Weak? Certainly, he was weak now. His Master was an incredible person he had admired since he was young. Now, that admirable woman was showing him her love, but at his size, that love was overwhelming. She was like a storm - a powerful force he could not understand.

[Relative Appraisal learned]

While his mind was in a daze, the Hero somehow unlocked another skill. Learning skills so easily was the boon of being a Hero. In times of crises, one would appear to help him with his situation. This time, the skill came to help him understand his towering Master’s sheer power, but the skill’s effect caught the shrunken Hero off guard. The numbers he had seen earlier when he appraised his Master changed.

[Tabitha Lv67 (4288) Swordmaster/Adventurer]

Height: 5’9” (25’11”)

Strength: 169 (10816)

Endurance: 146 (9344)

Agility: 175 (11200)

Other numbers appeared next to his Master’s normal ones, and these values had skyrocketed past what could be possible. Was this what her stats looked like compared to him? Just her foot alone would be able to defeat the Demon Queen.

“Hm? You stopped moving?” Tabitha noticed that he had frozen up. She slid her foot downwards slightly so that her toes were above his head. She purposefully spread her toes around his skull so that she could see his face and he could see her looking down at him. “A Hero should never admit defeat. Don’t just go limp on me before we’ve reached the climax. Come on, my apprentice. You’ve been defending all of this time. Go on the offensive! Show me your passion!”

Show his passion? How could he do that against someone as powerful as his Master? He couldn’t even move.


“See how weak you are…? The weak must worship the strong…”


The hero mumbled, repeating what the curse had said. Worshiping meant showing reverence to a greater being. His Master wasn’t a greater being. She was just his Master… Right?

With his head between her toes and his body pinned down, all the Hero could do was look up and up and up. His Master’s status was hundreds of times greater than even the Demon Queen who had the power to threaten the entire world. If someone was that powerful, could you really call her a normal human being?

“She’s like… a Goddess…” The Hero concluded. The curse was right. To show his passion to his Master who was gracing him with her powerful foot, he had to return her affection properly. 

Putting his face to the toes as big as his head, he began to kiss them.


“Oh my, did you just kiss my foot?” Tabitha recognized the tiny Hero’s actions.

Kiss. Kiss.

“Hm? Are you still going? ” To her surprise, the Hero did not stop. He continued kissing her toes. At the same time, his erect penis beneath the heel of her foot started pressing into it more as he started struggling not to escape but to rub his lower body into it.

“A-Ah… I did say that I wanted you to fall into temptation. H-Hyah! I didn’t think my feet would be this ticklish…!” the half-elf swordmaster winced. The Hero was much more capable than she expected, but she also had far fewer defenses than she thought she had. Her feet were so sensitive that she could feel the Hero grinding against her sole and kissing her. 

Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

“Hnngfh! … H-Haah! Hwaaah!”


The Hero ejaculated all over the bottom of his Master’s bare foot. Immediately when he did, his body shrank again, disappearing beneath the woman. Because of this, every part of the Hero’s body was buried under her sole, pinned under a ceiling of foot flesh.

It took a moment for Tabitha to regain her composure. She pulled her foot off of him, setting the shrunken Hero free. To her astonishment, he was now only 10” tall - a doll sized man smaller than her 11” foot. 

“Haaah… Haaah…”

“Hwa… Wow. You really did it,” she blushed. The Hero had shown her the proof she had wanted in the form of the white stains on her sole.

Her astonishment did not end there though. The second the shrunken Hero was free, he stood up but then prostrated in front of her foot and started kissing her big toe. “Huh? Hero? What are you doing?”

“Showing my love… to an almighty Goddess…” the Hero mumbled, answering Tabitha between kisses. Actually, he started licking his Master’s foot as well. He did whatever he could that could be considered worshiping a greater being. “I’m nothing… before such a powerful Goddess…”

“Goddess? I wanted you to fall for me, but not like this,” Tabitha was at a loss of what she could do for the tiny shrunken man worshiping her and kissing her foot. “I’m your Master, not your Goddess.”

Although she said that, the difference between the two of them had grown even more now that the Hero had shrunken to 10” tall. The Hero could clearly see that with his Appraisal skill.

[Hero Lv18 Heroic Swordsman/Adventurer]

Height: 0’10"

Strength: 2

Endurance: 1

Agility: 2

[Tabitha Lv67 (25058) Swordmaster/Adventurer]

Height: 5’9” (41’5”)

Strength: 169 (63206)

Endurance: 146 (54494)

Agility: 175 (65318)

He had shrunken down to such an insignificant stature compared to his Master that the curse’s hold on him had gotten too strong. The Hero had broken down, and there was nothing she could do to fix him.


“Where’s the Hero? I’m back!”

Thankfully for Tabitha, the solution arrived. What a swordmaster couldn’t do, an alchemist could. Barging into Tabitha’s home, Peony had finally returned.

Part 7: Epilogue

“Peony, thanks for the potions.”

“No problem. Just make sure your sister takes the proper dosage. It’s one per day.”

“You’re a miracle worker, Little Lady. You sure do know a lot about potions.”

“Hey, don’t call me little! But well, thanks for the compliment. I’m not a full-time apothecary, but I did learn from the best. My Master’s the smartest woman out there.”

A month had passed since Peony returned with a potion to quell the Demon Queen’s curse. The 5’ tall alchemist Peony had increased her renown as an alchemist greatly thanks to her Master’s willingness to teach her how to craft so many different potions.

“I should be grateful that my Master just tossed me her book after I told her about the Hero’s curse,” Peony giggled. Thanks to an Energy Potion that was written in the book, her droopy eyes were gone. She had perked up a bunch, though that may have also been because her atelier was seeing a lot more traffic now in their little village. Actually, she had won over a merchant with her wares so she would soon be making even more profits. “Looks like my Appraisal skill leveled up with all of my hard work as well. What does that look like?”

[Peony Lv 33]

Height: 5’0”

Strength: 61

Endurance: 65

Agility: 63

“So I can see my physical stats now just like the Hero can. Not bad,” Peony smiled. “I guess the person I should be more thankful for getting me to level up so many times in one month is everyone’s beloved Hero.”

What had happened to the Hero? After she had run off to her Master, the Hero had fallen to temptation numerous times to several of the villagers until he ended up shrunken to a 10” tiny doll under his sword mentor’s foot. When she came back, he was worshiping Swordmaster Tabitha as if she were a Goddess and kissing her feet. Could a potion made with her Master honestly fix him?

Ring. Ring.

“Ah. Speak of the devil, I mean, devil killer,” Peony remarked as someone entered through the back door of her atelier. She knew exactly who it was without even turning around.

“P-Peony… I need it again…” the Hero called her name. He was clenching his fist and teeth, trying to endure the curse.

“Of course. I’m coming. I’m coming,” the alchemist took her time to grab a pre-prepared potion from beneath her desk and sauntered into the back of her atelier where a 4’2” Hero struggling to hold his pants up was waiting. With her new skill, she was able to see his status more clearly. 

[Hero Lv68 Heroic Swordsman/Adventurer]

Height: 4’2”

Strength: 63

Endurance: 59


“Hm? You’re over twice my level, but my stats are actually higher? The Hero class is quite pathetic, isn’t it?” Peony joked with a giggle.

“Not funny. Can you please use the potion now?” frowned the Hero as he continued to dwindle. Unfortunately for him, the curse was still active. Considering how powerful the Demon Queen’s magic was even after her defeat, even a famous alchemist like her Master did not know of a permanent method to dispel it. All her potion could do was undo its effects temporarily for the duration of the potion.

That was why the Peony was behaving so casually. The potions lasted only a week and the Hero had to get another one again after, meaning that they had been doing this for several weeks now.

“Looks like you ran over here in time. I told you last week to make sure you get here before sunset, didn’t I?” Peony giggled as she put her hand on top of the now 2’11” tall Hero’s head. With her opposite hand, she grabbed his arm and pulled it up, forcing him to drop his pants onto the floor. She was having fun seeing the Hero’s stats and level decrease right in front of her eyes using her new skill.

[Hero Lv46 Heroic Swordsman/Adventurer]

Height: 2’11”

Strength: 22

Endurance: 19

Agility: 20

The Hero was continuously shrinking this time instead of shrinking every time he fell into temptation. The reason why was because he had already fallen into temptation and shrunken before. The effects of the potion wearing off simply meant that he was going to go back down to the miniscule state he was in before the potion was applied.

“I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to arrive on time next time,” the Hero looked up at the towering 5’ woman from his height of 1’6”. Rather than a confident Hero, he looked more like a submissive child who had just gotten scolded. Checking his status again, Peony noted how quickly his strength declined.

[Hero Lv25 Heroic Swordsman/Adventurer]

Height: 1’6”

Strength: 5

Endurance: 3

Agility: 4

Peony pulled up her favorite armchair and took a seat in it. Purposefully, she slowly unlaced her boots and slipped off her socks. He was unable to close his mouth at the sight of the ‘short’ alchemist confidently crossing her legs as she towered over him to the point where her shadow covered him.

“So, are you ready for your potion?” Peony asked the Hero who had finally shrunken down to 8”. He stood in the center of his pile of clothes which did not shrink with him. She giggled seeing that there was something else that didn’t so much shrink as it did grow: his penis. He was clearly aroused by the sight she was giving him. “You sure have shrunken down tiny~!”

[Hero Lv16 Heroic Swordsman/Adventurer]

Height: 0’8”

Strength: 2

Endurance: 1

Agility: 1

That was what Peony was seeing, but what was the Hero seeing? Now that the potion that temporarily disabled his curse had worn off, his [Relative Appraisal] skill activated again. The person he recognized as Peony earlier started to become distorted.

[Peony Lv33 (2112) Alchemist/Villager]

Height: 5’0” (45’0”)

Strength: 61(44469)

Endurance: 65(47385)

Agility: 63(459527)

“S-She’s even more powerful than last week…?”

“More powerful? Well I did just level up a bunch, Hero,” Peony was unaware of the numbers he was seeing, but she was aware of how miniscule his numbers were. “Though the main reason you must be surprised is because you’ve gotten smaller again. Last week you were 9” tall.”


Immediately after he had that thought, the whispers of the Demon Queen’s curse entered his mind again.

“... They will continue to grow strong while you will shrink and get weaker… Understand your place… Obey your new Queen… Your new Goddess”

Obey a Queen? A Goddess? Peony? The armchair she was seated in looked like a towering throne to him. And the way her voice boomed overhead highlighted the authority she held over him. Certainly, he was somebody beneath her as she loomed over him and lorded a pair of feet larger than him over his head.

“A Goddess? No… It’s just Peony,” The Hero believed. He was not under the curse’s mental effects when he said this. He was getting more acclimated to the curse thanks to the potion, so he was starting to be able to resist its mental pollution.

However, although he was able to resist the mental aspect of his curse, there were other things he couldn’t not resist.


“A Goddess?” Peony only heard the first two words because the Hero’s tiny voice was too soft. “Aww. I rather like that title, Hero. I suppose I am pretty powerful compared to you when you’re in this state.”

“No, I said that you aren’t one-,” the Hero shouted, but Peony liked the title so much that she silenced him with a slam of her foot.


A physical strike with the backing of nearly 40000 Strength points shook the ground, sending the Hero off his feet and onto his knees.

“I think the title is pretty fitting. If you want me to call me whenever we have these sessions, I don’t mind it, Hero,” Peony giggled while holding out the potion bottle. “Still, it’s good to hear that you’re resisting calling me one. That means your body is accepting the potion after all of the previous times we’ve done this. Also, the fact that you only shrunk 1” more since last week shows that we’re making progress in weakening the curse. You might actually be cured some day.”


Drip. Drip.

Peony opened the potion bottle and poured it all over her bare feet. There was a reason why the Hero always had to come to her atelier every week instead of just purchasing multiple potions to drink every time the effects wore off.

“To suppress the effects of the curse, I must maximize its effects while enveloping the cursed area with the potion. Only then will the liquid recognize the curse and reverse its effects,” Peony recalled what her Master had told her about how to use the potion. It made her laugh as her feet descended upon the miniscule Hero. Maximizing the effects of the curse meant she had to make the Hero fall into temptation again, which meant he was going to have to ejaculate by her feet again too. “All of our usual foot jobs were just practice for this, don’t you think, Hero?”

Instead of giving the Hero’s penis a foot job, her soles enveloped his entire body. She happily played with him, rubbing every inch of him with her potion soaked feet, smothering his face between her toes, and sandwiching him between her soles while she rubbed his body between her soles fervently.

“Hnggh! H-Haaah…!” The Hero’s penis was hard as can be as he was enveloped between Peony’s feet. His arms and legs reflectively tried to defend by trying to push Peony away, but both of her feet were too much.

The Strength of Peony’s feet was over a thousand times greater than his. They threatened the flatten him if Peony wasn’t careful. Their endurance was just as immense. Any pushing, shoving, or struggling he wanted to do was nullified by soles that would not budge against him. And their agility was so high that Peony’s feet swiftly moved around him, smothering him without giving him enough time to react before they moved elsewhere on his body.

All of those times she covered her feet in aphrodisiac and pleasured the Hero had meaning. Perhaps this was fate, though no oracle would ever dare to announce this as a prophecy.

The entire time, the shrunken warrior had a look of ecstasy on his face. Peony did as well. She relished the fact that she had full control over the Hero and his desires. He needed her to grow back and live in society again, and whenever he was tiny, she was an almighty being who he could never stand up against. 

The purpose of the curse was to weaken the Hero until he was at the mercy of the ones he sought to protect, and it had finally come to be as he let out one last heroic load.



[Hero Lv10 Foot Toy]

Height: 0’6”

Strength: 1

Endurance: 1

Agility: 1

The Hero’s class distorted right in front of Peony’s eyes. While he would return to his normal size soon and get to live normally for a week, whenever the potion wore off and he dwindled back to his actual cursed size, he would become hers. As long as the curse was still on him, he would be nothing more than her foot toy.

… Well, she’d be able to cure him eventually.

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