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Author's Chapter Notes:
Fall of Trysa http://emmagear.deviantart.com/gallery/26526418#/d2f3pxq
"Christmas on a tropical island. I like taking vacations as much as the next person but does it always have to be some fancy island?"

"Honestly Jessica, if you're going to keep whining we should have just left you back in New York where it's dreadfully cold."

"Hmph, probably would've been better if Christmas, you know, FELT like Christmas"

"Hush now, that's just silly talk."

Jessica sighed in defeat. Another hopeless argument she couldn't hope to win against her close minded parents. Sure, being wealthy is great, but does it matter if you never experience new things?

Still, she had her one happy memory. A memory of a vacation, not unlike the one she was currently on. A memory of a tiny civilization discovered behind, of all things, a fake bit of greenery. She had her fun with the micro world and invited her friends to join in ensuring that it was all gone.

For months afterward, she thoroughly checked every patch of trees, every unusual sandbar, even every unusually shaped rock to see if there was any more to the world in miniature she had found, seen, and conquered.

But, a memory is just a memory, and it was beginning to fade as no hint of anything else had made itself apparent, and now she just wanted to return to a normal life and a more traditional Christmas.

Jessica looked out over the bit of rock and small patch of trees at one end of the island. As familiar as it was to her, she had been disappointed far too many times to get her hopes up by checking.

Still, she thought as she lay back onto the soft sand and let the sun beat on her some more. What if this was the one, what if there were only two micro settlements in the world and she had just taken a look at the other?

The soft sand proved to be more comfortable than Jessica believed it would be and she didn't want to leave her comfortable position to pursue something that would likely not be there at all.

Still, part of her brain insisted she check anyway, and Jessica gave in.

Taking off her sunglasses, she stood and walked to the small rock and tree cluster near her sunbathing spot, away from her parents. It didn't take long as she stepped slowly towards the rocks and put her feet down gently, hoping beyond hope that she'd find some crunchy city underfoot.

The hard, unyielding rock confirmed that her hopes were not to be granted this time, and she walked back, annoyed more than anything that she gave in to her base desires.

Arriving back at her towel she lay down and closed her eyes, trying to wipe her memories of this tropical paradise from her mind and forget she had ever come.

Seeing it wasn't working, she stood again and decided she needed to go for a walk. The only thing she knew was that she wanted to be as far away from the rock and tree cluster as she could get. The sand on the opposite end of the looked more firm and far less inviting than where she had just lay.


She stepped onto the firmer sand and almost lost her balance. The ground definitely was forgiving, and crunchier than it seemed. The texture was familiar.

Excited, Jessica leaned back and confirmed her suspicions. Her right foot disappeared in midair, the bit of dirty sand was operating like the patch of trees she had seen a year ago to cover it. Leaning forward revealed another city, not as big as the first but just aas densely populated.

In the incredibly tiny city, panic spread like wildfire as several thousand lives were wiped out in an instant beneath the shapely barefoot of an incredibly massive woman. One man in particular, almost had a heart attack right then and there.

He was the former president of Trysa, the city that had been demolished by a similar attack of a giantess of extraordinary size. He had shamefully fled, bringing with him only the most important people and leaving behind millions to die.

He twisted his story upon arriving in this new city to make himself out to be a hero. Said he had barely escaped with his life and he was angry at himself every day for not being able to save anyone else.

His words had drawn a lot of attention to him and his exploits. He made himself out to be some kind of international hero, and he was revered by many as such. The city of Atlon looked up to this former president in his time of need and supplied him with anything he would ever need. He lived a life of luxury and never received any bit of punishment for his crimes against Trysa and its inhabitants.

Until he found himself between two incredibly huge toes of the same giantess that had conquered his first home.

No amount of cowardice would save him this time. There was absolutely no chance of survival and as the toes clenched together, atomizing everything unfortunate enough to be caught between them, he died with no regrets.

Jessice scrunched and unscrunched her toes in excitement. Another city that would be feeling her wrath, and she couldn't wait to begin. She placed her foot in the middle of a heavily populated area and waited for what seemed like a full minute before all movement between her toes stopped.

Lifting her foot onto the toes, she twisted back and forth, ensuring the deaths of thousands more. There was no feeling like it, and she hoped there'd be many more in her future.

For the citizens of Atlon, a future not unlike Trysa's was rapidly approaching, and they knew it. There would be no time to mobilize any type of escape vessel, the giantess was simply too large to do anything about.

Stomping about nonchalantly, Jessica began to consider apologizing to her parents. If they didn't constantly spend time in vacations like this, she'd never get to experience this again.

Stomping into a densely populated area and actually feeling the people burst beneath her was something she just had to feel again. That much she was sure of.
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