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Author's Chapter Notes:
10 Minute Story http://emmagear.deviantart.com/gallery/26526418#/d2q3nzb
"And here are the results of your tests..." Mrs. Locke said as she handed out pieces of paper to her students.

With each piece of paper handed out she received a sigh of relief or a small moan of despair. This continued until she reached the farthest back seat in the room, one belonging to a young man named Joey.

Small and scrawny, he had managed to develop a complex of believing he was too good for everything, be it school, friends, or in this case...

"Another failing grade, we'll need to discuss this after class Joey."

Joey was unphased as Mrs. Locke walked past him, handing out more papers to the students around him. So unphased in fact, that after Mrs. Locke's back was facing to him, he did something that would have been suicide with any other teacher.

Extending a single digit from his right hand, he gave Mrs. Locke's shapely rear end a rather forceful poke, as if determined to see if he could drive it in to the knuckle.

Feeling the rather abusive invasion of privacy, she turned and slapped Joey's hand down, her mind having just been made up on how to deal with him.

Some students are worked with to secure a more promising academic future. Others must be dealt with, if only to get them out of the school at the proper age. Mrs. Locke had a feeling Joey had just been knocked over into the third tier. Students who are to be removed from the school.

Though, unlike every other teacher on campus, Mrs. Locke had a rather unorthodox method of dealing with these special troublemakers.

Class continued as normal, and those who witnessed Joey's stunt were in awe that Mrs. Locke had done nothing.

Eventually, as always, class came to an end, the bell ringing loudly as Mrs. Locke smiled and waved the class goodbye, wishing them a happy Christmas break.

Joey joined them, apparently having forgotten about Mrs. Locke's request to see him after class, or possibly not caring. He blended into the crows of more normal sized high schoolers well due to his own short stature, though this proved to be a double edged sword as Mrs. Locke literally picked him up by the back of his shirt from the crowd and held him at face height, giving him a stern stare.

The class filed out and Mrs. Locke walked to the door, closing and locking it before returning to her desk, dropping Joey as she did so.

"Now, Joey, we need to have a talk about your grades."

"Fuck-" Joey began

This was enough for Mrs. Locke. The student was clearly beyond help and she'd make sure he didn't bother anyone else. She slapped Joey on the face fiercely, leaving a bright red handprint as she did so and almost knocking him to the floor.

While it may have looked like she knocked him out with her attack, the truth was much more extraordinary. Having slapped many a student in her day, she only did it when she knew she could get away with it. When the student would not be leaving the room to tell anyone.

Joey began to shrink quickly under Mrs. Locke's gaze. He was unconscious the entire time and wouldn't know what was coming for several minutes.

When the shrinking process was complete, he stood at exactly one inch tall. Being a math teacher, Mrs. Locke had made sure it was an exact measurement everytime. Of course, if it ever fell short or went over, she could just cut the extra length off or try and stretch the body out.

Luckily for Joey, he had shrunk to precisely one inch, leaving Mrs. Locke pleased.

Forcefully flicking him in the head, Mrs. Locke tried to bring him back into consciousness. Though he didn't respond initially, after the fourth flick he did move both of his hands to his forehead, trying to ease the pain on it.

"Oh, looks like you're awake." Mrs. Locke mused overhead.

Joey rolled around quickly and immediately noticed the massive size difference there now was between himself and his teacher. He tried to scoot back on his hands and feet but lost his balance and was again flat on the floor.

"It'd be a shame to just get rid of you now..." She thought aloud, laughing as she noticed his terrified spasm. "So, I think I'll be using you a bit first."

Reaching down she slipped her shoes off from her feet and lay back in her chair. Pushing her feet forward, she presented them to her student as if they were the most important things he would ever see.

"Now, your job is to pay the feet of your ever superior teacher the respect and love they deserve." She announced, waving her feet happily in front of Joey.

Joey was apprehensive. He no longer wanted anything to do with Mrs. Locke, much less her feet, but it didn't seem he had much of a choice. She had given him an order and it looked like he was expected to follow it.

Trudging forward, he placed his hands against the hot skin of her sole and pressed firmly, surprised at felling how much it gave beneath his puny ministrations. He moved his hands about amateurishly and pressed his face into it, hoping he was doing something right.

"You're bad at this." She said rather matter of factly. "Very bad.

Joey redoubled his efforts, slamming his entire body into the sole at once, hoping to make an impact she would deem as good, or at least satisfactory. The only problem is that he grew very tired very quickly with this method, and he stopped to take a break for a few minutes.

"Is that really the best you can do?" His teacher asked above, annoyed at his basic incompetence. "I suppose it wouldln't be a shame to just get rid of you now."

Deep down, Joey wanted to believe that Mrs. Locke wasn't capable of killing him, but when she lowered her foot and pinned him roughly to the floor his confidence was cut in half. His every attempt at movement yielded nothing, and with a quick series of cracking sounds, he lost consciousness.

Mrs. Locke wiped her sole on the carpet once before slipping her shoe back on. On her way out she made sure to turn off the light and lock the door behind her. Not once during her Christmas break did her mind wander to the student she had mercilessly disposed of.
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