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Author's Chapter Notes:

Inspirational Power Ballad http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1807

Also, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp3jda591M4

"It's a big day, wake up Stacy!"

Stacy shook her head lightly in surprise, careful not to move the rest of her body too much.

"It's a big day, I'm sure you remember!" the voice repeated.

Searching her mind for a moment, Stacy remembered what made the day important.

With a shocked start, she sat up quickly drawing a panicked shout from below.

"STACY BE MORE CAREFUL!" it shouted.

Putting her hand behind her head, Stacy smiled awkwardly. She wasn't sure she'd ever get used to the whole, "Being a Giantess" thing.

Still though, after all the damage she had inadvertently caused, she was just glad that society was willing to accept her again, even if she couldn't directly interact with people.

Most of the time anyway.

Today was an exception, it was a day Stacy had looked forward to for weeks now. After her initial growth and apology, she was declared the winner of the talent show, and was offered the chance to sing at the annual Christmas parade, which she accepted gleefully.

Today was that day.

She had been given specific orders not to close her eyes as she sang, and would not be provided with a microphone, as a precaution. Though she thought it was silly, she could understand the regular people not wanting to replicate the conditions under which she first grew.

On her request, she was left alone to get ready for her performance. Clothes had been a difficult issue initially, but she now owned at least 4 different outfits, though today's was special. Custom made to her incredible size, a somewhat revealing Santa outfit would be her clothing for the parade. Included was an enormous, not working microphone that she could use to at least feel like she was still performing like normal.

She got dressed in an instant and made her way to the city limits where a helicopter was waiting. Following its lead, she was releived to find the route she was being given was abandoned, likely to avoid any further accidental deaths.

Stacy got to her place at the very back of the parade, again, far behind any people, as she clasped her fake microphone tightly in her hands. There were many speakers around her, and she was assured her voice would be loud enought to perform without any. Not only that, but her microphone was a fake, wasn't it?

It was happening again, an incredible sense of nervousness and paranoia. Sweat began to bead on her brow as she began to doubt herself again. Sure she was declared winner of the talent competition, but she had to be, she'd probably killed all the others who entered, beneath her toes no less. Then there was the fact that this was her first performance as a giantess, and only her second total.

"STACY!" The mayor's voice called out almost shocking Stacy into unconsciousness.

"You're nervous! I can tell! Don't worry, we've got something to help ease your nervousness!" He called out confidently. "PREPARE THE SURPRISE!' He screamed into his megaphone.

Another helicopter flew up to Stacy's face as a man, clad in several buckles to ensure his safety, hung out the side with a microphone.

Stacy almost fell back in shock, but managed to keep her composure until she was entirely sure. The man tapped his microphone, and the speakers at ground level came to life, magnifying it several thousand times.

"Hello Stacy. My name is Stan Bush-"

Stacy almost fainted right then.

"-But I've been told you already know who I am." He continued, happily noting her reaction. "The song you're going to sing today, well, you won't be singing it alone."

Stacy was no longer nervous. She was the furthest thing from nervous you could ever be. She had just experienced nirvana while on Cloud 9. She was curing cancer and bringing about world peace. She wasn't nervous. She wasn't paranoid. She had stopped sweating. She was ready, willing, and prepared to sing.

Nodding to the helicopters, the one containing the mayor flew off while the one with Stan Bush stayed nearby. Though she tried her hardest, Stacy utterly failed at containing an incredible smile at the turn of events. This would definitely be going down as her favorite Christmas of all time.

The parade began moving, as music started to play from the speakers lined up across several buildings. Stacy gave a glance to the helicopter again, and she received an encouraging thumbs up.

The music below swelled, and Stacy brought the microphone to her lips, trying to do it the same way Stan had. So focused was she on copying Stan's style that she almost missed the beginning of the song.


At the exact same moment, both she and Stan sang into their microphones. Though the song picked was not one by Stan Bush, he sang it well, leaving Stacy in awe the entire time, to the point where she found it difficult to concentrate on singing herself.

"And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory!" The two sang in unison, moving the parade-goers and anyone at home watching the spectacle, to tears.

The song, unfortunately, came an end all too soon, but it left everyone thoroughly inspired. Before the two could bring their microphones down though, the music started again.

The world wanted an encore, and they were more than happy to deliver it.

"Sweeeeet, sweeeeet, sweet victory, yeah!" They sang as Stacy's nails grew white and dented her microphone she was gripping it so tightly.
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