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Author's Chapter Notes:
Light Up the Night http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1853
"So, everything in order?" Ginger asked.

"Looks to be." Charlette replied simply. "The brewery providing us with the drinks is stationed just outside of Glitzville."

"Whoa man, like, Glitzville? I've like, always wanted to go there, man." January said excitedly.

"Yeah well too bad, part of the agreement is that we just have our drinks and stay out of the city." Ginger ordered, glaring fiercely at January.

"Aw come on man, you know you like, want to!' January replied slyly.

"Absolutely not." Charlette added, stepping towards January. "I won't have you intentionally breaking any agreements we've made.

"Hmph, way to be no fun Charlie." January pouted.

"Yeah yeah yeah, look, the sun is setting and I don't plan on letting a couple hundred extra feet in height stop our annual drinking til midnight plans." Ginger said as she began walking, pausing to hit January in the back of the head.

It had been only a few months since the insane growth of the girl group once known as SSS Rank. After waking up at a monstrous size the titanic trio proceeded to bring an entire city to it's knees before resting for a nap.

Waking up, not any bit smaller than when they had gone to sleep had initially caused a panic,  not only by the regular sized citizens, but by the girls as well. By this time the army had moved in and was preparing to strike, but a helicopter quickly flew to meet them, where the entire situation was explained.

During the following weeks, the girls had several discussions with each other and local leaders about what would be done. January, showing a bit of intelligence for once  proved to be instrumental in ensuring the girls came out on the upper hand.

The final declaration was a simple one. The giantess trio would make relatively few demands of the "weaker species", a term that January coined much to Charlette's dismay, and the three would not intentionally step within cities. Anyone outside of cities were on their own as far as not being trod on.

"This the place?" Ginger asked, looking down on a brewery outside of the well lit city.

"Definitely." Charlette said, noting the big sign in the front.

"Whoa man, you might say it's like, a micro-brewery!" January laughed as Ginger sighed and Charlette stifled a giggle.

"Whatever, I'm assuming these are the drinks then?" Ginger asked, just noticing that three of the huge silos had their tops removed, showing off the fact that they were filled to the brim with a foamy, amber liquid.

"I'd assume that's right." Charlette confirmed.

"Well girls, let's drink up! To us, to Christmas, and to the fact that if anything was done to spike these drinks everyone is fucking dead, starting with this brewery." Ginger said, directing the last bit to the brewery itself as she cheerfully as pulled the silo from the ground, it being the size of a small glass in comparison.

"To a new year, and the fact that everyone is able to deal with us now!" Charlette said, following suit as she picked up a silo for herself.

"To alcohol, man!" January said, pulling up the last one and bumping it into Charlette and Ginger's drinks before the trio drank it all at once.

"That was fucking awful." Ginger said as she finished off her cup and licked her lips.

"There's no denying that..." Charlette said as she made a clearly displeased face

"A beer is a beer, man!" January said, licking her lips after draining her own cup.

It didn't take long before the girls felt the effects of the drinks. Though it was a relatively small amount, it was still a tremendous amount of alcohol being consumed at once, and enough to make even the experienced drinker January a bit tipsy.

"Man, that city looks really pretty on Christmas night." Ginger said quietly, the lights blurring.

"Yeah, what do you say we pay it a visit?" Charlette asked, giggling as she did so.

"Now like, there's an idea I can get behind Charlie." January added, falling over as she tried to stand.

"W-wait, aren't we supposed to not go into the city or something? I remember saying something about it a minute ago or something..." Ginger slurred.

Looking deep in thought, Charlette tried to remember before lifting a finger and opening her eyes wide.

"That's right, I remember! You promised to break the brewery before going into the city!"

"O-Oh yeah." Ginger smiled as she slipped her shoes off. "You know I do miss stepping on things barefoot, that was really fun." She said as she drunkenkly stumbled to the brewery and brought her shapely soles onto the building. Though she missed several times initially, her sixth attempt landed directly in the center of the building, her sole and toes flattening everythin in it.

"There, now lets go look at that city!"

"Ok." Charlette and January said at once, though January did add a "man" to the end.

Glitzville was a fairly large city that looked much like a smaller Las Vegas or Fortune City. At night it lit up brilliantly and the tourism committee claimed it was visible from space.

For three drunk giantesses though, it resembled a neon playground more than anything.

Ginger stepped up to the city limits before realizing Charlette and January were no longer behind her. Stumbling about she quickly finds January standing over a knee high building, looking down on it.

"WhaaaaaWhat are you doing January?" Ginger asked with a goofy smile.

"Wha-Oh hey Ginny." January  answered. "I was just noticing that someone left us another drink here, do you like, mind if I have it?"she asked genuinely.

"Huh? Yeah sure go ahead..." Ginger said.

"Thanks man." January said as she bent down and ripped the top of a building off.

It was no drink however, rather, it was a rooftop swimming pool with all kinds of neon lighting under the water, making it light up like a tasty, fruity drink, just the kind January had been craving. As she simply tossed the entire thing into her mouth, the people in the pool found themselves unable to stop a trip down January's gullet. The pool water forced them back into the wet chasm and doomed them all.

"Aw man, that drink wasn't very good..." January pouted.

"H-Hey, don't worrrrr-worry about it Januawy!" Gin tried to say. "But I'm getin prrrrpretty tired, let's go find Sharlie and take a nap."

"No problem man, Charlie wen't like-" January stopped to hiccup. "Like over there man."

The duo found Charlette sitting down in the city, indian style with a building inbetween her legs. On closer inspection they saw many crude neon woman, proportioned in ways that weren't humanly possible, and a recurring motif of three large X's.

"Hey Charlie, what are you like, doing?" January managed to say without hiccuping.

"Hm?" Charlette asked, looking up sadly looked up at her two friends and sighed. "Oh, just looking at... this... club." She said.

"What's wrong Charlette?" Ginger asked, not slurring remarkably.

"It's, it's just that. I always feel so inadequate next to you guys.  I mean, I'm the shortest of us and am smaller in every other way too! Seeing this club reminded me of how big you are in the, well, in the boobs..." Charlette explained.

"Well that's just, like, stupid!" January said, seemingly annoyed.

"What?" Charlette asked again.

"Look at you Charlie! Sure you're smaller than me and Ginger, but now you're the third biggest girl in the entire world, any girl in that building would give anything to have boobs as big as yours!" January said as she reached down and forcefully ripped the building from its foundations.

All the lights went off instantly as January held the building up to Charlette's chest, comparing the size.

"There, see. Your boobs are totally bigger, isn't that right Ginny?" January asked as she turned and found Ginger not even looking at them.

"Yo! Ginny! This is like, important man!"

Ginger turned to face her two friends and smiled.

"I love you guys." She said genuinely and grabbed both Charlette and Ginger, hugging them close to her, demolishing the club between their three chests at once.
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