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Author's Chapter Notes:
Assisting with Science. http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1762
"I'd like to propose a toast to the best damn person in this building, Alexis!" A drunken man shouted as he swished a champagne glass around, the amber liquid inside spilling from every end.

Blushing, Alexis raises a glass of water and tilts it in the man's direction, acknowledging his gesture.

"Nnno seriously!" He continues, smiling drunkenly. "Allllllll those o-other assholes we had to deal with before y-you." He stopped for a moment to hiccup. "I tell ya, especially that dickfuck Joseph!"

Alexis grinned inwardly. Nobody had known of what happened to Joseph, or any of the other people in the chain of command that she climbed to get to her current comfortable spot of Vice President overseeing the Klaxon Corporation. She still got to do plenty of work in the labs herself, but made more than enough to be comfortable. She had done what she felt was necessary to ensure a good career for herself, and seeing the praise of her subordinates, unintentional as they may be, only warmed her heart.

"Now now, it's not nice to say things about the missing. What if he never turned up?" Alexis chastised. On the inside she knew that Joseph's sacrifice was probably the most important, leading the then superiors to believe her capable of handling herself in the absence of a supervisor who did not show up.

If only they knew.

"But, I've got to get going now." Alexis cheerfully said as she placed her glass of water down and picked up  her belongings. "You be careful now, I don't care if this is a Christmas party, you still have to drive home."

"Yeah yeah yeah" a voice echoed her sentiments, though it was half hearted.

Alexis waved everyone goodbye as she went for the elevator at the far end of the office and stepped in. Hitting the number 1 she watched the display count numbers down as the elevator made its way down.

Her office was located on the 30th floor of the building, and the companies annual Christmas party was being held on almost 2 weeks before the big day, as usual. The festive lights brightened her spirits as the elevator hit the first floor and the doors opened. She walked past the security guard, waving a kind goodbye, on her way to the side exit.

The hallways leading around the back were less well lit because they led to a section of the parking garage used only by executives. Fishing in her purse for her keys, Alexis turned a corner and looked into the parking lot.

She only expected to see her car, and was surprised to find a couple of rather large van parked in the area as well. The vans opened up and several armed men rushed forth, heading to the glass doors.

Sensing that the men didn't have good intentions, she turned back and rouned the corner she had just passed, to provide cover from the men. Knowing she only had a few seconds to act, she fished in her purse for a second before pulling out a small water pistol.

Smiling slyly, she kissed the nozzle of the gun. Just over a year ago she had accidentally created the compound that now filled her water gun. A shrinking solution, slightly modified so it no longer had to be inhaled, and through the use of a few of the dangerous solutions her stature gave her access to, now added a paralysis effect to the victim.

Standing around the corner she aimed the pistol and waited.

Several seconds later, the first man turned around, she didn't get too good a look at him, because his appearance surprised her and she instinctively pulled the trigger. Immediately his body seized up and only a second later, he was gone.

Alexis almost laughed. She had managed to strengthen the reaction time in a subject, but it was always amazing to see it happen firsthand. A second gunman turned the corner and Alexis quickly fired on him as well.

This repeated until she had twelve tiny gunmen at floor level. She waited several minutes before turning back around the corner leading to the door and finding the hallway empty. She breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to her diminuitive subjects.

Having kept count in her mind, she knew there were twelve men total, and it didn't take long for her to gather them together. Plucking them free of their weapons she resumed her journey to her car in the parking lot carefully.

The vans the men had pulled up in were empty, and Alexis got into her own car. Starting the car she noted the time. 11:59 PM, December 13th.

"12 days to Christmas... and 12 people discovered in my building with guns..." She mulled quietly as she watched the clock change to midnight.

Reaching a hand back into her bag she pulled out one of the tiny gunmen and held him over her vast mouth. He struggled in her hand for all he was worth but being suspended over her mouth had sealed his fate.

Licking her lips in preparation, she dropped the small man straight into her mouth. He screamed the entire way down, and Alexis shut her mouth as he passed the lips, before even hitting the tongue to mute the sound. She swished him around with her tongue for a bit and smiled as she doomed him with an extremely audible swallow, making sure to lower her neck so the remaining captives could hear the sound of their comrade being swallowed alive.

Once safely down in her stomach, Alexis stopped and relaxed for a minute. If if were up to her she could have just slept in the parking lot right there, so content was she.

Opening one eye she looked at the clock on her dashboard again.

"December 14th. 11 days left until Christmas, and 11 special snacks." She purred.

Sitting up slowly, she yawned and started her car, leaving the parking lot and driving home as snow began to hit her windshield.
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