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One name left.

Mary smiled as she got dressed for a big day. The last name on her list was going to be receiving retribution today.

Priscilla Smith, daughter of one Robert and Pamela Smith. Richest family in town. Mr. Robert Smith is on the educational board of directors, giving Priscilla near limitless power during her high school years. Cruel and unruly, she made sure anyone who opposed her would face certain expulsion. Every student was helpless if she had picked them as her newest target. Nothing could be done to her, and no one could oppose her.

Until now at least.

Mary had no qualms about disposing of those who had made her life a living hell in the past, but Priscilla was different from the others. She was so indifferent to the plights of others it was almost inhuman.

Now fully dressed, Mary stepped outside and got into the police car waiting for her. Every year the Smiths held a Christmas Ball in city hall and invited city officials and serviccemen and women. It's largely an event held to ensure the Smiths continue having lots of influence over decisions.

The entire Police department was invited, and to get in, Mary began dating one. A lecherous old man, Officer Hibbons was corrupt and filthy, but that only made it easy for Mary to draw his attention.

"My my don't you look nice tonight..." He said rubbing Mary's shoulder.

"Let's go, we don't want to be late." Mary blurted out, ignoring his advances.

"Hmph." He said as he brough his hand back to the steering wheel and drove.

Several minutes later, Mary and Officer Hibbons were at the city hall, walking hand in hand to the front doors.

Flashing his badge, they were allowed in with minimal annoyance, and immediately upon stepping in, Mary made her first move.

"What do you say we meet in the bathroom... for a little fun." She leaned over and whispered into Officer Hibbon's ear.

He licked his lips in excitement and followed Mary into the women's bathrooms after making sure no one was around to see him go inside.

No sooner had he stepped in that Mary made her move. One second he was looking her in the eye and the next he was as tall as her feet. Before he could fully realize what had happened though, Mary had picked him up.

Grabbing his top half in her left hand and his bottom in her right, Mary gave a sharp twist in opposite directions, producing an audible series of cracks. Holding him his leg upside down, she confirmed he wasn't moving before heading into a stall and tossing him in the toilet.

Flushing him, Mary went to the sink and washed her hands. Handling him had left her hands feeling dirty.

Relaxed, she strode confidently out of the bathroom and made her way to the lavish main hall, decorated with lights, ornaments, and all manner of holiday decor. The sequins on Mary's dress sparkled like a handful of diamonds as she quickly spotted her target at the main table facing away towards the entire room.

Taking a seat at the table closest to her target, she began watching and waiting.

The night dragged on, and Priscilla made it obvious that she had spotted Mary. Priscilla had brought her arms in front of her and wiggled about, making it look as if she was incredibly overweight whe no one was paying attention. Though Mary wasn't the thinnest person around, she definitely wasn't anything near what Priscilla had done.

Though this did confirm to Mary that Priscilla was a lost cause, not worth any mercy. As much as she liked disposing of tiny men and women, she always ensured they deserved it, or, if on her list, hadn't changed.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of sitting and waiting, Priscilla made her move. She stood and excused herself from her father's table, saying goodbye to him before she left.

Mary stood and carefully made her way around the tables, being sure to stay out of sight as she did so. The city hall was large and  only a small portion of it was being used for the ball, so it was much simpler than she thought it'd be.

It only took Mary a minute or so to find Priscilla, though she kept following until she was outside of the building and behind the hall. There were only two cars parked here, likely belonging to Priscilla herself, and her parents.

"Hello there Priscilla." Mary announced, trying to keep the venom out of her voice.

"And what does Miss Piggy want?" Priscilla said as she sighed in annoyance.

"Nice insult. You come up with that one yourself?" Mary said as she approached Priscilla and tackled her.

There was no resistance, Priscilla made no effort to fight back against her larger opponent. Primarily because during the actual tackle, Mary had made her move and shrunken the uptight girl. She now lie beneath Mary's tummy, pinned by the weight and unable to even move her limbs to flail about.

Leaning back onto her knees, Mary freed Priscilla and looked over her. She was pathetic, tiny and deserved not one iota of mercy. Mary placed her high heeled shoe onto Priscilla's back, pressing her lightly into the pavement and enjoying the pained screams.

"I'm going to get rid of you Priscilla. You're a terrible, awful person, and the world would do better without you. You won't be missed by anyone, but I'm sure you don't care." Mary said as she picked Priscilla in her hand again.

With a quick twist of her fingers, Mary snapped the neck of Priscilla quickly and dropped her body on the ground where she did something she had never done.

She grew Priscilla back.

Normally when Mary shrinks someone they're as good as dead. But, Priscilla was special. She deserved the despair and outrage that would be caused by her normal sized corpse being discovered and left behind.

Whistling to herself, Mary began the long walk back home, figuring she had no other way to get there.
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