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Author's Chapter Notes:
Family Matters http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1789
Kat sat at the edge of the fireplace, looking down at the incredible drop below her. Wanting to prove she could be more independent, she insisted her mother place her there so she could hang up her own Christmas stocking.

She was beginning to regret that decision.

Looking at the fireplace from the safety of her table and actually being up on it with a roll of duct tape in one hand and a stocking in the other was a completely different story.

Slowly she crawled on all fours to the edge and looked over it, confirming her fears that a fall would in fact be fatal. Hands shivering, she grabbed the roll of duct tape and tore off a piece of it. Picking up her stocking, she attached one end to the red white furred portion and looked back to the edge, seeing there was now a huge finger in its place.

Kat smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Surely with her mother back to help her, she could hang the stocking up and forget this whole ordeal had ever happened.

"Having a little trouble there little sis?"

As relieved as Kat had felt just a moment ago, she could now feel nothing but incredible disappointment. It wasn't her mother's finger being held up, it was the finger of her older sister, Melissa.

Kat had never been too fond of her sister. She viewed Melissa as everything she wasn't. Smarter, prettier, and then there was the whole giantess thing. As the only known person in her family not to be a giantess, she had felt bad enough. But her sister only made things worst growing up, to the point that the day she moved out was one of the best days Kat could ever remember experiencing.

Unfortunately, Melissa was fond of coming home for the holidays. Though Kat had largely matured past a childish hatred, she still didn't like Melissa's presence.

"Wow, is that your stocking Katherine?" Melissa asked. "It's pretty small, I gotta say."

Of course, Melissa did still occasionally love to rub her size into Kat's face.

"Take a look at mine!" Melissa added, excitedly holding up her own giantess-sized stocking with her name embroidered at the top. "It's kinda big, at least in comparison to yours!"

Kat's face grew red at the comment, but she meekly nodded her head in agreement.

"Why, I'd bet you could even fit in it!" Melissa giggled and, holding the stocking up to the edge of the fireplace, nudged Kat in.

Kat fell down the huge red stocking and dropped her own along the way. When she quickly reached the bottom, she readjusted herself and looked up at Melissa's smiling face.

"Wow, both you and your stocking fit pretty well, I must say Katherine. I wonder if I could fit too!" Melissa said as she lowered the stocking.

Having had a bit of experience with this sort of thing after her Aunt's visit last year, Kat prepared herself at the very back of the oddly shaped footwear as her sister's huge toes traveled the length of the stocking, stopping short of Kat's body.

Kat breathed deeply, she assumed it was due to the shape of the stocking over regular footwear, but Melissa's toes were a good deal closer than anyone elses that she's met in this close quarters.

"Wow, looks like I fit too, but these definitely weren't made to be worn." Melissa mused above. "The bottom part is really tight, while the top is extremely loose. It's kinda uncomfortable, I think I need to sit down."

Bringing her stocking covered foot down to the floor, Melissa hobbled away from the fireplace and onto the nearby couch. She felt Kat move around with her movements, eventually getting caught between two of her toes as she hopped onto the couch and propped her feet up on the coffee table.

Millie, Kat's mother walked into the room after the strange noises she had heard and quickly saw Melissa sitting on the couch, wearing a stocking.

"Stop messing around Melissa, and take that stocking off. And don't tease your sister." She said, before returning to the Christmas dinner she was preparing with the Macrosizer her sister had convinced her to get.

"Yeah yeah yeah." Melissa groaned as she grabbed the toe end of the stocking and pulled it off, exposing her foot to the fresh air again.

Kat tumbled down from her space between Melissa's toes and landed back on her ankle, where Melissa had to stifle a laugh.

"You ok there?" She asked. "And where's your stocking?" She followed it up with, not seeing the bright red cloth in Kat's fingers any longer.

Kat stood and dusted herself off before pointing to Melissa's toes.

Grinning, Melissa knew exactly what Kat was saying.

"Well, you'd better get it back! Stocking's not gonna free itself from my toes you know." She laughed as she lay her head back and closed her eyes to rest for a moment.

Kat nodded and began climbing her sister's foot. It was hard, her sisters skin was very smooth and it was difficult to get up high enough to be between her toes.

Though it took a couple minutes, Kat finally reached her destination, and took a seat in the space between Melissa's big and second toe, looking out over the rest of the table from her vantage point.

Turning to make sure Melissa wasn't watching, Kat leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on the huge big toe. She couldn't help it. She'd been in this same situation several months ago, and she'd come back from it learning a few things about herself.

Checking to ensure Melissa still wasn't paying attention, she stretched out the bottom of her shirt and pulled out the red stocking she had hidden there. She'd tell Melissa she had found it between her toes after she got to spend a few more minutes here.
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