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Author's Chapter Notes:
Expiration Date
Little more than a month has passed since the world changing events on all hallow's eve and the day of the dead created an unstoppable, unfeeling monster. Things grew from bad to worst after an attempt at her life only gave her the one thing she was missing.


Not the kind, loving, or even empathetic human kind of sentience, but a hateful, destructive kind. A kind intent on wiping out all life it comes across.

Weapons had long proven to be no match for such a monster. As if to make things worst, her movements were erratic, never going in the same direction for too long

The cities destroyed were usually large, impressive achievements of all that mankind had come to accomplish since the world began. But after a visit from the monster, only despair was left. People were unable to evacuate in time, leaving them vulnerable and helpless among packed streets and traffic jams.

The people she killed who were still intact would become a horrendous blue toned zombie creature. One would think that the monster would have an incredibly massive number of these at her disposal, but the zombies were more than willing to sacrifice their own lives so the giantess zombie can have a place to sit down, or step more comfortably.

Thousands at once could be lost in this method, so though she still has many, the number has largely plateaud.

Still, life as an unstoppable monster could occasionally get boring for Chloe, so she made herself a promise.

"The next city we come across is mine." She told her miniature companions as she wandered around the countryside, looking for something fun to destroy

The walk was long and fruitless for quite some time before, in the far distance, Chloe caught sight of a few homes that she figured would be the outskirts of a city. Breaking into a massive run, her zombie friends fell far behind but continued after her.

Reaching the first of the homes, Chloe crushed it into little more than a stack of splinters beneath a huge foot. She twisted her foot in the remains for a short while, enjoying the feeling that had eluded her for awhile now.

Examining her surroundings, Chloe quickly found the city these homes lie on the outside of. It was rather small, but anything is better than nothing. Chloe stomped into the heart of the city, and just stood in the streets to bask in the terror her presence alone inspired in people.

It didn't take Chloe long to realize there was no one in the city. No people to run from her in fear, cursing her. No people to flatten pleasantly underfoot. No people to eat as a sort of midday snack. No people to make into perfectly obedient followers.

It was the first town that had managed to evacuate before she could reach it. She hadn't thought it was possible, that people as a whole were too slow and disorganized to pull off an evacuation before she could reach them.

Looking up at the sky, Chloe screamed in rage at her moment of happiness being taken away by selfish people.

She would find them, and they would pay. She knew that much. They weren't going to survive past the day.

The small city was surrounded by several small mountains, and it was in a rather large cave in one of these mountains that the city had been living ever since Chloe had been spotted in their state. They led comfortable lives, certain that if Chloe did visit their town, she'd be content with just destroying it and moving on.

In an effort to keep morale up and not lose hope, several of the men had volunteered to gather a tree to decorate their cavern with. It was almost Christmas and last the lone radio they depended on had reported, she was still in the area.

The tree was decorated crudely, done using only scrap bits of cloth and things they could spare or could no longer be used. There were no lights, or presents under the tree. Still, somehow its presence in the cave was reaffirming to the survivors. It reminded them that they were still alive, and any day now, they'd get to go back home and experience the real holiday.

That was their thought, their mindset, right up until the point where a single, enormous toe thrust itself intio their cave, immediately crushing a good portion of the refugees into bloody smears.

Panic overcame everyone instantly. How they were discovered, they didn't know, but they began running in every direction from what looked like inevitable death. The toe wiggled about a bit, catching a few more people as it did so, but more importantly, it made the cave opening a little bit bigger.

The toe withdrew and was replaced by two long, thin fingers that forced their way into the same hole and pulled up roughly. The sides of the cave collapsed and fell apart while making the opening even wider under the giantess's incredible strength.

Then, an entire hand thrust itself into the cave, grabbing at anything it felt. The end result was a handful of terrified people screaming for mercy in Chloe's hand. But mercy was not a thing she could quite comprehend as she let the people rain from her palm and down her throat in one smooth motion.

Intent on getting them all, Chloe began to kick at the sides of the mountain, hoping to cause some damage however deep the caves went. A few strong kicks were all it took before she heard the collapsing of rocks from inside.

And with that, came a stream of humanity so condensed that Chloe had trouble figuring out how she wanted to get rid of them first. She scooped up a double handful and let the groups soak in her mouth for awhile, enjoying their taste for a minute before swallowing and presenting her empty mouth to the people below.

Making use of her feet again, she stuffed one entirely into the hole, and felt the simultaneous crushing of at least a hundred innocent lives. Many more were between her toes, making every effort to escape they could but she simply waved her foot about to dispose of them too.

Chloe had more fun with the concentrated stream of people than she had in a long time. When all was said and done and her zombie companions were just reaching her, she lie down on them to rest for a moment.

"When it's Christmas, it's Christmas. For everyone. And that's the best gift I've ever received." Chloe said casually as she waved her bloody feet back and forth against the mountain.
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