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There weren’t too many good jobs available for a three time convicted felon, not that Wanda would have wanted to make a legitimate living anyway. Gifted with one of the most brilliant minds of her generation, the tall dark skinned beauty had tried numerous times to use her vast intellect and strike it rich. Unfortunately, Wanda’s previous attempts to utilize her inventions had ended in total failure. This time, though, the leggy thirty-two year old had come up with the perfect plan to finally get everything she had ever wanted, and more.

During her last stay in prison, Wanda realized that strength, overwhelming strength, was the key to success, rather than relying on things like invisibility rays or super speed formulas. With significant muscle power, the ambitious black woman knew that she would be able to take whatever she wanted, while being able to ignore the law’s annoying habit of trying to stop her.

Initially, Wanda had hoped to transform herself into a “super woman”, but she quickly found that the amount of strength she wanted couldn’t be attained...exactly. Disappointed, but undeterred, the ebony skinned scientist discovered through accidental means that she could gain the all power she wanted through a “size changing” process, that could fueled by exposure to electricity and other forms of energy.

Once she figured the growth process out, it was remarkably easy for Wanda to turn her plan into reality. After working nonstop for nearly two weeks she assembled the technology she needed and was ready to expose herself to her experiment’s miraculous power.

Standing in the abandoned warehouse that she had appropriated as a laboratory, Wanda switched on the equipment and activated a massive laser cannon. Very slowly, the fantastic looking device lowered toward her, buzzing loudly the whole time. A second later, a bright beam shot from the cannon and enveloped the gorgeous black woman in its pink glow. After a few minutes, Wanda knew that she had absorbed enough energy to do what she wanted.

Barely able to contain her excitement, she clenched her fists around a tangle of exposed electrical wiring and waited for the expected reaction Seconds later, two sounds echoed through the warehouse. The first was a hollow whooshing sound that started at floor level, before quickly rising toward the ceiling. This was accompanied by Wanda’s triumphant and booming laughter...

Eighty feet tall and all in proportion, Wanda’s body filled much of the rickety building’s interior. Chuckling, the giantess was about to break out of it, when she paused for a second. Something wasn’t right.

“Why me no feel good?”, Wanda pondered.

With a start, the enormous scientist thought about what she had said, and more importantly, how she said it.

“Not good...me...errr...I must had got not so smart when I got big. Big...”

Wanda forgot her predicament and repeated the word “big” dreamily. She liked the thought of her colossal size and strength, even if it meant she wasn’t nearly as intelligent as she used to be. After all, might meant right, she thought. A dull chuckle erupted from the giantess, as she considered the advantages of being huge. Still, she felt the need to test her theory.

Spying an electrical socket near one of her thick, powerful thighs, Wanda squeezed her arm and hand near it so that she could stick a finger into the power source. Excited, the enormous woman took a deep breath and poked her finger through the outlet. A split second later, a blinding flash illuminated the warehouse, before all lights in the building popped. Even though Wanda only drained a few seconds worth of electricity into herself, it was more than enough to propel her body higher.

A surge of expansion forced her growing frame to overcome the warehouse and absolutely obliterate it. For a few seconds, the now 220 foot tall Wanda laid sprawled out onto the building’s rubble. The stunned sensation quickly passed though, and the she-titan sat up. Looking at her tiny surroundings caused a big toothy smile erupt on her Wanda’s pretty face.

Once she stood up, the towering ebony colossus looked down at the toy like world, and repeated her earlier proclamation, “BIG!”

After another moment of comparison, she corrected herself. “No! Not big...Wanda very BIG!”

Somewhere, deep in her head she had the vague impression that she was missing something...something important. Still, the obvious strength she now possessed overcame thoughts of her lost intellect. Grinning, Wanda took a mighty, ground shaking step. Her bared black foot exploded through a neighboring warehouse and reduced it to rubble. While Wanda was thrilled with the easy, casual way in which she obliterated the building, she didn’t stop to admire her work. Instead, she felt herself being pulled, almost instinctively, away from the docks and toward the city.

Minutes later the enormous black woman found herself amongst the downtown skyscrapers and high above the thousands of shocked citizens minutes. At first, Wanda ignored the fleeing masses and focused her limited mind on the plentiful electrical lines powering the area’s towering buildings. Finding a particularly thick bank of power cables, Wanda wrapped her dark, meaty hand around the tangle and ripped them apart. Unharmed by the resulting sparks, the giantess watched the dazzling display of lights before bringing the cables to her mouth and sucking on them.

Almost instantly, Wanda growing body blasted into overdrive. Every passing second saw the ebony goddess add more size, more power, but at the same time, lose additional intelligence. If the area’s power grid hadn’t shut down with a couple of minutes, Wanda likely would have continued soaking up the electricity. Still, the power she did consume caused her mighty frame to double in size.

Standing over 500 feet tall and possessing awesome amounts of strength, Wanda towered over nearly everything. Unfortunately, with her tiny brain, the behemoth could hardly comprehend what had happened to her. Even though she could barely reason anymore, the mammoth woman was able to enjoy the sensation of size and the ability to gain more. As she savored the power coursing through her magnificent body, the giantess sensed movement near the ground...

Glancing down at her feet, Wanda spied the still present crowds rushing from her. At first, the curvy brute snarled at them, as she felt they were possible rivals infringing on her territory. Quickly though, even Wanda, with her limited brain, was able to deduce that the tiny people were harmless, and could possibly be forced to serve her base needs, and those needs were actually quite simple.

Licking her thick lips, the choco goddess was both hungry and horny...
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