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Story Notes:

Characters belong to Marvel and the wonderful mind of Stan Lee. Had to put that in there :)

Author's Chapter Notes:

I have always wanted to do a spider-man story on here but never had the time. I also wanted to do an X-men one too so maybe this way i can do both since there in the same universe. I will get to my other story as well. Hope you like this one? Do you want to see other marvel women characters in this or just MJ? Maybe Felicia can try and steal him from her.

Looking over the city from his high advantage point Peter Parker carefully thought about his life and what has happened over the past two years being Spider-man. When he got his super powers the first time by that radioactive spider he didn't know how hard his life would have become. In over two years he has saved the city from disastrous events at least three times now and he has also captured some of the worlds worst villains. Spider-man was about to go home and see his wife. He had missed Mary Jane since she had been on a modeling job and he hadn't seen her in a week. He knew she was due home tonight. Just then a couple of clouds began to form around him and he knew who it was.

"Madam Web. What brings you here to see me? I am flattered that you have this sunday off Just to visit little old me." Peter said. He was in one of his good moods so his humor was with him.

"I don't need an excuse Spider-man to come and see you. Especially when i am about to prepare you for your next trial." She said and Peter huffed

"Look as much as i appreciate these sunday meetings, i have had it up to hear with these trials. My wife is coming home and i want to get back to my normal life. So if you please I would just like to get on with my life." Peter said calmly and Madam web stared at him with no real look in her eyes which worried Peter.

"Fine then Peter i will send you home." She said and started to wave her hand. Peter then felt a strange feeling as he put his hand on his stomach and he looked up at Madam web who was growing at a alarming rate.

"Whoa why do i get the feeling I'm the size of the wasp right now." Peter said and He stared over at the Giantess Madam web. "Oh this can't be good." He said as his spider sense was going crazy but he couldn't move as her hand wrapped around him and darkness covered him.

Peter woke up not to long after words and he forgot for a moment at what happened to him. He opened his eyes and he found himself in his own kitchen table standing on the table and his body was little and his costume was not on him. He didn't know what was going on and he then remembered that Mada'm web had made him little some how but that was the least of his worries. Some how he had to get back to normal size. He only hope that the avengers or one of the x-men students had powers that could do that. He knew that he had to reach his good friend kitty pryde to try and get her to come over and help. But that was the least of his worries as he had forgotten what time it was and he heard a door knob open and he saw his beautiful giantess wife come in.

"Peter I am home. Are you out?" MJ asked just getting home from a modeling job and she carried her luggage in that she had brought from the air port. "Thanks for forgetting about me by the way. I only had to call a cab." She said sounding pissed. This wasn't good for Peter either.

Her voice echoed threw out there little apartment and her foot steps made peter shake. He knew that he had to get her attention but then he begant to wonder.

'Was it really a good idea getting her attention when she was this pissed?' That though went away when he heard her scream all of the sudden.

"Peter." She said looking down at her husband who was now tiny as a little mouse. She bent down to him on the table and he had to admit that her size was very intimidating. to him as he looked up at MJ.

"Um hi MJ. You never would guess what happened to me today." He chuckled and she looked down at him with concern

"Are you alright what happened? Was it another super villian?" She asked with convern and she got closer to him. "It's ok Peter i am going to take care of you just tell me what happened." Mj said to him and Peter began to explain everything about Madam Webb and what had happened. Mj frowned as she looked down at him. "How long does she expect you to stay like this?" She asked and Peter looked up at her

"I don't know one minute i was there and the next minute i was here. She never said anything. I was thinking we need to get help. Maybe somebody from the x-men has a power that can re size me." Peter told her and Mj looked at him skeptically. Or maybe even Sue storm can help.

"Do you think that it would work?" She asked

"It has too i can't live this small the rest of my life." He said and Mj thought about it. He was right it would be hard on them. She looked down at Peter and offered her hand to him.

"Its ok Peter you can trust me. I will be careful." She said blushing at his nued form and Peter nodded his head. He trusted his wife more then anyone at the moment. And he really needed her. He hoped on her giant hand that looked like a landscape. He was surprised at how soft it was and it smelled good. She must have had a good perfume on. Peter gulped and he smiled at her as she stared over at him.

"We have to keep you somewhere safe while were in the cab." She said and Peter looked over at her.

"What do you mean in the cab?" He asked and she smiled at him.

"I forgot to tell you that i have an interview for another acting play so you have to come with me. And then after words we can go and seek help." She said as she looked over at Peter.

"Honey you can't go out i might get hurt." He said and Mj frowned some staring at him

"Oh? I don't think your in any posistion telling me what i can't do. I support you being spider-man all the time why can't you support me right now?" She said in an anger tone and he was shocked a bit.

"Alright. Alright. But you can't put me in your purse. I might get squished." Peter said and Mj smiled over at him.

"Who said anything about a purse?" She said putting him in a small glass container for the moment and then went into there room humming. She walked out in a black dress and in heels after ten minutes and Peter was just stunned at how beautiful she was. Mj saw his face and smiled. "Glad you like it." She said reaching in the glass for him and pulling him out with ease. She smiled over at her little husband. She knew that he liked it because she felt his little member now growing against her fingers and she was turned on by it.

Something in her was urging her to continue and not bring help. She liked him at this size and this power. But she did love him. "Trust me Peter you will be completly safe where your going." She chuckled and lowered him in which looked like her cleavege and she smiled at him. "Be good in there Peter." She said squeezing her man in her breasts and she smiled at herself grabbing her purse and walking out of the apartment.

Poor peter didn't know what was going on with his wife but he knew that this is what Madam webb meant about triles. He felt his wife's warm breasts touch him and he was now in her cleavage. He tried to struggle against the big mountains but he couldn't escape as he fell deeper in so he just stayed put. Feeling the warm breasts of his wife next to his skin he just went to sleep. He just hoped that this was only to keep him safe and not pernament.

Chapter End Notes:

Give me great reviews and i will continue. Like i said if you want any other Marvel women characters in there just let me know.

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