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Spider-man gets shrunk by Madam webb and now has to seek help from his wife MJ. But will she bring him to the x-men or the fantastic four for help? Or will she keep him herself as a toy? Read and find out. Peter Parker's life was never easy

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Published: June 11 2011 Updated: June 11 2011
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Characters belong to Marvel and the wonderful mind of Stan Lee. Had to put that in there :)

1. Spider-man get's a trip up Mj's Cleavage by johnnyfive22 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1394 words)

I have always wanted to do a spider-man story on here but never had the time. I also wanted to do an X-men one too so maybe this way i can do both since there in the same universe. I will get to my other story as well. Hope you like this one? Do you want to see other marvel women characters in this or just MJ? Maybe Felicia can try and steal him from her.