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Author's Chapter Notes:

The short story of the collection. This one is GTS/SW. I hope you like it.

Chinese Massage

“Are you sure about this, Kate?”, asked the blonde girl, sounding nervous.

“Can you just relax, Abbie?”, answered the brunette one. “It’s just a massage, silly. You’re supposed to enjoy it.”

“Yes, I know, but…”, said Abbie. “Aren’t Chinese massages supposed to be painful?”

“Oh, only when it’s your first time”, said Kate, rolling her eyes.

“But it IS my first time!”, said Abbie, hands on hips. “Why don’t we come back tomorrow?”

“Oh, no, no, no. No way, missy.”, said Kate, grabbing Abbie by the arm. “You’re not doing this to me again. We’re already here and we have an appointment, which aren’t very easy to get. Plus, we even have the bath robes and slippers on. Come on! Don’t be a chicken, it will be fine.”

“OK, OK, fine…”, said Abbie, sighing, and both Australian girls walked into the massage room.

Once inside, a tiny girl with a Mexican accent greeted them.

“Welcome. You must be Abbie and Kate, right?”, she asked.

“That’s us”, answered Kate.

“Oh, well, in that case, wait here. Your masseuses will be here briefly.”, the tiny girl said and left the room.

“Ummm…did she just say “masseuses”? As in plural?”, asked Abbie.

“Well, of course. You didn’t expect just one Chinese girl to massage you, did you? You’re bigger than Godzilla to her!”, answered Kate, chuckling.

“Very funny, Kate”, said Abbie, annoyed. “Look, you can stay, but please let me wait for you outside. My sister’s back hurt for a week after she had a Chinese massage. She said each second of the massage was super painful!”

“Can you just cut that out?”, said Kate, starting to get upset. “It might be a little bit painful, but it’s that pleasant pain that massages provide, you know? Plus, your sister walked away before they were done with her massage.”

“Duh! It was hurting her!”, said Abbie, crossing her arms.

“Everyone knows you can’t leave in the middle of a massage”, said Kate, as if was obvious. “Especially a Chinese one. You’ll love it, I promise. Why do you think people pay so much money to get them? And we’re getting this one with no additional charge in the hotel!”

“They pay it because they’re crazy”, said Abbie. “And I don’t care if it’s free. Would you eat dog food if it was free?”

“Oh, my God…you’re acting like a baby!”, said Kate. “You’re going to get this massage, and that’s it, understood?”

“OK, OK, fine! I don’t know what’s with you if I don’t take it”, said Abbie, frowing.

“Because every time I force you to do something, you end up loving it. This is no different.”, explained Kate.

“OK, I’ll do it. Just because you’re my best friend, OK?”, said Abbie.

“Thanks a lot”, said Kate, sarcastically, “I really appreciate it.”

Just then, a group of tiny Chinese girls entered the room and started surrounding their feet. In just a few seconds, they had surrounded the slipper-clad feet of the two Australian girls. One of them started talking.

“Good afternoon and welcome”, the tiny girl said. “We hope you enjoy your Chinese massage.”

“Thank you”, said Kate, and then turned to whisper into Abbie’s ear. “You’re afraid that they will hurt you? Seriously?”

Abbie blushed a little as she heard that. The tiny masseuses where diminutive. Most of them didn’t even reach one inch in height (compared to them). “OK, OK, fine…I overreacted.”, she said, looking down at the women surrounding her feet.

“No, you think?”, said Kate, again, sarcastically.

“Right this way”, said the Chinese girl who spoke before. “Take off your clothes and lay there, on those mats.”

“What?!”, asked Abbie. “Naked?”

“Abbie, please. We’re all women. Plus, you’ll be laying on your belly, so no one will see anything.”, said Kate.

“Ugh…fine, fine.”, sighed Abbie, and both girls took of their slippers and robes, and in a minute, they were already laying down on their bellies, on the massage mats.

“OK, just relax and enjoy your massages.”, said the Chinese woman, and the masseuses divided into two groups, one for each girl.

The tiny women started climbing the enormous bodies of Abbie and Kate. However, as soon as they started doing that, the blonde girl startled shaking.

“It tickles!”, she said, as her movement caused most of the masseuses to fall off onto the mat.

“Abbie, could you hold still? They can’t work if you keep moving.”, said Kate, annoyed.

“Well, it’s not my fault. It’s a reflex”, Abbie justified herself, “Their tiny hands and feet all over my body is too much.”

“Just try, please…”, said Kate.

“OK, OK, I’m sorry.”, said Abbie, as the tiny women started climbing her again. The tickling returned, and Abbie did her best not to shake them off again. She did move a little, but not enough to make them fall.

As they were all getting into position, Abbie felt an urge to scratch some itching on her back, so she reached her right hand there. As she scratched, her enormous hand’s knuckles knocked a few of the women off their feet. Kate just sighed.

“Sorry!”, said Abbie, as the women stood up again. The little ladies then started to massage all over their bodies, from the back of their necks, to the soles of their feet. This last part of the body, however, was too much for Abbie, as it was like someone was tickling her sole. As a reflex, she kicked her leg upwards, flinging the women on it onto her back.

“Will I have to tie you down, Abbie?”, asked Kate, while she enjoyed her massage.

“They’re doing it on purpose!”, says Abbie. “They wanted to tickle me!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Abbie.”, said Kate, closing her eyes.

“Fine, fine. I’ll try not to move, promise.”, said the blonde, letting the Chinese women get back in position.

They then, finally, started massaging Abbie. It did hurt a little, though.

“Ow, ow…Kate, it’s hurting.”, she said.

“That’s because they’re pressing precise spots that you need to be massaged.”, explained Kate. “The more it hurts, the more you need it, actually.”

“OK, fine…”, said Abbie, although it was still hurting her.

After a while, though, couldn’t endure it anymore. It was simply too painful for her, even if it was actually helping her. Without even warning, she rolled onto her back, pinning most of the women between the mat and herself.

“That’s it, I’m leaving.”, said Abbie, sitting up. Some girls were stuck to her bare back.

“What?! Are you insane? You can’t leave in the middle, I already told you. It’ll just hurt more, and longer if you do.”, said Kate, staring up at her friend.

“I don’t care.”, said Abbie, and stood back to her full height. The tiny women stared up at her, confused. Just then, the blondie realized what Kate was talking about. Her thighs and legs started to hurt, and even feel weak.

“Oh, boy…”, she said, as she started taking clumsy steps all over the mat, trying not to trip. This, of course, was terrifying for the masseuses. Each clumsy step that Abbie took shook the mat, causing many of them to trip and fall, making it difficult for them to try to avoid the giant feet.

The whole scene was actually hilarious for Kate, who just watched it. One step back and Abbie’s heel bumped against a group of them, knocking them on their backs. One step sideways and the side of her foot brushed many of them aside, as if she was sweeping. She sometimes kicked a few of them with the tip of her foot, and one unlucky woman even found herself pinned under the sole of Abbie’s left foot.

“Abbie, cut it out”, said Kate, chuckling. “You now are even more similar to Godzilla, hehe”.

“It’s not my fault. My legs feel numb. I can barely even stand. Actually…” she said, looking down. “Uh oh…”

And with that, her whole body started to shake. Her legs couldn’t hold her any longer. She just fell down on her bottom, causing a big tremor to the Chinese ladies, which caused them all to be knocked off their feet. That is, the ones who didn’t end up trapped under her bottom or her thighs, which was close to half of them.

Desperate, the tiny women stood up and ran towards Abbie, some using their tiny hands to try to lift her gigantic behind and thighs, while others pounded them, telling her to stand up. The Australian girl barely felt the tiny girls as they attacked her, but she still didn’t like it. Annoyed, she reached down and grabbed a handful of them in her hand. She then lifted them to face level. Only their tiny heads stuck out of her fist.

“You little bitches. This is all your fault!”, she said, squeezing them a little. They all screamed, staring up in horror at Abbie’s face. “That was so painful! And I can’t even walk now!”

Worried, Kate now decided it was time to intervene. She jumped up onto her feet, accidentally sending all her masseuses rolling down her back, bottom and legs, finally landing in front of her heels.

“Oops, sorry!”, she said, as she walked towards Abbie. “What the Hell are you doing?! Put them down!”

“They started it! They hurt me, so now I’m showing them how it is to feel sore.”, said the blonde.

“Now you’re acting like a kid. Put them down right now. We’re leaving”, commanded Kate.

Sighing, Abbie placed the women back on the mat. They all coughed for a few seconds, before, turning around and running. She then waited there for a few more minutes, so that her legs were both OK again. When they finally were, she stood back up to full height. Almost every woman who had been under her was now stuck to either one of her butt cheeks or her thighs. Noticing this, she simply brushed them off herself with her hand, as if they were dry leaves.

They both put on their bath robes and slippers and walked out of there. Kate was still upset.

“You shouldn’t have done that. Did you see their tiny faces? They were terrified!”, said Kate.

“Hey, what about me? I couldn’t walk because of them!, “Abbie defended herself.

“Still, you should go apologize to them”, said Kate.

“No way! They should apologize to me!”, replied Abbie. And without saying another word, they walked back to their room.

Later that night, Abbie woke up, startled. It was about 3:00 am. She tried to sit up, but she couldn’t. Looking around, she noticed that both her wrists and ankles were tied down tightly to the bed. She tried to break free, but couldn’t. Her body felt too weak. Then, before she could do anything, an army of tiny women started surrounding her. They were all tiny Chinese women.

Seeing them, she tried again to break free, but it was useless. Abbie then tried calling for Kate, but she was fast asleep and didn’t even move. Just then, one of them climbed her belly, staring up at her face.

“It’s payback time”, the diminutive woman said. “We’re going to give you the most painful massage you’ll ever feel. And when we’re done, you won’t be able to walk again, ever!”

Abbie tried desperately to break free, and started screaming. But to no avail. The tiny women were already climbing her body, and there was nothing she could do about it. She tried to shake her body to knock them down, but they were too many, and in a few seconds, they were all again on her body.

Suddenly, she woke up. She found herself sitting up on her bed, sweating.

“What’s going on, Abbie?”, asked Kate, still half asleep.

“Ummm…nothing, nothing. “, answered Abbie. “Just a nightmare.”

“Well, then go back to sleep”, said Kate.

It took Abbie more than an hour to fall asleep again. She was still too shaken. Next morning, though, the first thing she did was go straight back to the massage room to apologize to all the Chinese women.

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