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Story Notes:

My first attempt at a story after reading a lot of great ones, and a chance to incorporate some elements I've always wanted to try.

1. From Humble Beginnings

-What, so you want me to start from the beginning? I suppose, that would be of some help. Well my name is Franky I am just your everyday eighteen year old, standing a modest 5'6 in height, just recently completed my first year of college a little while ago and living on my own apartment for a little while until classes resume. I took up a job at a super-market to help support myself.

Oh wait, did I say "I am?" , I meant I was. Sadly, a run in with a friendly neighborhood stranger changed most of that. Anywho I guess I should cover this all from the beginning. -

" Gosh, I hate having to work until late at night." I moaned pretty tired while I walked through the automatic doors to the supermarket I was employed at. I could hear the sound of cars passing by and crickets in the depths of midnight. Lucky for me though I didn't have to drive since I lived close enough to walk along the sidewalk to get home.

I made my way walking and covered a fair amount of distance until I saw the frame of what appeared to be a girl, my vision of her was slightly obscured since she was standing right under the glare of the street light.

- Now of course like any sane person probably should've done, I could have walked on my merry way and paid no mind to an absolute random bystander at the middle of the night. But like a naively good sumaritan I decided to walk my dumbass over to her to see what wa- , matter of fact you'll see lets keep going-

Noticing the gal standing all by her lonesome I was thinking that maybe she could have been lost or something so I hurried my pace a bit so I could speak with her. " Um excuse me miss do you need any help or are you lost" I asked trying not to be nervous of talking to someone I had no familiarity with.

Much to my chargin my question was only replied by a series of giggles as she took a few steps closer to me so we were at eye contact. At this distance I was able to make out much more of her physical features. She had long dark brown hair with hazel eyes to match. As far as attire is concerned she wasw earing a short skirt, flipflops, and a light blue blouse.

While I took the time to scope out her appearance I noticed her beginning to speak. " I'm not lost at all, I was just here waiting." She said casually while smiling at me with her pearly white teeth. This girl made it sound like she did this often.

"Well that's um, fascinating. Have fun doing eer. .. whatever you're doing I guess." I responded, obviously rather bewildered by her answer. I also found her on the creepy side as well, so I quickly began to walk away from her. But, before I could get very far I felt her soft hand grab onto my wrist as she pulled me back. "H-hey! What do you think you're doing!" I asked with a much more irritated tone.

" Nothing, I've just been trying to find someone who seemed interesting to take all night, and you're the best candidate who has shown up thus far." Her face breaking into a very wide grin as she now was holding a gun in her free hand, and to make it worse she pointed it right at my body.

- That's when it hit me, I was about to be shot and killed like some sort of criminal. At that moment I thought my life would be over. . . .so I thought. Don't get me wrong my life was over, but in a far different way that I had imagined at the time.-

"You're kidding right?" I said desperately trying to delude myself into thinking she wasn't going to murder me and an attempt to mask the fear on my face. My efforts were to no avail though considering my body was singing a different tone, shaking so much you'd think I was butt naked in Antartica.

"Now now. Don't be afraid this won't hurt a bit." She said in almost a mocking tone as she pulled the trigger on her gun.

I wanted to back away and try to make a run for it, but I was far too late ( and scared). However, instead of a bullet sending me to my untimely death a bright green light encompassed my body. I started to feel my entire equlibrium feel distorted as my legs became wobbly. Things would only get worse as my vision started to blur and the whole landscape around me looked as if it was spinning around in a washing-machine. Before I knew it my body had collapsed to the concrete ground, with the last sight I could make out was the odd girl staring down at my frame. My lights were just about out as the sounds of her giggling was the last grace I was able to hear. I could faintly see her wink at me before my consciousness gave out completely.


Chapter End Notes:

Just a brief little intro. The first two chapters are posted right away to get into the gts content a little.

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