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Author's Chapter Notes:

Rewrote the beginning two chapters from time of original upload.

Ah, another day just cruising through life, the wind blowing through my hair as I drive through the open roads. What more can I ask for, I have money, fame, women, fast cars, luxury house, everything I've ever wanted. I'm on top of the world a carefree lifestyle doing whatever I please, each new possibility of a new day not prohibited by worries. This is the life.


" Matt, Matthew, Matthew! " Called out a voice that echoed in my skull, and in a matter of seconds my day-dream was shattered by my co-worker.


" Huh, what happened?" I said adjusting myself with reality.


" Can you please tell me where you sell coats for women?" Asked a lady in a dress politely.


" Sorry, all the way down in the back and then to your left you can't miss it." I responded, pointing in the respective direction she needed to go, she nodded and walked off.


" Are you day-dreaming again Matt?" Asked my co-worker Amelia while putting her hands to her hips, annoyed that she had to remind me I had occupational duties to do for the umpteenth time this shift.


" So what if I am, I'm about to get off anyway." I lazily replied, it's hard enough to focus on this job and the fact that it was almost closing time made my already poor work ethic plummet further.


" If you're so interested about dreaming, you should come sleep over at my place." Amelia flirtatiously said with a hand positioned to tease her long light chestnut brown hair, staring at me playfully with her equally beautiful hazel eyes. She had no qualms in using her somewhat exotic Mexican and Caucasian heritage to win over customers and generally had a very good way of captivating people. Even more impressive that she managed this at work where she had to dress conservatively, I'm sure I'd see a whole new side of her if I hung around her off duty.


" Very funny, how much do you charge per night ? " I joked, at 22 years old I'm not very interested in a 18 year old like Amelia. Not that I had a lot of free-time to dedicate to anything not work related, besides she was likely fresh out of high school and starting her first semester of college.


" Like you have room to be so sassy, I've had to go up into space and bring you back to Earth four times during your shift." Amelia smirked, removing the companies apron with the logo of the clothing store we worked for on it. " At your rate I'll be promoted before you and you'll be working for lil ol' me." She suggested, sounding amused by the thought. That certainly would be humbling, a petite 5'3 girl who's 4 years younger than I am outranking me at a job I started before her.


As Amelia and I continued to casually converse in the store for a few more minutes while walking I was ready to clock out and leave, until something had to spoil the moment. We both suddenly heard the intercom beep on and someone began to speak into it.


" Matthew Valon please report to my office, I repeat Matthew Valon please report to my office." A stern voice said, but not any voice the big kahuna herself, my boss Candace.


" Ooo someone's in trouble." Amelia teased like I was a student in elementary school who got called to the principal's office.


" I can't imagine why." I rolled my eyes, I have a hunch to what Candace wants to see me for so I may as well get it over with. " I'll see you later Amelia. " I said, beginning to make my way to Candace's office.


" Not unless you get fired." Amelia said in good fun before turning to leave the store.


I made my way to the back of the store in the employees only section and I can see Candace over at the distance her side facing me as she typed away at the computer. No use stalling so I walked in ready to face what she had to say to me.


" Hey Miss Candace, you called for me? " I asked walking in her office.


Candace remained quiet for a second not even acknowledging my presence before turning her rotating chair to face me. She was eyeing me down with expectant eyes.


" Sit down Mr. Matthews we need to talk." She said plainly, I walked up to the seat nearby that was across from her desk and took a seat.


" You know I've been gotten two customer complaints about you this month." Candace said holding up my employee file with her hand and tapping her red-painted nails on her desk. " Look I know you like to have your little fantasies of some day running a company like this one or whatever, but leave them at home. While you're here you work for me, someone who has already realized that goal. " Candace said, in a manner that seemed like she tooting her own horn.


" After all you haven't went to college, your work output is average at best, at your rate Amelia may surpass you in job duties. This job is all you have right now and you should be making more of an effort keep it, or rise up in the ranks to get closer to my level." And Candace was off, I pretty much went into auto-pilot as she lectured me, while wagging her finger at me, occasionally brushing her red hair over to the side. The worst part about her was the fact she legitimately attempts to sound consoling and polite, but usually comes off as a condescending adult trying to explain a complex subject to a child.


Candace overall is a very vain woman who stood as tall as she was proud at 6'0. She's a hot-shot manager of a big-time clothing store chain, so needless to say she was doing pretty well for herself. Albeit, she had the position stone engraved in advance considering her mother was the manager before she retired, and not so shockingly Candace got the position. In any case Candace was an attractive woman in her own right, but her overbearing, authoritative, superiority streak ruined any allure she had on men. Thus bringing her into late thirties and divorced twice over.


By no means though did this stop her from flaunting her status away whenever she could, she was always made up well, and wore a power-business suit to increase the air of high-standing she has. Hell, she's even found her way into a couple of magazine's which bloated her already inflated ego even further. I guess I should tune back into what she's blabbering about.


" So if you stay more focused maybe you can climb the corporate ladder and aspire to be more like me." Candace concluded with a smile, under the false impression that I hold her in high regards. The only thing I'll admit is being envious of her and a lot of famous people in general. Hearing about child stars, actors, or even people who have made names for themselves through social media doing simple things makes a struggling guy such as myself wonder what I'm doing wrong in life.


Sure there's a lot of other jobs that have a lot of potential for wealth, but I'm no where near smart enough for college to be a doctor or lawyer. I don't even have any talents for drawing, instruments, etc. At 5'8, glasses and straight black hair I'm kinda on the plain side so entertainment isn't in the cards either . At this rate my life seemed to be going I'd be some no-name average Joe for life.


" I trust we won't have to have this conversation again Mr. Matthews." Candace stood up to extend her hand outward for me to shake. I hated it when she loomed over me like that.


" Yes, thank you mam have a nice weekend." I said standing up and shaking her hand, Candace smiled then sat back down.


Turning to exit her office I took off my employee apron and clocked out. After leaving the store I was on the lookout for my car, it was pretty tough to find at the darkness of 11:00 p.m., but I managed. My old Mercedes wasn't anything to brag about. From behind me though I saw two head-lights shine which made me have to cover my eyes as someone pulled up beside me.


" See ya Monday Matt." It was Candace who pulled up by me with her window rolled down, waving at me before speeding off into the street. I think she was ducking out for me for the sole purpose of showing off her brand spanking new red sleek new ride, that put mine to utter shame.


Opening my door, I swept the seat clean of some of the old lottery tickets I played in false hopes that I could actually win something. It was a pretty uneventful ride about 10 minutes later I pulled up into the apartment complex I lived at and parked my car. No better way to spend a Friday night than working, bet other people my age partying the night away and looking forward to Saturday hangovers. Unfortunate but, I'm far too tired to do such things. I do have some friends I kept in contact with in high school who liked to enjoy themselves, but I was usually consumed with work to make enough money to pay rent.


It was a pretty quiet night, I guess everyone turned in early. Reaching into my pocket I found my keys however as I approached the door, I saw some light through the window and closed curtains. I'm pretty sure there weren't any lamps on when I left, as a matter of fact the curtains were open too when I left. Is someone inside!?


Not willing to take any chances, I found a stray boom and picked it up to use as a weapon. It may not be much but it's something, I opened the door and lunged straight swinging my broom all around expecting to be ambushed at any second.


When my nerves settled down and it registered that I was hitting nothing but air. I took a brief scope of the room to see if everything in tact. The front door only lead to the kitchen, so I best check to see if everything was okay. I was still feeling uneasy, so I closed the door preparing for the chance that if someone was in here at least they can't escape without me hearing the door open.


I walked further into my residence and I decided to check the living and what I saw nearly gave me a heart-attack. In clear sight a woman was sitting right on my sofa, legs-crossed, staring right at me.

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