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Author's Chapter Notes:

I still know the direction I'll take with Friend or Foe but, I wanted to take a break from writing it after the past several months.

Bonaparte's Session

1. Group Assembly

" Hurry up water boy!" Travis shouted at me to signal for me to hand him a towel. He's never called me by name Bishop. Oh well, I complied and went up to hand the star football player a towel since he just got finished showering after practice.

Sadly for me being the equipment manager/water-boy gives me the most menial tasks to perform for the team, especially this quarterback. Most of the team isn't that bad, but damn Travis and all his ego thinks he's already made the NFL. I'd love to burst his bubble however Travis is one of the last people I should make an enemy out of. At a stock 6'1, and about 200 pounds this high school senior was nothing short of a Goliath. With me at a unimpressive 5'5 junior at 16 I'm at a severe mismatch.

Actually in total I hear there are about five students that everyone else should really avoid getting on their bad side since they can "socially destroy" you ( or physically in Travis's case). Being at the bottom of the social pyramid myself I don't know th details of most of those people besides the occasional rumor. In case you haven't guessed Travis is one of them for obvious reasons. All and all he's mainly a very unpleasant person to be around.

The only reason I'm in his vicinity is my need for an extracurricular activity and this was all that was open. Being the lackey of the football team and all the jokes, disrespect, and sometimes bullying that comes with it. It's not that bad since I tend to keep a low profile, although it's still not the most bearable job.

At it's surface this is a pretty good school with some of the best test grades in the states and has won numerous competitions and awards. At it's core it had the same issues that many other high schools face, perhaps even worse. Thus bringing us to today with me catering to this average jock after school handing whatever he needs after he calls for it.

" Hmph. Took you long enough to get me everything I needed. I suggest you shape up before I get angry." Travis scoffed stepping out of the shower after drying himself. I know any back talk will end with him trying to intimidate me with his size to make me agree with anything he says.

While I was waiting for Travis to simply get dressed so I can go home I heard the school's intercom turn on and someone speak into it.

" Travis, Anderson, Leslie, Meridith, and Xavier please report to the vacant in school suspension room immediately." The voice sounded serious and stern. Oddly, that sounded nothing like the principal.

" Tch, come on Bish." Travis said, Bish was Travis's common misuse of my name. I don't like it because it sounds too similar to "bitch". Albeit I think he knows that considering he sometimes yell out bitch when there's people around only to quickly correct himself with a smug grin.

" What?" My name wasn't called though."

" Did I asked that? Get your ass moving!" Barked Travis as he headed out the locker room. Realizing the pointless endeavor of using reason I followed.

On our way walking I was wondering who some of the other students were. I know of Travis, Meridith, and Leslie. But Anderson, Allysa, and Xavier escapes my limited know how entirely. Plus I wonder why they're all being called to the former room for I.S.S. students, it hasn't been used in years since some construction. Better yet how does the announcer know all those people are still on school ground at nearly 5:00 p.m. ?

Once we finally reached the room on the other side of the campus we both entered the empty room. It was pretty dull to say the least, paint cracking on the wall, only one desk in the middle of the classroom, and an old chalkboard that for some reason had the names of all of the students that were called to the room written on it.

" Hey! What's the big idea!?" Shouted Travis not amused if this was all some false-alarm.

" Shut up muscle boy, I'm glad I'm not the only one who showed up." Leslie entered the room in her cheerleader's uniform, being the senior captain she's pretty popular. Standing at 5'6, bleach blonde hair, and green eyes she was an object of many student's desires.

" What this better not be one of Xavier's pranks. I'll beat the shit outta him." Travis had a violent streak too if you hadn't noticed that either.

" Relax Travvy I haven't done anything, I almost though we were all in trouble." I guess that guy must be Xavier. He was a fairly tan guy with straight black hair.

" Like I've ever gotten busted for anything." Leslie said rolling her eyes. I sorta feel out of place here as some of the most popular students are in here, and they seem to know each other.

After a few moments two more students arrived. A somewhat lanky male at 5'10 with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

" Wait so everyone is here?" Anderson asked , he was glancing over at Leslie seeming to eye her up and down.

" Almost creep now get your eyes off of me." Leslie looked at Anderson with a visible look of disgust on her face.

" Alright what's going on in here, being in a vacant room is against the school's policy! The last guest has arrived, Meridith standing at 5'11 and long brown hair, the student body president who loved sticking her position in student's faces with strict enforcing of even the most trivial of rules. " As student body president I will not allow this!"

" Oh can it your majesty we were all called here. " Xavier rebutted.

" I know, but the principal is gone so I came here to punish whoever feigned the announcement!" Meridith proudly stated.

" What?!? We got duped, boy I'm gonna thrash whoever set me u-" Before Travis could finish his threat the footsteps of another student came in.

" Good afternoon, I'm glad you all made it." She said. That was Leala Bonaparte at 4'10 she was very small, but with shoulder length light brown hair and hazel eyes some people would consider her rather attractive in a quiet sort of way.

Everyone went quiet as she idly walked to the front of the classroom ignoring us all completely. Leala was without a doubt the number one of the school by academic standards. Winner of multiple intellectual competitions, perfect gpa, unblemished attendance. But that didn't come without consequence, she was a very quiet girl who I almost thought was a mute since she rarely spoke to anyone and a stone cold loner. Because of her high marks she earned lots of recognition from the school, but also ridicule being perceived as stuck-up, a midget, brat, etc. A part of me can relate to the ridicule and felt sorry for her.

" My name is Leala Bonaparte, lately I've decided the you six's antic shave gotten to a point of intolerable levels. So I've decided to remedy the problem." She simply remarked while everyone including myself looked in bewilderment.

" You little squirt who the fuck do you think you are?" Travis's loud mouth sounded of first and the other four joined in too yelling out insults to Leala who simply turned away and left the room, closing the door behind her.

" Did that half-pint turn her back on me!?" Leslie's anger flared up next and stormed over to the door trying open it, only for it not to budge at all.

" As student body president I will see to it you're punished accordingly!" Meridith declared walking over to the door, trying to pull it open as well producing no results.

" Pft, weak-asses lemme show you how it's done." Travis stomped over next and tried to tug on the door with much more force to no results. " God dammit!"

Myself and the rest of the students looked on until a small can nozzle slightly protruded from the bottom of the door, that got all of our attention. Then out of nowhere the can sprayed open in vigorously spraying out a weird-gas.

" What is this shit?" Anderson said backing up. I did the same along with everyone else but the gas was filling up the room and we all started to cough profusely. The gas obstructed our vision as well, leading us to blindly navigate in the room.

It took a bit of time but the cans contents emptied out and the gas soon dissipated, at that exact moment the door opened once more.

Chapter End Notes:

Bishop will mainly serve as a spectator and won't become too vital to the story until later.

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