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The rest of the afternoon flew by, and things were relatively quiet, an all-too strange occurrence given her job. Lauren wasn't used to peace. She was used to some uppity model exploding into her office and demanding to speak to her over her pay, a shoot, or something equally asinine. Lauren usually handled such matters by slipping her shoes off and plopping her bare feet directly in front of the tiny, angry models. It took a varying amount of time, but they always gave up upon realizing they were being ignored.

“Excuse me! I need to speak with you about something!”

Lauren's ears perked up. She'd installed tiny microphones at the tiny doorway to her office so people could get her attention in the event she hadn't noticed their tiny bodies waiting for her. She'd regretted it almost immediately after, when realizing just how common it was for her work to be interrupted by her employees.

“This is important!”

Sighing, Lauren stood and walked to the platform jutting out from her wall, and squinted at the tiny whining girl. She wanted to simply push her back outside of the tiny door and leave her be, but knew it would be better to at least hear her out. Who knows, maybe this was the one in a thousand case that actually required her intervention.

“Yes?” Lauren asked loudly, her voice booming around the entire room, as she stood over the tiny, flinching girl. Not many of her features could be made out from this height, but Lauren was glad to see that even though she herself was nearly double the tiny model's age, and not quite as rail thin, she still compared favorably. It was a point of pride to her, and there were few things she enjoyed more than using her huge, gorgeous body to intimidate her tiny, scared models into subservience.

“Well?” Lauren asked again, folding her arms over her chest. She really did want to know what the little girl wanted, but honestly couldn't resist flaunting her extreme size. She wondered what the view must have been like for that little girl, staring up at her towering boss, and she giggled, realizing that her face would have been completely obscured behind her prodigious chest.

“I-It's the new girl!” The shivering model suddenly shouted.

“New girl?” Lauren asked, raising an eyebrow. She was hiring models all the time, and hadn't the foggiest idea who the tiny woman could be talking about. There was a new girl every minute!


Lauren searched her mind for the name. Keira? It wasn't ringing any bells. She'd never admit it out loud, but many of Lauren's picks for models were based off of the person's previous works and their head shots. Names just weren't something she focused on, and honestly found little reason to learn.

“Oh, right. Keira.” Lauren nodded knowingly. She may have been lying through her teeth, but admitting that she had no idea who the girl was talking about would have been a sign of weakness. She may be many things to her subordinates, but she wouldn't allow weak to be one of them.

“She's... she's...” The girl began, choking up slightly.

Lauren raised an eyebrow. Normally model squabbles were over idiotic things. Water not being shared, clothes not fitting properly, things like that. She couldn't even remember a time when a model came up to her in tears, and she couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for the little woman.

“She...?” Lauren asked, focusing on keeping a calm, neutral demeanor.

“She made us kiss her feet!” The tiny model said, before breaking down into tears. “It was awful! Please, you have to fire her!”

Lauren eyed the tiny model far, far below her. She'd never dealt with something quite like this before. While the occasional new hire who was too big for her britches demanded her attention, it was nothing a bit of sheer intimidation couldn't cure. The average uppity model had only ever made demands too high though, and never forced her co-workers to worship her feet.

Looking down at her own pretty feet, Lauren wiggled her bare toes. She'd taken good care of her feet, and she smiled at the thought of a tiny bikini-clad model begging for forgiveness under her toes. It'd be a learning experience for the both of them.

“Alright, I'll have a talk with her. Don't worry...” Lauren said, trailing off as she realized she didn't know this model's name either. “Don't... don't worry... you.” She said, smiling weakly, and hoping the girl didn't notice.

“Thank you.” The small girl choked out between sobs.

With that, the tiny girl turned around and, wiping her face clean of tears, opened the tiny door in the wall. Lauren watched her leave, and waited for the door to close before sighing heavily. Walking back to her desk she sat in the chair heavily, and tapped a button situated beneath a speaker on her desk.

“Yes Miss Sinclair?” A voice crackled through the speaker a second later.

“Two things Bridget, first, stop calling me Miss Sinclair. Second, I'm going to need you to call a Miss 'Keira' to my office.” Lauren asked sweetly.

“Just a moment!” Bridget responded. A long, uncomfortable silence followed, before the scratchy sound came back on. “By the way, the name you're looking for is Flynn, Lauren. Keira Flynn, and she was hired just this month.” Bridget chided.

“Yeah yeah yeah, just call her in.” Lauren said, glad no one was around to see her face turn red.

“I'm sorry, but Keira left about an hour ago Lauren. I can have her come visit you first thing tomorrow though!” Bridget offered apologetically.

“Oh I suppose that'll be fine.” Lauren sighed. She was disappointed that she wouldn't get to put a tiny person in their place today, but there was nothing she could do about that. “One more thing Bridget, back sass me again and you're in big trouble.” She teased.

“Oh I'm sooo scared Miss Sinclair” Bridget answered flirtingly. “You're welcome, by the way. Goodbye.”
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