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Thankfully there wasn't much left of the day, and the entire building was empty in roughly an hour. Always the last one out, Lauren was careful that she didn't intentionally hurt, or break anything belonging to or made up of her employees. The walk home was short, as all the giantes-sized buildings were built in the same section of town, ensuring as few people as possible found themselves in a potentially dangerous position.

“I'm home.” Lauren said, opening the front door to her home and flicking the light switch on. Her husband, already in a tiny bed on top of her dresser, stirred at the sound of her entrance. A long, winding staircase ran up the side of the building sized piece of furniture, which helped to keep the tiny man in shape.

“Oh now you're too tired to keep me company?” She asked her tiny husband, disappointed.

“I'm sorry honey, I'll make it up to you tomorrow.” James yawned, before curling back up into bed.

Lauren frowned. Having her way with her tiny husband had been part of her after work schedule every day for years, but these past few weeks he was always too tired to play with her. She could have forced him to service her anyway, but she didn't want to injure the man. At least, she didn't think she did.

“Ok sweetie. I'll see you tomorrow.” She said, the disappointment evident in her voice.

There was no response.

Shaking her head, she flicked the lights back off, before climbing into the tremendous bed that the dresser stood beside. She feared she was drifting apart from her husband, and was hoping it wasn't her size, or something she couldn't help that was causing it. Her mind briefly wandered to more terrible thoughts, but she shook them away. There was no way that James was being unfaithful.

Hours later, the sun was beginning to rise, and James was already gone. He liked to do his daily shopping early, so it wasn't out of the ordinary for him to be gone, but it still saddened Lauren's morning. With a sad, heavy sigh, she went through her daily rituals before work, and stepped outside of her house. The morning traffic was light, and she gingerly maneuvered her big feet through the giantess lane, making sure she didn't accidentally step onto the much softer, and more yielding tarmac of the tiny lanes.

A minute later, she stepped into her office, closing the door behind her. Slipping her shoes off, she wondered if there was some sort of grand gesture she could make to get her husband as eager to see her as she was to see him.


Nearly falling back from the sudden voice, Lauren turned and followed it to the wall, quickly spotting her tiny husband. Floating just over his head was a minuscule heart shaped balloon. She had no idea what he was here for, but was happy to see more of him, a fact she made no effort to hide.

Plucking him from his standing spot, she pressed the tiny man into her massive chest, hugging him as tightly as she dared. She could feel his flailing limbs try to break free of the hold, but she was so deeply into the moment that she ignored it.

“Why are you here?” Lauren asked through a wide smile, keeping him pressed against her chest.

The faintest muffled whisper of a voice could be felt against her skin, and she laughed, knowing he was trying to speak. Easing up on the pressure, she carefully raised him to her face in her cupped hands.

“I... I just...” James began, gasping for air. “I just wanted to pay a visit to my favorite giantess!” He finally managed to say, taking in more lungfuls of oxygen.

“Oh... that's so sweet!” Lauren said, before lowering her face to her palms. She could see that James was trying to make another run for it, but she followed him slowly, pursing her lips for a huge, wet kiss.

Her lips pressed into the man, covering most of his body and pressing him between them and the soft skin of her palms. Though he was happily married to a giantess, there were some things James was certain he'd never grow accustomed to, and kissing was one of them. It was never as pleasant an experience for his tiny body as it was for her own. His entire body would be enveloped in soft skin, which began nice, but the pressure would increase until it was airtight, and a desperate quest for air. Instead of giving him any air, she'd just part her lips, and press her wet tongue against his body. It was all too clear that she'd never kissed someone her own size, and he suspected she was picking up all her moves from romantic movies. While he appreciated the gesture, it simply didn't translate with their size difference, and his body was always left coated in a translucent layer of warm saliva.

Finally removing her lips from her sticky husband, Lauren giggled at his soaking wet appearance. Her saliva flowed over his body slowly, and she struggled not to laugh as he struggled to remove the thick, cloying liquid from around his nose and mouth. He was just so cute when he needed air!

“Well, you can watch me work from the top of my desk!” She said, picking her wet husband up nonchalantly and carrying him to her desk. “I think you'll like this, my first order of business is a matter of... discipline.” Lauren said mischievously.

He'd never admit it to his wife, but had a feeling she knew anyway. Watching Lauren abuse the power she'd been granted, both physically and financially was the sort of thing he loved to watch. He knew she'd never seriously injure anyone, but she certainly would take them for a ride.

“Miss Sinclair?”

“Yes Bridget?” Lauren asked with a sigh, tapping the button on her desk, and rubbing her other finger along her husband's tiny head.

“Keira Flynn is ready to see you.”

“Send her in.” Lauren chirped, before kicking her feet up onto her desk. Her feet were her most commonly used intimidation tactic. They were huge, powerful, and displaying them so brazenly would unnerve any normal-sized person. After all, she was above them in not only position, but she could fit a dozen of them under her lowest body part!

Then, an entirely unfamiliar sound echoed through the office. Someone was turning open the door that she entered her office with! Lauren's confidence plummeted in an instant. No one but herself had ever opened that door. They were all tiny. She was the giantess. How could someone else do that?

Then, in stepped another giantess. With smooth pale skin and bright red hair, she looked the very definition of a supermodel, and even gave Lauren a run for her money in looks. Or, she would, had she not walked in wearing an absurdly revealing bright-green bikini. She sauntered into the room, shutting the door behind her and smiling at the seated Lauren.

“H-Hello.” Lauren began, beginning to regret her passive attitude at hiring models. When did her talent scouts signed on another giantess? Why had she approved it?! Now this huge, gorgeous woman didn't look the least bit intimidated by the giantess Lauren and her sleek suit. Her mind desperately looked for a way to handle the new change to her situation, she caught some movement from the top of her desk.

“Hello!” James shouted from atop Lauren's desk, waving at the new giantess. The sound caught the attention of the new giantess, and she bent forward, quickly spotting the man on the desk. The simple movement caused her massive breasts to wobble about dangerously in her skimpy top, which completely captured James's full attention. This wasn't lost on Keira, who winked at him, before blowing him a kiss, and giggling girlishly as he toppled over.

“So what am I being called in for?” Keira asked suddenly, never taking her eyes off Lauren's tiny husband.

“I-It's... um.” Lauren stuttered, watching the model flirt with her husband. The worst part was that James wasn't exactly ignoring her approach! The giantess Keira held him completely under her spell, and Lauren felt like a dagger forged of solid betrayal was digging into her heart. She began to question their living arrangements as betrayal boiled up inside of her. The fact that he didn't seem as happy to see her anymore, the fact that he was always so tired when she got home from work, his constant disappearances before she even woke up! Could her husband have been cheating on her?! The proof was right there. Another woman was flirting with him and he just sat there and allowed it to happen.

“It's about your behavior.” Lauren said, her tone icy. “I've been told you forced the other models to do things for you?”

“Really? Who complained?” Keira asked, winking at the tiny James before standing back up to her full height, and leaving the little man behind. “Part of the shoot was having the tiny, pretty little girls crawl all over my toes...” She said, shivering. “It was supposed to be a secret, since the photographer figured a few of the others wouldn't exactly be... willing to participate.” Keira finished, smiling mischievously and running her fingers through her fiery red hair.

“Of course, I'm sure this little man...” Keira said, addressing James. “Would love to have been in their place.” She taunted, before stretching one of her naked, toned legs up, and slamming her bare foot onto the desk. The entire structure shook, and both giantesses watched as the tiny James tried to ignore the perfect toes on the desk, but stole constant glances back towards them anyway.

“Please take your foot off of my desk.” Lauren said between clenched teeth as. The foot slid off, as ordered, but Lauren found it difficult to still her beating heart. She'd started this meeting angry with Keira, but it was very quickly shifting to anger at her unfaithful husband. “Very well, I'm sure we'll get this resolved. You may leave now.” She told Keira, clenching her fists tightly.

“I'm sure we will.” Keira smiled. “And I'm sure this little man wouldn't mind having me come visit again, would he?” She added, bending over again and providing him another amazing eyeful. He was absolutely helpless to her charms, and simply enjoyed his eyeful for as long as he could.

“Please leave now.” Lauren said, the anger beginning break through her voice.

Keira smiled at her boss, blowing another kiss to the tiny man, and turning around. Adjusting the bottom of her bikini, she made sure James got one final eyeful before sauntering out of the office as sexily as she'd walked in. A second later, the door was closed, and the two were left to their own devices.
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