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Author's Chapter Notes:

No giantess action in this chapter, though there is some romantic action.

My other story lacks depth for now. The reason for that is that I'm not writing it in chronological order, like I will be for this one. So until I feel like continuing that one, I'll just work on this one. Tell me what you think!

Sometimes, I like to stare up at the stars, and think about life. Typically it'll be one in the morning, I can't sleep, all of my constant thinking has got me depressed, life is giving me the opposite of my daydreams and fantasies, and I just give up trying. The stars always calm me down, along with the fresh outdoor air, the nicely mowed grass of my backyard, the smell of lemons coming from the lemon tree, and the company of the neighborhood cat. Everyone calls him a different name, but he responds to us all because we all feed him, take care of him, and love him. A night like this is just so peaceful, I'll just fall asleep out here, with my mind wondering a million different directions.

"Kayla." I hear an echoing voice call out to me. The space around me is complete blackness, and I'm running from something. I don't know what, but I'm scared to death. "Kayla." The voice calls out again. It sounds warm and familiar. "Kayla." It says again, but this time it's normal. I recognize it as the voice of my mother, Holly, and I open my eyes. Her eyes are so dark that you can't even tell she has pupils, and her hair matches that. She has a really cute, well defined nose. Really high cheekbones. A perfect face that never needs makeup. I'm always amazed when I look at her. She's so beautiful it makes me jealous. Jealous of my own mom. It also confuses me.

You see, in biology class, I learned that human genes have these things called alleles. The alleles for black eyes and the alleles for black hair are dominant over blue eyes and blonde hair. To anyone who isn't familiar with this, it basically means that I should also have black hair and black eyes... but I don't. My eyes are bright green, almost glowing. And my hair is white-blond. It's even more confusing that my dad shares my mom's eye and hair color. From that, they would both have to be carriers of blonde hair and blue eyes, and I would have to have obtained both of those specific alleles from both of my parents.

In a nutshell, my eye and hair color are extremely unlikely.

"Don't you work today?" She asked in her soothing voice. Basically, I work part time as a secretary. The job pays really well and is relatively easy... but my boss is a creep. I always find him eyeing me when he thinks I can't see him, even though there are mirrors in the room. Does he think he's a vampire or something? To any guys that are reading this, a girl knows when you look at her breasts or butt. We just do. Even if it's just for a second, it's five seconds in boob time. Typically we don't mind... we know that you're a guy and that's just what you do. But when you're 40 years old, try not to eye up the minors.

"Yeah." I responded reluctantly with a raspy, morning voice. I don't care who you are or how much I love you, I wont be nice or polite to you before noon.

"Okay, well it's nine in the morning." She kindly informed me. She was always very patient and knew how to sound caring, without being pushy or naggy. She's a one in a million parent. I gave her a simple nod as acknowledgement and after a smile, she returned to the house. She knew that if I wasn't in my room in the morning, I was out here.

"How are you never eaten up by bugs, Kayla?" My little sister Alexis spat out rudely to me, once she found my brushing my teeth in the bathroom. She shared the rest of my family's qualities. Black hair, black eyes, beautiful face... well endowed. That kind pissed me off, really. Not like I want to be her up, but more like... okay I want to beat her up. She's 14 years old and she has bigger boobs and a nicer ass than me. Like, what the hell? My mom and my older sister, Katie, both literally have to order custom bras. Alexis is almost there, and me? I'm a b-cup. It's not terrible, but having to be compared to my family all the time still annoys me. A lot.

I just gave her a shrug, since my mouth was full of toothbrush. "Well I think you're half mosquito or something. I mean, you're ugly enough to be a bug." She, once again, rudely spat out. She goes out of her way to annoy me and cause me pain for some inexplicable reason. I guess the reason is that she's a little sister, so that's her job. How much does that pay? Must be pretty high. I should get in on that.

Once I finished up, I just walked over to the door, glared at her while she stood there with her hands at her sides all cocky... looking down at me. Yeah. She's five and a half feet tall, 14 years old, and she's looking down at me. I had a three year head start on her, but somehow she caught up. I tried to close the door calmly, but it ended up being louder and more forceful than that. A giggle from the other side, and I turned on the shower.


"Kayla." A man mindlessly addressed me as I made my way out the kitchen door. My father, Brad. He always kind of neglected the family and focused more on work. He was really well built and tall... I'd be intimidated by him if I saw him on the street.

"Yeah?" I asked a bit rebelliously. I admit, my dad got on my nerves. He never paid us any attention, so when I did I knew it was an act.

"Where you headed?"

"To work."

"You have a job?" He remarked, shocked. He even put down his newspaper. See what I mean? An act. He didn't even know that I worked during the summer, and I had been doing that since last year.

"Yeah dad, I'm a secretary." I threw the words at him, like a friend might do when they're telling you their birthday the day of. He gave me a nod of approval and continued with his newspaper.


On my way to the car, someone pulled up. My older sister, Katie. In my opinion, she's the prettiest in the family. But she's pretty in that 'I can get what I want' kind of way. She loves the whole family, but for some reason she acts a bit neglecting towards me. Not totally, but it's been getting worse since her 18th birthday two years ago. Maybe she just thinks she's too old to talk to anyone under 18 now, or maybe it's because she's distanced herself from me by only living with us on the weekends, and living in the dorms at her college during the week.

When she got out of the car, she was holding a bible. Another quirk of my family, aside from being tall, beautiful, naturally amazing bodies, and being extremely well endowed. They're all very religious. Like... super, super religious. Church every Sunday (I get out of that because of work), family dinners and prayers before eating, etc. etc..

She gave me a "Morning." And a nod before going right past me and into the house. I wonder what goes through her mind. I wonder why she doesn't like me as much as she used to.

...I wonder a lot of things.


Now, my family thinks I start work at 11:00 am. But I actually start at 12:00 pm. I told them that I start at eleven, because I have a special someone that I meet up with every day, an hour before. Now, I stand in the alley at the back of my work building.

"You're late." I heard behind me. It was the sexiest voice anyone could have, owned by the sexiest, most beautiful face and body anyone could ever have, owned by the most perfect and caring personality anyone could ever have. I looked at my watch; 10:55 am. She loved teasing me. I turned around to see her, and my heart skipped a beat.

Before I continue; no, those weren't spelling mistakes, and yes, she's a girl. I thanked chance that I didn't have to go to church, because I hate God. I mean, I don't believe in him, but I still hate him. I guess it's because if my family ever knew about my... interests, than due to their beliefs, they would disown me. But yes, she's a girl. The most beautiful girl you could possibly lay eyes on.

Standing just a few inches taller than me, I look up into the ice blue, piercing, intense eyes of Emilia Haynes. Her absurdly gorgeous, long brown hair was down and a little messy... just how I liked it. Her skin was as smooth as a baby's, and her absolutely flawless face deserved to be considered a national treasure. My eyes took a trip down the rest of her shapely body.

I saw the collar of her black t-shirt, which gave me relief, because if she wore low-cut shirts, she wouldn't be able to keep the guys OR girls off of her. The jeans she wore also helped, along with tennis-shoes. Her modesty was very relieving.

My eyes made it to the top of her intoxicating hourglass figure before I had to stop moving them, just to take in what I had seen. Half a year now, and I still lose my breath at the sight of her. Suddenly, I catch sight of a finger gently running across her perfect, perky, c-cup breast. An electric shock runs from my finger down my spine, giving me chills and making my hair stand on end as I realize that the finger is my own. My breathing is intensifying, my body getting hot, my mind getting flustered, and I have to bring my eyes back up to her face as my finger moves around with a mind of its own. Her smirk nearly makes me wet myself, as her eyes stare through mine directly to my heart and soul, telling me that it's alright. Only a few moments had passed, and already the sexual tension was so high I felt like I would burst.

I couldn't help it. My eyes traveled back down to her hourglass, mind-meltingly sexy body, and this time I barely managed to get past her breasts, which my finger was magnetized to, searching for the spot where it would finally be released from her tit's passive gravitation. I reached her stomach, and even that made my heart race, but I could at least carry on traveling. When I got to her godly hips, I felt a finger touch the bottom of my chin, and barely lift it up, so that my eyes met her's once more.

"You know, there's a person under these clothes." I watched her luscious, full lips move as the voice of a goddess passed through them. Her tone was impossibly seductive. When I spoke, it sounded like a crow in comparison to her voice.

"How are you so sexy?" I said nervously, almost jealous, but more in admiration and disbelief. I couldn't be sexy or romantic around her. My mind wasn't exactly functioning at the moment.

"That's sure something coming from you." She had actually just indicated that I looked better than her. Saying ANYONE could look better than her was just a blatant lie... needless to say someone who looked like me.

"Right..." I was speechless at the notion.

"I'm serious." She smiled, her breathtaking eyes locked on mine. I couldn't look away. I think she could tell from my expression that I honestly didn't believe her. "You know what I love so much about how you look?"

"What?" Admittedly, I was milking her a bit for compliments. I mean, I honestly didn't believe I was prettier than her, but hearing compliments from her was like a delicacy.

"For one, you have the prettiest green eyes of any person alive." I smiled immediately. "You have the brightest, most perfect smile I've ever seen." In my opinion, hers was prettier, but the compliment forced me to bite my lip. "You have full lips, smooth skin," She reached for my hair and started to play with it, which nearly made me faint. "Your hair is soft as silk, and I'd look at it sooner than I'd look at a sunset on the beach." The moment was sappy, yeah. And that line just made it even sappier. But I was soaking it up like a sponge. "Your body speaks volumes of your athletic nature." My face was about to melt off. I knew that it was as red as a tomato at this point. "And you have such a gentle face, it makes me want to just..." Her face began to move in towards mine.

I knew what was coming. I don't know how it was possible, but somehow my heart started beating faster. My breathing pace increased. My finger rubbing her breast suddenly became a full hand caressing it. I felt a hand run into my right breast so hard it pushed me back an inch so that my back slammed against the wall. I closed my eyes reluctantly, yet willingly. I didn't want to stop looking at her face, but I wanted the moment to mean something, and I wanted the moment of contact to be a surprise. The hand that was playing with my hair stopped, and I felt it touch my face and gently start caressing it. Any more excitement and I might get a heart attack. I was too preoccupied to notice that my panties were getting soaked. Just the anticipation was enough to kill me. And then it happened.

I felt her lush, plump lips connect with mine just barely. It happened in slow motion, but it was sudden, and sent a shock to my brain and spine so intense I thought I started to hallucinate about a woman's sudden, muffled cry for help. It sounded too pleasured to be that though, and it turned out to be my own moaning voice. It felt like an eternity that our lips stayed there, just touching eachother. She was teasing me. She knew I wanted more, and she knew that I was too shy around her to do anything about it. She loved pushing my buttons, and it came to her as easily as breathing. Finally, her lips began to move, and mine followed. Her breath smelled of lemon, and her lips tasted of it. It reminded me of all the times I laid down underneath the romantic stars. It calmed me down, which I think is a good thing because if it hadn't calmed me down, I would either have died of heat stroke or a heart attack. Or both.

Our lips continued moving. I could feel the kiss getting more intense, as our lips' little movements became bigger and bigger movements, until we began swapping saliva. It tasted of lemons again, and every now and then, I could feel her teeth barely bite down on my lips and pull away. Secretly, I was wishing she would increase the frequency that this happened, but it was increasing a little over time. My mind was so occupied with her and this kiss, that I had almost forgotten about my hand, which was relentlessly squeezing her breast. Somehow, my other hand had made contact with her other giant breast. They were so big that even in a shirt and bra, they squeezed out between my fingers. I figured out that each time I squeezed them hard, she would pull my head in closer, or bite my lip again. So I squeezed harder and harder, more and more. Each time I squeezed, she would squeeze my breast harder. And each time she did, I felt like I would cum right then and there. I hoped so badly that her tongue would slither out of her mouth and force mine to do the same. Eventually, it did. It's slimy surface started feeling around my mouth like an arm swinging around desperately in the dark. Finally, I slid my tongue into her mouth, and she pressed me into the wall even harder.

Sadly, every kiss must end. After a few more endless moments, she bit my lip extra hard, and pulled away. The hair on my neck stood on end, my eyes were dilated like I was on drugs, my heart beat against my chest with all of its might, a feeling of euphoria had taken over me. Kissing her was like sex.

We both just stood there, foreheads leaning against eachother, breathing desperately. My hands had stopped destroying her breasts, and her hand had stopped destroying mine.

"I love you." She gasped, out of breath.

"I love you." I did the same. It took us a minute or two to catch ourselves, but finally, she pulled away from me and leaned against the wall beside me. The fun was over.

"I have to leave early today." She said, still catching her breath a little. My heart dropped to my stomach.

"How come?" I yelped like a child.

"My parents. They told me they need my help today. I wasn't even supposed to come at all but... this is my favorite part of every day." Her words always made everything better. They didn't even have to mean anything, but when they did, it was just that much better. I sadly nodded, and she put her arms around me in a hug. We embraced eachother for a while, she kissed me on the cheek, and she walked away. I stared at her butt the entire time she walked... she teased me even with her back turned, and on accident. A sigh, and I walked through the back entrance of the building.

"Time for work."

Chapter End Notes:

Hopefully it's good. I have a plan for it, but I'm not entirely sure what I'll put in it, so I'll be adding genres as I go.

Suggestions, reviews, and criticisms appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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