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Pete sighed. That was the painful voice there of Mandy Sharp, his 40-something year old boss. Pete walked out from his little box he calls an office and walked to the office which Mandy occupied. He walked in and shut the door behind him and looked at Mandy with a dull look.

When he first started working for Axel Insurance, Mandy was a nice woman. She was also somewhat flirtatious with him every now and then. Even though Mandy was twice his age, he longed for Mandy's body. The light brown-dark blonde thick hair waved down over the sides of her beautiful face. She was beginning to wrinkle, but it did her favours rather than make her look old. Her dimpled smile was now more obvious and cute. The hair sat on her shoulders which were covered by her usual white blouse, which was opened just above her cleavage, which was a big tease considering the, not large but very round breasts she hid away from prying eyes. Her skirt showed off her tight legs which was wrapped by nylons and her feet were covered in smart heels.

This was 2 years ago and now she was nothing more than a bitch towards Pete. He was never sure if there was a personal hatred towards him for some reason or whether she was now just generally a bitch.

"Don't give me that look!" Mandy snapped at Pete.

"Mandy, what is it now? I've done the reports on the Hawk's case! I've handed them in about an hour ago!" Pete whined.

"Yes I got those thanks!" Mandy, again, snapped back. "So what are you doing now?" Pete hesitated for only a moment, but a moment long enough for Mandy to pick it up. "Nothing! Exactly! GET WORKING ON THE CLIENT MASTER REPORTS, LIKE I ASKED YOU ABOUT 2 WEEKS AGO!" Mandy yelled at him.

"Mandy, for fuck's sake! I don't do client reports! That's for admin, I've got about 3 clients of my own..."

"Pete..." Mandy started with a low tone. "Do as I ask and get those reports done! NOW!"

"Listen Mandy, I've had enough! What job am I doing huh? I'm just a guy on a phone for a shitty insurance company!" He was aware of the many faces looking into Mandy's office. "I'm not supposed to do reports or anything like that. You want me to do that? Give me their salary! If not, then stuff your job!" Pete said back angrily. He wasn't afraid of standing his ground but most of the time, he couldn't be bothered making a fuss. Mandy had never seen this side of him. She looked from him into the main office room through her glass windows. She got up and walked over to the blinds, waved everyone back to work and when they all got back to their duties, she shut the blinds and walked back to her desk and sat on the edge, on Pete's side and she crossed her arms.

"I see you've grown a bit of an attitude on you now," Mandy started. "I don't think that's acceptable, do you?" Mandy asked.

"Well I quit this poxy job!" Pete began to walk away, but before he walked out, he had a thought. Something to say. He walked back towards Mandy who had now walked behind her desk. "I just want to say that when I first started here, you were amazing! A good laugh and hot!" Mandy smirked a little. "No seriously, you were! But then you turned into this wretched bitch! Why? Tell me now, why? Did I offend you? Did I attack you in some way?" Pete demanded.

Mandy thought for a second. She smiled just before replying "I just wanted to watch you suffer." and Pete saw she flicked her wrist holding something, but before he had time to notice what it was, he was blinded.

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