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Story Notes:

After browsing around a certain message board, I noticed many people were wishing for a giant girlfriend; it was annoying, and broke the flow of conversation. So, I whipped this up so that they'd stop complaining. After that, I kept writing based off ideas suggested there. Each short is independent from each other short, so feel free to read in any order, or just skip the ones that look stupid.


Boom. Boom. Boom.

A distant, familiar rumble tosses you out of bed. Your dest shakes, sending pencils tumbling off. It hits you: you were supposed to meet your girlfriend today.

Boom. Boom. BOOM.

The trembling becomes stronger, the rhythmic pounding approaching slowly. Racing to your cupboard, you search for something decent to put on amongst the rustled coathangers. A shirt falls onto your head after a quake- good enough. You toss it on, and look around for a clean pair of pants.


The entire world is now shaking violently. Panicing, you pick up a pair of pants, and just as you start to slip them on... It stops. The daylight is blocked by the most beautiful, radiant, gigantic face you've ever seen. Occupying the whole window, her bright eyes scan the room, and catch your minuscule, exposed form. With absolutely no hesitation, her titanic head moves back- only to be replaced with five slender fingers connecting to a pudgy palm. The enormous hand enters through the open window, groping clumsily around the room, knocking over pieces of furniture; until the giantess finally catches hold of you.

Your blood rushes as the soft padding of her flesh surrounds you. The giant index finger pulls your comparatively minuscule body into her palm, and closes around you. Her hand easily grasps your entire body, warmly engulfing it; it's a sensation you still aren't used to. Even more exciting is the rush of wind as she slowly tugs you out of your room, your pantless form exposed to the open air.

There she is. Lying down on her stomach, her body dwarves your 2-story house. The titaness's hand stops grasping you, her palm turning into a fleshy platform resting in front of your face. Deep footprints are dug into the soil around her, showing the exact path she took to reach you- but they don't hold your attention to long. Your eyes are drawn to hers, gigantic saucers staring down at your crotch area.

Immediately, you pull your pants up, zipping them. Her left hand moves to her mouth, as a lovely, cute, booming giggle echoes through the sky. It jolts your tiny body, and you feel greater and greater love for her every second. You walk down her palm, to her wrist's edge, and toss yourself into her lips, caressing the wet masses of pink as you plant your head into them.


The rising squee lets you know the giantess felt the tiny kiss. Her index finger and thumb grab you, moving you towards the lips once again as they engulf your entire form. Then, she carefully presses your small, soaked body into her cheek, giving you a soft caress. Everything about her surrounds you. The air smells like... her. You can feel the soft flesh of her face and hands, her heavied breathing, her gentle, happy sighs, her rapid, pounding heartbeat...

Out of everyone else, this beautiful giantess chose you. She makes you feel tiny; but she makes you feel wonderful. She's much more than a giant girlfriend.

She's your entire world.

She gets up briskly, knocking your wind out while rising to her knees. You're trapped and cushioned between her long, slender fingers, carefully stroking your body, tossing it this way and that within her titanic palm. With every little movement she makes, you get a face full of her soft flesh. It's so ticklish, you can't help but laugh-and it's contagious. Her sweet voice echos throughout the air, and every few cuddles, you catch a glimpse of her beautiful, wide smile- so wide, she could probably swallow a man whole.

Yet, though you know she'd never do that, the very thought of it is exciting. She could do anything to you now- crush you, eat you, overpower you. So what does she do with this, with you?

She hugs you.

The power of a titan in her whole body, a tiny boy completely at her mercy, and all she wants to do with it is hug you. You're engulfed in her, her heartbeats louder than ever. Her laughter stops, her breath slows to a steady rhythm- but her heart is close and booming, and her chest is warm. Gazing up, your eyes meet- you can see everything reflected in them. Slowly loosening your arms, you toss them into her- and it starts again. Her breath heavier, her palms sweating, her soft sighs returning.

Slipping from her hand, you swiftly scale up to her enormous shoulder. She tilts her head to you, curiously eyeing your comparatively tiny form- this is your chance. You leap from her raised arm and grab onto the tip of her nose. As you try to climb up, her eyes widen even larger, and she raises an index finger to help you up. Now, on the top of her nose, you can see eye-to-eye.

Sort of.

They're like pools of pure beauty, everything lost in them. You can see your reflection in her large pupils, and the way down to your tiny house- you'd forgotten how high up you'd been. It's dizzying- the heat from her body, the altitude, her omnipresent heartbeat and breaths, the largeness of her eyes, her nose, her whole body...

You tumble backwards, falling off her nose. Her pupils shrink- you just keep looking into them, seemingly drawn in even as the get further and further away... Not daring to look down, you shut your eyes. Her beautiful, giant face flashes in your mind, as your breath leaves you...

You've dropped onto a flat, soft surface. Immediately, you know where you are- her hand, again. Yet, as you open your eyes, she sets you down gently, on the solid ground. It's dizzying- for just a few moments, you were in a paradise, completely separated from the real world. Now, you've been jolted back into reality. Her lovely, kneeling silhouette takes up the sky, and you notice...

She's gently sobbing.

Her entire body moves back to its old position, stomach on ground, head pointed towards you. It's amazing, breathtaking, hypnotising- you can see every detail of her titanic form shifting at her command. A simple action such as lying down to get a closer view of you becomes a transformation, cutting through the air and shifting the light. She wipes the boulder-sized tears from her eyes and forces a smile.

Her cries are everywhere, overpowering. It's painful to watch her cry like this, her entire face seeming to crack into something different. So, your small hand pats her cheek slowly, comforting her. As a tear falls on your head, the world dissapears again, fades into her glory.

Today, you are hers. Forever, you're hers-and you'd do anything she told you to. But not her toy. Not her slave. Not her pet. You accept her for everything she is. She's beautiful- no, the embodiment of perfection. Her size just adds to her overpowering nature. And yet, she needs you. She wants love, affection. She's human. She fears for your safety, yet also your acceptance of her. Every move she makes is precise, careful, so as to not harm you. The ground may be shaken beneath her feet, everything crushed into the ground with a mighty rumble; yet, when you come into play, she becomes soft and gentle.

She knows that she can turn you into paste at a whim; and so do you. But even more than that, she knows you've given yourself to her; if she told you to bow down to her, pray to her, strip naked, lick her toes, you'd do so, willingly. She's your entire world.

And yet, she'd never dare to do anything bad to you, more than any other person. When she looks down, she does not see insects; she sees humans, with as much of a right to live as any other person. Except you.

In you, she sees a soulmate, one who knows her better than anyone else, one who sees her true form, behind her collosal body.

She sees the world in you.

And, as she rises up, you see a tiny, damp stain on the front of her pantsu.

Chapter End Notes:

This arose from a post of "tfw no giant gf". It's the first thing I've written like this. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

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