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Author's Chapter Notes:

To those who haven't read Penny & Souls Lost, I suggest it. At least read the Penny series intro so you're not confused. For those who have, I hope you like the guest stars of this story. Enjoy.

      It was the day before thanksgiving. Jeff was with his wife Cindy at the local supermarket. Grabbing groceries to prepare for the big meal tomorrow.

      "Jeff we already got the onions and celery for the stuffing, mind going to grab the turkey?" Cindy asked her husband.

      "Yeah, I'll find us a good bird." He said.

      Little did Jeff know, that was the last time Cindy would see her husband before she filed a missing person's report.


      Jeff left his wife over at the produce section as he made his way to the nearby fresh produce section. Jeff and his wife preferred fresh turkey over frozen. The local supermarket had hosted many local farmers goods, some farmers even hosted their goods within the stores.

      Jeff was a real estate agent and lived  in the nearby city, so he considered the higher price tag of the turkey to be fair. Still he looked around at the local farmers different stock before settling on one family's farmers table.

      The birds were inside iced coolers, and were claimed to have been slaughtered humanely only hours earlier.

      "So if you only have four birds on display, how can they be so fresh?" Asked Jeff to the older gentlemen behind the counter.

      "Well we have a truck and a butcher's van outside in the back parking lot." He replied.

      Jeff had another question as he was interrupted by a little girl.

      "I want this one daddy!" The small girl yelled.

      Without acknowledging his own ten year old daughter, the rich man pulled out his wallet. "Give me all four birds please."

      "All four, yes sir." The older gentlemen looked behind the counter to his own young daughter. "Cassie can you help the older gentlemen get the turkey into the cart."

      The small girl looked tired, she was only ten like the gentleman's daughter. Still she was part of a farmer's family, so such a thing was to be expected. "Yes father." She replied.

      Jeff watched the small girl throw the four birds into his pull cart. She looked strong despite her young age, much more lean and strong then the other young girl nearby.

      "Come on Janet lets go." The man in the commercial suite said to his daughter.

      Turning his attention back to the other customer, the older gentlemen looked at Jeff. "Sorry about that pal, if you want I can go let you pick out your own turkey outback, seeing how he just bought all the turkeys I had out here on display."

      "Ahh, Thanks." Replied Jeff.

      "Just follow my daughter, she will show you the way." He nodded his head.

      Jeff silently followed the girl out of the backdoor of the supermarket. He couldn't help but notice she was playing with something in her hand. Curious he asked. "What's that you keep playing with?"

      Cassie looked at the man. "It's nothing, just a penny."

      With that puzzling answer, Jeff was still dumbfounded. Still he could now see that behind the store was bustling with activity, even more than the store.

      Cassie was leading the rich gentlemen to the back lot to their family's trailer. She hated his type, her family was always being oppressed by his kind. Just like that little girl's father in the store, she would have preferred him as her target. Still she would have to make due. "Hop up into the trailer." She told the gentleman.

      Jeff looked at the old rusty topped trailer. It didn't stand out amongst all the other farmer's trailers in the back that much. The noise was incredible in the back lot though. The trailer before him was loud with turkey gobbles. He wasn't sure how he'd missed the noise when he and his wife had parked their car out front.

      So now inside the trailer, he saw multiple tagged turkeys, all with varying weights. "So how do I chose?" Jeff asked the young ten year old girl.

      "Hold this for me while I explain, but be careful that is a precious keep sake."

      Jeff looked at the penny in his hand. What was so special about a little penny to this little girl.

      "I'll help you grab the turkey, it's pretty easy since they have been restrained. They shouldn't be able to peck or claw you mister." Cassie replied to the rich gentlemen before her.

      "Ah, thanks." Jeff replied to the little girl as he looked around at the turkeys.

      "Want to play a game?" Cassie asked the rich gentlemen.

      "What kind of game?" Jeff asked curiously.

      "Well if you win, I'll give you half off on the bird. If you lose, I'll have you buy our largest bird."

      "Hmm, what are the conditions of the game?" Jeff asked.

      "It's simple, there is a Turkey with the name Lucky inside this trailer, if you can find him in three tries, then you win."

      Jeff thought about the game for a moment. He liked to gamble, and the stakes weren't that bad, this little girl seemed confident however. Considering there was still roughly twenty turkeys in the trailer, his odds were three to twenty. "I'll play your game."

      "Good luck mister." Cassie smiled.

      Jeff found the little girls creepy smile somewhat disturbing. Still it was just a small ten year old. She was some poor farm girl, she probably was tired and just trying to please another customer while wanting to go home. He had sold plenty of farms in his time, and always did feel a small amount of sympathy when the banks foreclosed on another farmer.

      Looking around he saw a small turkey, nothing about it screamed Lucky, but the smile on the girl's face could be a really good poker face. "Is it this one?" Jeff asked grabbing the turkey.

      "No." The girl sniveled. "Why don't you try calling it's name, he might come you know."

      Jeff still had two tries, he started walking around the trailer speaking the turkey's name. "Lucky." He kept calling, as he walked around. He was watching for any signs that a turkey heard him. One of them looked like it might be it. He made his way over to it. That girl was smiling quite devilishly now, even he could recognize the signs of a failed poker face.

      Holding onto the turkey he called out to the girl behind him. "This is him right, this is Lucky."

      Cassie watched as her magic penny dropped to the floor. The gentlemen before her was nowhere in sight. Of course she knew his soul now resided inside that turkey. That was the way her magic penny worked.

      Picking up the penny she looked at the panicking turkey before her. "There was never a Turkey named Lucky!" She laughed.

      "Listen your just a turkey now. Just something people will give thanks for tomorrow." She said as she hoped out of the trailer.

      Returning to her father in the booth inside the supermarket, her father looked puzzled. "Where's our customer?"

      "Dad it was terrible, he said he hated our Turkey's!" Cassie cried, droplets swimming down her cheeks. "Even as he left, I told him we would give him half off." She paused. "Then he called me a dirty poor farm girl."

      Cassie's dad grabbed his young daughter in an embrace. "Cassie it's okay, you're not a dirty poor farm girl. You're my beautiful lovely daughter. Don't listen to such a rich person's trashy words."

      He noticed his daughter was still upset, even at his kinds words. "Listen Cassie, it's okay, our family has a lot to be thankful for. Why don't we go pick out a turkey in the trailer for tomorrow. "

      "Thank you." Cassie said as she grasped around her father's waist.

      Sure it hurt economy wise to not sell one of his prized turkey's to a rich customer. But he cared much more for his daughter Cassie then a Rich man's money.

      Temporarily closing down his stand inside the store, he followed his eager daughter as she pointed out the bird she wanted.

      Jeff was horrified when the young girl pointed at him.

      "I want that one daddy!"

The End

Chapter End Notes:

Well I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving today.

Maybe my story will have brightened up a few people's days. I'm sorry that I will not be able to update my Penny & Lost Souls story anytime soon, I hope this might help tide you over.

As always I congratulate you if you read this far, and I hope you can do me the honor of pointing out any mistakes you saw, or provide me with positive criticism or feedback. Knowing people enjoy my stories can't help but make me want to write more.

 Thank you,


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