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Story Notes:

This is my first story attempt and I want to dedicate it to two of my favorite goddesses from the giantess city chat, who gave me the confidence to even attempt this. They know who they are. 

I have a few chapters written already, and I have no idea how long it will end up being. I will say that the chapters will be of varied lengths.

I hope you enjoy it. Please comment.

(I am setting the rating to X in anticipation of future chapters. If I decide to not go that route, I will amend the rating.)

Author's Chapter Notes:

Jeremy has been trying to protect himself from being squished by hiding, but he realizes a change of location may give him a better chance at being found.

Jeremy slowly walked into the open, careful to watch out for Kaylie. He had been hiding under her couch for an hour since he last heard her footsteps echo through the house.  She had gone upstairs, he assumed to take a nap. It should be safe for me explore a bit, he thought. This almost reminded him of when they used play hide and seek in the school yard when they were younger.  She’d always wait for him to get bored so she could catch him when he moved from his hiding spot. However, this was a lot more terrifying. He was hiding, but she wasn't exactly looking for him. In fact, Jeremy didn't even think she knew he was there. Being an inch tall makes one hard to notice.


Yet there Jeremy was, one inch tall in his best friend’s house. He didn’t want to be accidentally crushed like a bug on the floor like earlier. No, definitely not going to make that mistake again. He had to try to get higher, then maybe she would recognize him.  It was very difficult to make his way through the thick carpet of the darkened living room. Why did she have to turn off the lights? Jeremy could see the kitchen in the distance, illuminated by the evening sun shining through the patio doors.  That’s where he needed to go.


It had taken him nearly 15 minutes to travel the mere ten feet to the tiled kitchen floor. For another hour or so he walked around the edge of the room trying to find a way to get to a more noticeable position. Finally he spied one: Kaylie’s cell phone was charging atop the island in the middle of the kitchen. The charger was plugged into the side of the twenty-story structure, its cable hanging low enough to just touch the floor. All he needed to do was make his way over the plush kitchen mat between him and the cord so he could climb up.


Jeremy heard Kaylie start moving around in her bedroom above him. The sounds made him cringe, thinking how close he came to being under her foot earlier. Shit! She’s awake! He realized he needed to make his move quickly. As he ran toward the charging cord, he heard the echoes getting closer and felt tremors under his feet. She’s downstairs! Suddenly, just as he reached the rug, Jeremy heard a deafening sound, almost like lighting striking right next to him. He turned to see Kaylie had taken a step into the kitchen.


Kaylie yawned as she entered the kitchen, still not quite awake. She ran her fingers through her hair to work out the tangles from her pillow. As her bare foot touched the tile floor, she flinched. “eek! That’s cold!” Still upset that her friend Jeremy didn’t show up, she decided it was time for dinner.  At least I didn’t have to get ready to go out. She walked past the island to see what she had in the fridge.


Although he had been nearly knocked over by the impact, Jeremy couldn’t help but laugh at Kaylie’s squeal as she stepped on the cold floor. He gazed up at his 400’ friend, with her wrinkled t-shirt and tangled hair. He’d never tell her, but this is when she is the cutest. He thought back to all the times he’d wanted to ask her out, but didn’t want to risk their friendship. Sure sometimes they met up for dinner, but just to hang out. He had kept his feelings hidden.


Jeremy was quickly shaken from his thoughts as Kaylie took another thunderous step toward him, knocking him onto his back. As she started to take another step, Jeremy screamed, “Kaylie!! Stop! Please!” Her foot was right above him, and she still didn’t seem to realize he was there. The events of the last few hours flashed through his head as her foot landed on the carpeted mat…


Chapter End Notes:

This is a short chapter to get things started, the next one will show how Jeremy ended up shrunken and will be much longer.

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