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Story Notes:

With the completion of my recent story coming soon, I thought it would be good to get started on another project. right now it has no title or summary, but that will change when I post the second chapter. This story is not what it's leading you to believe.

Author's Chapter Notes:

4/16/14 The chapter is complete. The chronological order is Prologue, Past, Present.  The prologue is over and done with(well almost)  The past is where 75%-90% of the story is going to take place and then the very end is the present, but that will be several chapters down the line,

4/08/2014This is not the complete chapter. The full chapter I will post within a week alongside the second chapter. If I posted the full chapter now, it would give away too many spoilers. This story is not what you think it will be. It's more like a spiritual successor to one of my more recent stories even though I wrote this one first. This story already has around 15,000 words, but it needs a lot of editing. the reason why I haven't posted it sooner is because I had a lot of trouble with the first two chapters and I wasn't sure how I wanted to post them, but this way is the best and more importantly quickest way to get this story moving. Enjoy.


Forward: (Some say there are many different types of universes and realities out there. In one universe, he simply walked home. In another, he asked her out and she later became his girlfriend.  But in this Universe... 

I was walking down the street about a mile from my house, minding my own business when I saw this fine big booty in front of me. It was very nice and it's owner looked like she was very hot too. She wasn't very tall, but not very short either and she had long brown hair.  I didn't get a chance to see her face, but I just knew she was cute. I couldn't stop staring at her magnificent backside with black pants that seemed to be painted on. I hope she doesn't turn around, so I can keep on staring and more importantly not get caught...scratch that; being able to oggle this glorious breathtaking booty is more important than getting caught, hahaha. Then I heard a rustling in the bushes to my right. That was the last thing I remember. The next thing I experience is total darkness and a strange feeling like my body is compressing in on itself? 

The time I was unconscious seemed to be somewhere between a second and a year, But it was actually only about a day.


Present day: It's not easy explaining what happened to me and what's really going on? How can I be here right now?  It's not natural and almost seems like it's impossible.  

But its not.

It's happening to me right now.

I think the best way is to for you to see my thoughts.

The beginning of this terrifyingy inconceivable story begins now with my awakening.  I only hope I can survive.  No.  I know I can survive.  But at what cost?  What price will I have to pay in order to ensure my survival?


Everything was gigantic! That was my first thought. 

These things couldn't possibly be this huge! I felt confused and disoriented as I tried to remember the last thing that happened to me. I was minding my own business, walking past the school near my house when I blacked out and woke up inside what looks like an enormous locker room. A girls locker room. The wooden benches tower high above me, every metal locker is shut and in the distance I see the entrance to the girls shower with what looks like puddles of water that seem like small lakes to me. My deductions are proved true when I here a door slam open behind me and I see a large group of sweaty college girls enter the locker room. The sight of these colossal titans struck instant terror in me as they kicked off their muddy gym sneakers at the door and revealed their sweat stained socked and bare feet.  They all looked like they were dying to get to the showers and the only thing that stood in their path was a barely noticeable tiny man in their trajectory. I could hardly move as the ground quaked with the impacts of their heavy footfalls and I fell to the ground in response.  I looked up and saw a bare female sole that was slick with sweat and sock lint, descending onto my minuscule body.  It happened so fast.  The first thing I noticed was the pain. The intense crushing pain that made me wish it would end right there and then.  The second thing I noticed was the horrible stench from what I assumed was from running the mile on a rainy day. Like old sweaty gym socks and overly used athletic sneakers that haven't left a gym bag in weeks. I've never smelt anything so rancid and this was only the first to come. Little did I know the horrible smell that would later enter my nose.  

After she lifted her foot off of me, I didn't even stop to think about how I had survived being crushed underfoot by a giantess. I didn't have time to. The next girl stepped over me, but a girl right after her, with a worn out light purple and white sock came next and I was briefly stuck to her stinking sole before I crashed back onto the hard blue tiled floor and looked up to see a longer female foot squash my body.  Wave after wave of unaware girls continued to pass by and trample me. Some fat, some skinny, some meaty, some wide, some really long, some petite, some dirty, some clean. They kept on squashing me underfoot until I lay on the floor flattened and squished. I lay there unable to move and wondered how I survived that onslaught of sweaty, female feet.  This shouldn't be possible.  I shouldn't be alive. 

Most of the girls were in the shower now...save for one. One nerdy, but cute brunette with her hair braided back into a ponytail, she realized she was tracking in mud and sat down on a bench in front of me to wipe them off.  She kicked off her white and black Adidas and peeled off her sweatsocks to air out her moist and humid feet.  Her left running sneaker crashed down to the left of me but she dropped her white stockings with cartoon pandas on them, right on top of me. 

It didn't hurt, but I got the full experience of what it was like to be her right foot inside her wet and humid sneaker.  The smell was awful. It wasn't as nearly as bad as some of the other girls, but a funky, wet gymsock doesn't smell good coming off of any woman's foot.  It was about ten minutes before she came back and sat back down on the bench.  When she picked her sock off the ground I was briefly stuck to it for a second before I my body unglued itself and fell back down. 

Except this time I didn't hit the tiled floor.

I hit something soft. 

Something squishy. 

I knew what I had hit, as soon as I made contact with it.  I fell onto a spongy cushioned surface that splashed me with a foul smelling salty liquid that could only be this brunettes footsweat. I had landed on the insole of her gym sneaker. 

Chapter End Notes:

It starts off sudden but the real plot twist comes at the end of the next chapter. That's when you'll figure out what this story is about.



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