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Okay, this is the Bios page. There are spoilers in here for the main story so if you don't want to have that spoiled for you, skip to the first chapter. If not, then you might want to read chapters 18 to 26 of the main one, it'll help you understand.

 I probably should have uploaded this while the respective arc was going on but I wanted to take my time to flesh this out before writing it, I can only hope you will enjoy this. I am also writing out all this to meet the minimum requirements for the page, 500 words is what I need and five hundred I shall give.

Five hundred is pretty reasonable when you think about it, means you can't do like a hundred words a chapter or stuff like that.



I probably should have uploaded this while the respective arc was going on but I wanted to take my time to flesh this out before writing it, I can only hope you will enjoy this. I am also writing out all this to meet the minimum requirements for the page, 500 words is what I need and five hundred I shall give.


 The question is will I ever five hundred words to give?


Jessica Snape


Age: 223


Height: 120 feet 0 inches, 150 feet in the future


Measurements: 36DD/24/36


Hair: Brown


Eyes: Brown




 The only thing bigger than Jessica's shoe size is her heart. On more than a few occasions she has risked her life to save others and she would do again without a second thought. Home has never seen a person with both the stature and kindness of Jessica, if the worse were to happen to her no one person would ever truly fill her shoes.

  When she first became a giantess she had the perfect opportunity to exact revenge on those who had made her life a misery. Her golden heart prevailed however when she decided that revenge was beneath her. Originally she even had the ability to change her own size but after a tragic event the ability was lost to her.


Jessica wasn't always the beautiful colossus, once upon a time she was short and relatively unattractive but after receiving a dose of the Jones serum she transformed completely. Not only did she become a towering giantess but the serum also bought her inner beauty to the surface. Now her body would be the envy of any supermodel. Also due to her size Jessica ages at a much slower rate than a normal person so despite being over two centuries old she still looks to be in her early twenties and will likely not die of old age for another few thousand years.




Dawn Snape

Age: 18


Height: 203 feet 0 inches


Measurements: 33B/24/33


Hair: White but used to be black.


Eyes: Brown


Bios: Dawn Snape travelled back in time, inadvertently sending Jessica out of Home as she tries to connect with Tucker, her long lost father who has no idea he fathered a child with Jessica.

  She is kind like her mother and wouldn't hurt a fly if it didn't hurt anyone else but unlike her mom, she hates her size as it has made her an outcast at school. She travelled back in time to connect with her father hoping to find what she's missing.


Dawn only had one person that she considered to be a friend. He is a young genius named Graham who's intelligence is beyond any scientist that Park Incorporated has to offer. It is his intelligence that has made time travel possible but he has no idea just how dangerous the concept is. Dawn's only other good friend is a small dinosaur like reptile named Lucky who she has raised since he hatched out of his egg. Lucky is much smarter than an average creature and is extremely loyal to Dawn and will do anything to make her happy. He considers her to be his mother and she loves him as if he was her own child.


Due to Dawn's mixed genetics it is causing her to grow at an alarming rate. When she hit her teenage years she was already taller than her mother and she has kept going ever since. Despite currently being just over two hundred feet tall her body shows no signs of slowing down. Due to inheriting her mother's slowed aging process Dawn will keep growing and growing over the space of thousands of years. At some point even the mightiest mountain on Home will be no more than a pebble to her. Due to ongoing growth spurts Dawn eats at an almost impossible rate, on more than one occasion she has eaten enough to feed a few thousand people with still plenty of room left for dessert.


But unlike her mother Dawn also has the ability to increase the size of inanimate objects through touch and can go up to almost any size that she wants. The only drawback is that it can only work on inorganic objects and when she releases her grip the item would revert back to its original size. The ability has proven helpful in the past with clothing and various other personal effects. But unfortunately the ability does not work on organic material and thus she can not change her own size.


Her relationship with her mother has been unstable to say the least since she discovered that she had been hiding the death of her father. Since then Dawn has been rebellious against her mother and due to the fact that she now towers above her she sees that she can't be controlled. But by traveling back in time she hopes to meet the father that she never had a chance to meet and she isn't letting anything get in her way.




Age: Unknown


Height: 6 feet 5 inches


Hair: Currently Grey


Eyes: Brown


Bios: No one really knows who he is or where he came from but he has been around ever since the first people arrived on this world. He has a short temper and no tolerance for nonsense but he does have a soft spot for beautiful girls.

  Fortunately, Jessica happens to be a beautiful girl so she ought to encounter no problems with him. He claims to be the master of this realm and he tends to dress that way, seeing everyone else as his subjects. He doesn't terrorise them,preferring to be left to his own devices. 


  He might be able to help her, if that is what he intends to. However, Jessica is a big girl and she can easily defend herself if needed. 



Tucker Martel



Age : 35


Height :  6 feet 0 inches


Hair: Black


Eyes : Brown

Tucker Martel had everything he could want in life. A well paying job, a nice house and a beautiful wife. Sadly over the space of a few short months that was all taken away from him as the recession hit the UK hard and he lost his job, his home and his wife filed for a divorce. Since then Tucker has been living in a block of flats just outside of Walsall located in the Black Country. Unfortunately the job market has also been poor so Tucker has been living off Government handouts but he is barely receiving enough money to get by. Depression sets in over the course of time and he is beginning to see only one way out of the life that he is living.

  All that changes when he sees Jessica walking around the city but when he investigates with his neighbours he discovers that none of them have seen her. He even checks several news channels but none of them report her appearance.

  He begins to think that he is losing his mind on top of everything else, but it isnot until a month later that he sees her again and as luck would have it he was able to sneak into her bag and is transported to Home. Since then Tucker's life has been completely turned around as he spends time with Jessica and they begin to grow close.

Graham Everly


Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Hair : Brown

Eyes: Blue

Bios: Graham is a good person who happens to be in a bad situation. Often bullied for most of his life, he was lucky to meet Dawn; a girl who cared enough and also big enough to take care of his bullies for him. He is a nerdy guy who typically has some of the best grades in school and is also shy due to the bullying he has endured.


  He often helps Dawn with her homework when she has problems and the two often spend most of their time in school together, Dawn happening to be in the same class as him although she has to sit outside since the school can't fit her. Despite this the two are close, sometimes closer than they think. 


Why did I write this? I suggested an idea and The Doctor asked me if I wanted to write this story. Naturally I said yes, as I normally would when one of my favourite authors ever asked me to contribute to the story he started.

I've been a fan since 2004 so this remake is something I will be followong closely and now I get a chance to leave my mark on it, so I think I've come a long way since 2004. 

 I will try to finish this whilst balancing it with Aftermath, hope it works out and such, this five hundred word thing is so tough to follow when you do the bios page with only three characters. So damn tough!



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