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       Name:       Kimberly Sherring.

       Age:          29

       Height:     200 feet.  /  60m 96 cm

       Weight:    3847 tons.



   Chapter 1.  Kimberly is seen.


Joan and her friend Carley were driving down the highway, they had left the city and were driving to a small town about 30 miles from the city.   Joan was driving and Carley was in the passenger seat, both girls were having a conversation. Their conversation was cut short when Carley let out a loud scream and she pointed out the front window off to the side at something large moving across the country side.  Joan looked too and realized it was a human, but much larger.

 Joan slammed on the brakes and the car came to a stop. Then Carley shouted loudly, "OH MY GOD!!  THAT THATS KIMBERLY SHERRING!!!  LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HER, SHE IS A GIANT A GIANT.  HOW THE HELL DID SHE GET SO HUGE!!"  There was fear in Carley's voice and she began to shake and tremble with fear, along with Joan.

  Yes Kimberly was a giant and she was walking towards the highway, she had on her flowered top and her skin tight blue spandex and her hair was down. She towered at a height of 200 feet.   Joan started to drive and both girls were watching Kimberly.  Joan's hands were just trembling as she was holding onto the wheel.

 They were coming upon a curve in the highway and they saw Kimberly approaching the highway. Kimberly didn't stop she just stepped over the highway with ease, she took a couple of steps and she stopped.   Joan and Carley were about 1/2 mile from Kimberly. Joan slowed the car down and both girls watched Kimberly. Kimberly put her hands on her hips and looked around, off to the side of her in a two clock position was a town about 3 miles away.

   Just then Kimberly dropped her hands to her sides  and headed towards the town, and as she walked the ground just trembled with every step she took and both girls felt it.   Joan was following Kimberly on an old dirt road which lead to the town, as she was driving Carley rolled down the window and looked up at Kimberly as she was walking.  As Kimberly walked the ground just shook with each step she took and both girls felt it.  As Kimberly walked her bum cheeks and thighs jiggled with each step she took.  With Kimberly's great size she was  coming upon the town quite fast    with Joan and Carley close behind in Joan's car.  As Kimberly neared the town she slowed down her walk and stopped right outside it. 

  Kimberly stood there and looked down at the town that was before her.  Kimberly towered over everything in sight, the tallest poplar tree came just barely reached her  knees and she was seen for miles. Kimberly stood there outside the town looking down at the town in front of her.  To the people down below she was huge massive. The people in the streets began to panic.  As they got to the town she drove into it a few blocks and parked down. Both girls got out and looked up and saw Kimberly standing there looking at the town, the people in the town were running around screaming and shouting.

   Kimberly squatted down and as she did she reached her right hand out and down.  She reached down and grabbed a person running through the streets, it was a young man in his early 20's.  Kimberly grabbed him with her thumb and fore finger and lifted him up into the air.  She brought him up to her face and looked at him for a few seconds.  To her he was only 2 inches tall.  Kimberly then lowered him down and put him down, she then straightened up.

    Kimberly then put her hands on her hips and watched the tiny people way down below running around,  she watched as they were running around in the streets below, she watched as they ran in and out of their homes.  To Kimberly their shouts and screams sounded like tiny squeaks. Carley and Joan just stood there looking up at her, Joan shouted,

"Oh my, just look at the size of her she is huge she is a real giant."

Just then Kimberly took a step back with her left foot and she turned and she dropped her hands to her side and began to walk away from the town.    As Kimberly walked the ground trembled and Kimberly headed away from the town. Kimberly then picked up her walking speed and continued to walk across the country side.


  It was Friday morning around 11 am and I was at home and as I was just about to watch some tv when , Lynn pulled into the driveway . She had a convertable car and she had the top down cause it was nice and warm. I let her in and she asked me, "Have you seen Kimberly lately?" To which I replied, "No, I have not."  We sat down and began to talk, then I felt the ground tremble a bit, it was like something heavy hitting it.   The ground seemed to vibrate and everything on the table began to move and jump up and down slightly. The booming got stronger and stronger, I got up and asked out loud, "What the heck are we having an earthquake?"  I heard people outside screaming and shouting and from my living room window I could see people running from something, and the shaking of the ground got stronger.  Just then the entire house began to shake and tremble, it was like there was an earthquake and several pictures fell off and several glasses and plates fell to the floor, I ran outside and ran out into the yard and looked around and saw Kimberly walking towards the town.

   She stopped right outside the town right outside my house. I looked up at her, she was a real giant she was huge. Lyn shouted, "Kimberly is a real giant!!"  Kimberly was huge she towered over every tree over everything in sight.     She was huge massive, she was wearing a tight low cut brown tang top with skin tight black spandex pants. Kimberly put her hands on her hips and looked around and down.




Kimberly then sat down and as she did the ground shook and both Lynn and I backed up a bit.  Lynn looked up at Kimberly and she shouted,  Hey Kimberly you and your boyfriend should have some breakfast, I have an idea.  Lynn took out her cell and made a call.  I stood there looking up at Kimberly,  she was sitting down but she towered over everything in the town.  Lynn came back a few minutes later and she returned with a couple of friends.  They both just marvelled at the size of Kimberly.  Lynn told me that they were going inside to make us breakfast and that a truck was on its way and it should be here in 20 minutes.  They all went inside, I turned and I saw Kimberly lower her right hand palm up down to the ground.  I got onto her fingers and she lifted her hand up to her face,  As she did I walked to her palm and stood there.  She lifted me up to her face and said,  So how does it feel to stand in the hand of a giant woman?  I looked around and I shouted up.  It feels great, wow there is lots of room here I can probably run around.  Lynn came out and shouted up that breakfast was ready,  Kimberly lowered me down to the ground, I got off her hand and went inside to get ready for breakfast.

      So I got ready which took me like 2 minutes and Lyn and her friends took my lunch outside.  There was a small round table outside and as I was about to sit down a large semi truck pulling a trailer pulled up.  On the trailer was a large cistern filled with some liquid, I watched as the truck parked down.  The driver got out and was unstrapping the large cistern.

   Lyn told me it was filled with Kimberly's favorite juice, fruit punch.  The cistern was fiber glass and it was white and see through and the top was cut off on the side there were steps attached to it which were not removed.  It was a 12 500 gallon cistern, round and at least 13 feet tall and at least 10 to 13 feet wide

Kimberly was sitting down cross legged, She then reached over and grabbed the small white table with her right hand and put it into her left palm, she then grabbed a chair and did the same.  She then lowered her right hand palm up and I got on and she lifted her hand over to her other one.  I walked from her right hand to her left one.  The small round table was in the middle of her palm, and there was enough room to walk around on her hand.  I sat down and she lifted me closer to her face.  Kimberly then reached over with her right hand and grabbed the cistern filled with juice and lifted the 12 500 gallon cistern like as it it was a glass of water. I just sat there at the table that was right in the palm of her hand.

   Kimberly then asked me, "So tell me, are you having fun?."   To which I replied, "This is the most fun I've had in a long time."  Kimberly lifted the cistern to her face and took a drink, and I continued to eat my lunch.  Kimberly took another drink and the cistern was now 1/4 empty, she then put it down.  She then asked me, Tell me are those cruel people in you home city of Calridge still causing you problems, are they leaving you alone or still bothering you?  I shook my head and looked up and said, No they wont leave me alone and its not just me a few others are being picked on and the bad thing is that the city police and the law seems to be on their side, and that is why I moved out here.   Kimberly and I continued the conversation, and I told her more about the people who were causing problems and about my home city of Calridge.

 As we were having our conversation 5 kids between 10 years to 15 years came by.  The 10 year old had her 4 year old brother there and he was small a little under 4'2.   They convinced the 4 year old kid to climb up the ladder attached to the side of the cistern and to stand on the edge.  So the little kid climbed up the side of the cistern and as he did a lady saw him do it as she looked out her living room window. She got up to stop the kids. The little boy reached the top and he stood on the edge and shouted, as he shouted he fell over and fell right into the cistern, right into the fruit punch juice.  His older sister shouted, "OH MY GOD!"  Just then Kimberly reached over and grabbed the cistern and lifted it off the ground, she was moving it up to her face.  The little boys sister screamed at the top of her lungs, "OH MY GOD, KIMBERLY IS GOING TO DRINK MY BROTHER, TO HER HE IS BIG AS A BUG, HELP ME SOMEONE PLEASE HELP."  The little boy was able to swim so he was treding in the cistern.

   Kimberly wasn't paying attention and as her face filled the top the little boy screamed, Kimberly brought the cistern to her mouth completely unaware of the small tiny 4 year old boy in her drink. To Kimberly he was just under 1 inch tall and then the other kids arrived there at Kimberly's side.  They looked up at Kimberly and began to shout.   Kimberly put the cistern to her lips and tilted it and she began to drink, the juice in the cistern was like a river flowing into her mouth.  The little boy looked and screamed and he too began to flow with the current towards Kimberly's mouth.  He quickly began to paddle with all his might  in the opposite direction but it was totally futile as he was slowing going backwards towards her mouth.     Kimberly heard the tiny people screaming and shouting at her side, so she moved the cistern away from her mouth and looked down.  She heard the young people shouting that someone is in her drink, so she brought then cistern up to her face and looked in and there in her drink was a tiny little boy tredding water.

   To Kimberly he was so tiny like a bug. Kimberly watched for a few seconds the tiny boy swimming in her drink.  She then spoke and said, "Calm down, I'm going to pour my drink out onto the ground nice and slowly.".  Kimberly gently lowered the cistern and gently tipped it over and as she did the drink poured out onto the ground along with the little boy.  The little boy's sister and friend ran to him.  Kimberly then looked over at me and asked if I was finished to which I replied a loud "yes".  She then reached over and grabbed me with her thumb and forefinger and lifted me off her palm and put me back onto her left shoulder and she the put the table and chair back.  Kimberly then got up and as she did the ground trembled. 

  Kimberly stood there and looked around and down, she saw the teens running away as fast as they could. She turned towards the town and spoke, her voice thundered and boomed across the entire town and beyond.  She spoke, "Listen to me, this is my boyfriend way up here on my shoulder, and i love him very much, and I won't let anything happen to him.  I have decided to deal personally with everyone who has ever wronged and hurt him in any way.  That is way I am going to pay my boyfriends home city Calridge a visit."  Kimberly took a turn and headed out towards my home city of Calridge. 


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