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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first story so all reviews or suggestions would be appreciated
I sat in the back seat of the car looking out the window. We were driving on a bridge that leads to my new school.The school was on its own island connect by only one bridge. My driver looked at me through the rear view mirror. His name was Charles. He worked at the research facility and was one of my good friends. He was tall, had brown hair and eyes and was very skinny.

"You look nervous" he said

"I think you would to if you were going to a new school and were only a inch tall." I replied

"So what did they fell you about your new school?" Asked Charles

"They only told me it was on a island but I didn't believe them until now" I told him

"that's it?" He said

"Yep, also do you know why it's on it's own island?" I asked

"It's a rich school" he replied

"What do you mean?"

"This school is for mostly for rich kids that come from very wealthy family's. But the government paid for you to be here so this is where you're going to be."

"Why didn't the government just send me to a normal high school? Do the people even know that I'm only a inch tall?" I asked

"Yes we told the principle and the teachers about your case and I think I'm the wrong guy to ask that first part about." Charles told me "anyway we're here"

Once he finished his sentence the car had stopped and he had turned it off. We both unbuckled our seat belts and he had opened his door and got out. Then he opened the back door and laid his hand down infront of me. I hopped up into his hand and once I sat down he started to raise his hand. As he started walking I saw a huge building infront of us (But then again everything is huge at my size) and it was surrounded by other buildings and different wings of the building. Once we entered the building we were in a lobby. I was amazed on how huge the lobby was. It had chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a large fountain with a statue of a swan shooting water from its mouth, hallways on either side of the room and a large desk with a lady behind it at the back of the room. But there was one thing I found as I looked around. Everybody in the lobby other than Charles and I were female.

"Why are there so many girls here" I asked.

"Oh yea, it's a all girls school I guess I forgot to mention that." Charles said with a smile.

"What?!" I yelled

"Just a second" Charles said as he walked up towards the desk

"Hello" said the lady behind the desk "how may I help you?"

"I'm here to see the principle" Charles told her

"Ahh right this way" she said as she came out from behind the desk

She led us down one of the hallways. Once again I was amazed on how good the place looked, even the hallways looked good.

"Here we are" the lady said as she opened two large wooden doors.

She gestered for us to go inside, so we did and as we entered the lady told us.

"The principle will be with you in a minute" then she closed the large wooden doors.
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