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Story Notes:
This is my first story so please rate and review something you would like me to add or any thing else
Me and Kate have been best friends since pre-k and almost never been apart but now my family's moving to New York and I might never see her again but were going to visit our favorite clearing in the woods before I leave, but It's been about an hour and she hasn't shown up yet I think I'll take a nap on the mossy rock.
I don't know how long I slept for but when I woke up there was a mountain behind me and the clearing was gone but the trees were full green and thin but didn't look like trees at all. My thoughts were interrupted by a large shadow looming over me. I looked up and saw my best friend I've known for all my life 50 feet tall. I was starring at her for so long that I didn't notice the giant foot coming to crush me. I tried to jump out of the way but to no avail the giant foot came down on my body and crushed my entire being. I had my eyes closed the whole time waiting for death and when it didn't come I opened my eyes to see I was still alive and unharmed. I would have wondered why I wasn't dead if there wasn't a giant dirty sweaty foot on me. I thought the only way for her to move would be if she knew I was there. So I kicked and punched as hard and fast as I could so she would hopefully feel me under there and get off , and when she finally moved and looked down at me I was so relieved but also scared out of my mind. What wold happen if she saw me and thought I was a bug and tried to squish me. But all that fear left me when she looked at me wide eyed and gasped "Anthony!? Is that you?!" I screamed "Yeah Kate it's me can I get some help?"
"So how did this happen" she asked " well I don't know all I did was wait here like we promised and I fell asleep up against the mossy rock right here." I answered surprisingly calm. "What are we going to do." She exclaimed. "your the same size as my index finger" "I know don't remind me."But first things first I have to take you home" she stated. "No you can't do that if you do I'll be all over the news in no time. You have to promise not to tell any one, got it,?" "Fine I promise." But how am I going to get you to my house without being seen all I have on is a bathing suit because we were going to go swimming in the creek. After she said that I subconsciously looked down at the bathing suit I was wearing and it was gone! I as nude being stared at by my giantess friend! I covered what I my crotch with my hand. " you don't have o cover up we bathed together until we turned 9." I know but it's kind of embarrassing when were both sixteen. " what ever ant, any way we have to get you back to my house befor you get eaten by a chipmunk . Hearing her say that made me giggle a bit then I realized that that could happen. And without warning she picked me up and said well thi is the only place you can go where people won't see you. And before I knew it she was puting me into the bottom half of her bikini . Ooo ya tickle down there.
For the most part the walk home wasn't so bad laying on her crotch hair was so soft I would have fallen asleep again if I hadn't just woken up. After about what felt like 30 minutes of walking I started to get... Ideas. I stuck my hand inside of her warm vagina and felt her react to it, then I stuck my other hand in and then my right foot and then my whole body went in and I was rubbing her insides until I got to the end of it. I saw here cervix there and just well started to fuck it, and I felt her getting ready to cum but I then felt bad about making her cum right on the sidewalk so I stuck my foot into it then shoved my other foot in and I was half way in when a huge pressure started to push me out but I pushed my self deeper into her cervix until I was just a head and an arm out side of it. And then I realized I was stuck!
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