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Author's Chapter Notes:

Guys i was not the one to write this so i can't take credit fo the actual writing, only the characters and basic story structure ae mine. This is a story based around a rp i did once, but all credit goes to FranchiseWriter. Please check out his stories, they're incredible. And especially check his story Strange Occurences, i'll link it in a chapter.



In a small town known as Glendale was the home of many different species. Some big, other’s not so much. This was a city of anthro’s. As far as the eye could see you would notice anthro’s going about here daily lives. While most minded their own business, other’s tended to focus on others.

On the population of this bustling city where feline Anthro’s, they made up over 60% of the city and where the leading power of it. After that came rabbits and canines that made up 20% and smaller creatures be it reptilian or avian made up about 15%, and lastly the rodents made less than 5% being the smallest in stature and population.

It didn’t used to be this way however. The rodent’s or more specific the mice making up the most of them as it was, didn’t used to be the smallest population residing in the city. In fact they made up over 90% of it. However things changes drastically when a pack of Cat anthro’s moved into the city. Having found a near nirvana of food, land, and playthings it was heaven for them but was utter hell for the mice.

Within two months 20% of their population had been either eaten or enslaved by the cats, essentially shifting the power in their favor. The weeks that followed more and more cat anthro’s showed up killing or keeping more of the rodents till they were forced into mass hiding.

While they thought they were safe the cats thought well ahead and made it a new law of the city, all mice where no longer considered beings they were mere toys or treats and where to be caught on sight. The other residents be it feline or not had no problems with it and followed through leading to the purge of the city.

In less than half a year there population dropped by millions. The surviving mice that were lucky made it outside of the city to a town not far off. It was a rumored safe haven to their kind. A new beginning to this tragic end, the unfortunate where trapped being constantly hunted for in Glendale however.

Forced to ether be captured or remain hiding their survival instincts made them pick the ladder and that’s who that ends, and where this story begins…

~ Outskirts of Glendale City ~


Lance looked out the cubby hole in the wall fearfully. Lance was a young mouse anthro. Being about 10 years old he was the youngest in his family. He had long shoulder length blond hair, with his ears barely covered around the sides. Wearing a berated sleeveless white shirt and a small pair of jeans he looked rather ragged as it were.

Today was a big day for him and his family. This was the day they had been planning for months now. They day, to make a break for it and escape the hell known as Glendale, to the safe zone a few miles outside the city.

Gathering the last of his meager belongings in his pack he headed down the sides towards the entrance of his family’s den. They had planned to move at first light when most of the inhabitants around them where starting to sleep, well at least the residents of the feline variety. If a rabbit or avian anthro saw them they would just have to make a run for it.

At the bottom of the steps he looked around before seeing his brother with his pack already in place, flicking his tail back and forth anxiously, fear evident in his stature.  “W-where’s mom and d-dad?” Lanced asked nervously, not seeing his parents there yet.

His brother looked down and smiled rubbing lances head. “Don’t worry; dad went out a little earlier to make sure the pathway we were taking was clear. Moms just downstairs packing the last of the previsions, we’ll be leaving soon enough.” He put up a fake smile but lance saw through it. His big brother was just as scared as he was.

Lance nodded hanging his head a bit before sitting next to the door and waiting. Minutes turned to hour’s and now his brother didn’t look as calm. Looking over to their mother he started whispering to her, obviously trying not to let him hear any details. Lance saw his mom crying a bit but nodded before his brother reached down to help lance up.

“Change of plan’s lance. We’ll head out in about five. I’m sure we’ll see dad along the way.” He patted his shoulder before helping his mom with the bags. Many different thoughts ran through his mind now. What happened to dad? Why are we leaving without him. Will something happen to us?

His questions vanished however and where replaced with panic when he heard banging on the door near them. Covering his mouth not to make a sound like he was trained to do he watched fearfully as the door was kicked open before sighing in relief and happiness. It was dad!

“Dammit dad where were you, you had us worried we were just about to leave without you” Lance’s brother hissed angrily. Lances father rubbed his brow before sighing. “I had a run in with an owl anthro; he was out before dawn trying to find any last minute runaways. Luckily I found shelter before he grabbed me but I had to wait it out. As far as I could see though besides the now sleeping owl we should be safe” He smiled tiredly, clearly exhausted.

Lance saw his brother simmer down before sighing and giving his dad a hug. After his mom hugged him to lance ran up hugging him worried to. “Everyone set to go? This will be a long run so make sure you have everything, we won’t be coming back” His dad said more directed at lance himself. Nodding his father smiled opening the door for his family.

Closing the door behind him his father placed the wedge he used from the inside on the exterior. Maybe there den could help some other family still trapped here. It was a common practice for most mice, they tended to stick together once things went to hell in there in there befouled city.

Grabbing his wife’s hand lances father started jogging at a brisk pace. Lance saw his brother stick out his hand doing the same for him. He knew he had to keep up with them. Running after they stayed about ten feet apart like they practiced, In case one of them where found they had made plans to split up and meet back at the crossroads of their city before making a break for the exit.

They had been running for about thirty minutes now and things seemed to be going their way. They only had to stop once when they saw a young group of rabbit anthro walking by, most likely headed to a shop together. Besides that they were in the clear.

As Lance saw the crossroads ahead he smiled feeling genuinely happy to have made it to the cut off to the woods. As they approached however something large and spherical rolled into the pathway cutting off the small route instantly. Lances mother and father stopped instantly frozen at what they saw.

“I-is that, a ball?” Lance asked confused before he became terrified. Now standing over the ball was a young anthro cat, no older than 6 or 7. Even though it was just a child it she was still colossal to them. The little cat girl smiled happily reaching for her ball before she saw the four mice.

Turning her head a bit to the side, a grin quickly formed on her face alerting everyone to the danger. Even a child feline still had a natural urge to hunt, and they just so happened to now be blocked off. “Yeah! Mousy!” She cheered gleefully licking her lips. Quickly leaping over the ball she squatted down in a hunched position and eyed them up swinging her tail back and forth.

Lance was frozen in pure terror as the cat was no less than 10 feet in front of him staring him dead in the eyes licking her lips.  With one swift movement her paw slammed down in front of him. HE would have been caught in her claws had it not been for his brother tossing him out of the way.

The child giggled before nudging closer slowly sweeping the ground, playing with them. Lances father ran up to the brothers and shoved them ahead with his mom before he screamed in pain. Lance spared a glance and soon wished he hadn’t. He saw one of the little cat girls slaws puncture his father’s leg maki wished he hadn’t. He saw one of the little cat girl’s claws puncture his father’s leg making him limp before her pam smacked him onto the ground hard.

He heard his mom scream running back. His brother reached out trying to stop her but she shoved him aside reaching to her husband. Lance watched in horror as the child’s paw moved up letting his mom tend to her husband before she giggled and slammed it down in the same motion trapping them both now.

Lance sobbed sadly as he saw the little neko lifting them up by their tails before opening her mouth wide. The last thing he saw before almost blacking out and being pulled to his feet was his parents being dropped into her mouth before she swallowed them whole, no chewing, just swallowing them alive.

Lance shuddered watching the lump travel before his brother smacked him in the head tugging him harder. “DAMNIT LANCE STOP, IT WILL DO YOU NO GOOD TO SEE THAT!” His brother pulled him till they were right at the corner of the ball. Pushing it up slightly, luckily it was just a rubber ball he made a small hole and kicked lance onto the ground. “CRAWL NOW!”

Lance didn’t need to be told twice before he was on his knees scampering like a mad man trying to escape the gigantic kitten. Lance looked back and saw his brother dive through the hold picking him up now and sprinting.

Looking back he saw the child finish licking her lips before focusing her eyes on them and grinning. “More toys!” She cheered leaning down and pouncing into the air aiming to land right on them. Lances brother dodged to the side barely being missed by the massive paw. Lance even felt it brush his hair making him cry out in fear.

As luck would have it though, the young kitten was about to leap once again but stopped when a loud call was heard. Looking back she smirked waving her paw. Before picking up her ball and heading back to her mother’s call.

Lance cried softly as he was now alone with his brother, being carried to the forest edge, to the haven they resided miles out…




Chapter End Notes:

Once again special thanks to Franchise writer. And i'm getting him to write this chapter as a test, if you guys want more let me know.

And here is the link to his story strange occuences: http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=4163

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