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Story Notes:

This is my first ever story, so please take a minute to write a review. What did you like?  What didn’t you like? What could I improve on? I’ll try to reply to any comments as soon as I can. Please also don’t hesitate to point out any errors; proofreading can only be so good. Thank you for reading, and I hope to add more chapters soon!

Author's Chapter Notes:

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I woke up at six in the morning for another day attending the public middle school. The school holds kids attending grades six through eight, of which I attend grade eight. I then take a hot shower to prepare myself for the day, and look in the mirror to see myself like always, a five foot four inch male, with brown eyes and brown hair.

I eat my breakfast, consisting of one cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal. Then I must grab my book bag and walk to the bus stop on the corner of my street. I get on the bus, sitting about one quarter of the way back, and doze off.

I wake up suddenly, aware of movement around me and loud noises. I open my eyes to find a floor that extends for what seems like a mile, and gigantic shoes resting on the floor. I stand up and look at myself, noting I do in fact sill have my clothes on, and am only one inch tall. I walk up to the shoes, giant grey sneakers, on the floor at the seat in front of me, noticing it is a girl I know, also attending eighth grade, named Sarah. I walk closer to her shoe, noting it smells of flowers and of sweat.

As I get closer, she moves her foot back, missing me by a foot, relative to my current size. I jump aside quickly, feeling tightness in my pants. I wait for a moment to ensure she doesn’t move again, and then jump on her shoe. I feel the bus stop, and her foot slide forward. She then stands up, and I feel myself flying through the air as she takes a step, and I barely hold on without flying off. She walks to her locker, at which point she stops moving, and I jump off. I hug the wall to avoid being stepped on, and eventually make my way to one of the rooms, and wait until the last period.

This is when I find Alvira, a short, skinny Russian girl, wearing shorts, a short sleeved t-shirt, and golden colored sandals. I walk up to her and she pulls her feet back, hitting me and throwing me back many feet (relative), hurting my chest and head. I walk up to her again and pound on her toes, hoping to get a reaction. I did get one, but the wrong one, she looks down, assuming I’m a bug, and tries to crush me beneath her sandals. Her golden heel comes down on me, almost crushing me. I survive, but barely. She moves her sandal and sees I’m not a bug. She then leans over and picks me up, and quickly hides me in her pocket. Eventually, she gets home and pulls me out, eyeing me up and down. Eventually, she speaks in a booming voice, “Dante, is that you?” I slowly nod, realizing how lucky I am that she found me, knowing that she seems careful.

Puzzled, she says,” I’m so sorry I almost killed you! I thought you were a bug! By the way, how did you get so dang small?”

I can only shrug in reply, not yet wanting to speak.

Please tell me you can talk! Can you?” She inquires.

I respond quickly, with a quiet voice, “Yes I can!”

She answers, thankfully quieter this time, “Thank god. Your voice is so quiet! Are you hurt?”

“Slightly, when you kicked me and tried to kill me.” I retort.

“I said sorry!” she says quickly. “What should I do with you? My parents can’t find out you’re here. Also, won’t you parents wonder where you are?”

I reply, “Don’t know, and my parents wont care, I often go to friends house’s without notice.  They’re used to it.”

“Ok then. Again, what should I do with you? I don’t even know where to begin with where you’ll sleep, and how you’ll eat.”

“To stay, I don’t know. You can always just bring up a small piece of food after dinner, I shouldn’t eat much.” I reply.

Chapter End Notes:

Again, please leave a review, any constructive criticism would be much appreciated!

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