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Story Notes:

Well, I know know, I haven't been around or on the site in a long time. I'm still not sure how regualrly I can update or when I will get back to my other stories, but I'm sure I will. For now enjoy the first half in this shirt peice I wrote to try and get my writing muses back.

      Bridget, a normal teenage girl in the last year of her high school. A high school with the average mundane kids. A small town with nearly nothing in it. Well unless you traveled down the road to the next town. A younger brother named John only two grades below her. By any account that sounds rather boring. Of course it is their luck to stumble upon a certain magical item today. That accursed item is small, nearly insignificant, but has the most unholy of powers. "And yes of course, you would just call it a penny." Yes a penny which will introduce chaos into any of the lives it touches.


      John sat down on the couch. It crunched under his weight, unlike his sister, he was quite plump. It was very hot today, the summer's heat had reached a record high. His back and tee-shirt were dripping wet with his sweat. He fumbled on the leather couch until he was comfortable. Grabbing the remote of the couch seat side cushion he hit the power button for his parents sixty five inch TV.

      Nothing happened! "Son of a bitch!" John yelled as he kept hitting the button. Upon his frustration he opened the remotes battery compartment. Empty.. John sighed. "How lucky someone was, they were able to find batteries in this house." He looked over at the kitchen where the spare batteries were stored. "Bridget!" He yelled. "Why do you always steal the damn batteries!"

      There was no response to his yell. "Fine then." He muttered as he pushed himself up. Getting up seemed to be such a difficult task for him. Walking into the kitchen he opened the battery drawer. Inside sat at least two dozen or so batteries. As he fetched out the batteries he heard a door slam. "She's home.." He muttered. Grabbing some food from the Fridge, John slowly made his way back to the living room.


      Bridget enjoyed her daily jogs, she was currently in second on the track team, but really hoped she be able to become number one before she graduated. Stepping into the somewhat cooler inside of the house, she slammed the door behind her. There was no sign of her younger brother in the living room either. That was not odd behavior though, Bridget would likely assume he was sleeping in. On Saturdays it was a miracle she would see him at all.

      Taking off her shoes by the door, she walked into the empty living room. It was extremely hot in the living room and the AC had only recently been turned on. As she walked further into the room she felt her feet scrunch. Behind her was a trail of  sweat puddles left by the socks on the wooden floor. "Gross." She said as she started peeling off her wet white damp socks, throwing them unto the couch.

      Freed from the sweat soaked socks she bounded towards the stairs in the direction of her room, leaving sweaty footprints in her wake.


      As John re entered the living room, he saw his sister dash up the stairs toward her room. Paying no heed to her, he sat back down in his spot. He took a bite of one of his donuts and flicked on the TV with his newly fixed remote. But again nothing, no TV image appeared. "What the hell, why isn't it working now?" He asked to the empty room.

      Getting up again, he went over to the TV and tried to power it on with the remote. Nothing.. "Come on, play fucking fair, I Just want to watch, All My Giantess." The show, All My Giantess, featured a brash young man named Cal. He was constantly lusting after the Giantess Monique. It was said to be hugely popular. Looking behind the TV, the culprit was found. "Who the hell unplugged this?" John muttered to himself. Reaching for the plug he saw some loose change behind the TV. "Finders keepers."


      The room was pretty average, modern but still with a girls charm. Her desk was neat and a bookshelf of athletic trophies sat in an unused corner. Bridget was nearly done changing. Her jogging pants, sports bra, and shirt were laying messily on the floor of her room. "I think I'll need a little more respectable attire." She whispered to herself. Digging through her drawers she found what she was looking for.

      The respectable attire she'd found included some very tight shorts, a white tank top, and a brush for letting down her long brown hair. Her friend Stacy was going to be at the mall in thirty minutes, and she planned to go hang at the mall with her. Her phone already had several texts reminding her to bring some pocket money. Something she currently didn't have. Bridget's belly was aching from her jog, and she was very hungry.


      Sitting back on the couch, John started to count the change he had found. While counting he flicked on the TV. Cal Culon, the micro sized man was pleading for his life as Boxy, a normal sized man, demanded he break off his engagement with the giantess Monique. Monique of course came towering into frame a moment or two later. "Let's see twelve quarters, two dimes, four nickels, and one penny." The coinage all sat on the couch cushion between his legs. "Well that's not a bad haul." He said to himself as he laid back into the couch, grabbing the coins with his left hand.

      As his back hit the back of the couch, a smelly object landed on his shoulder. "What the fuck!" John yelled as he grabbed the stinky ass sock from his left shoulder. "Seriously." The sock off his shoulder was utterly repulsing in smell. "How did I become so Lucky......"

      Unknown to John, the one penny inside his hand full of change, was no ordinary penny, it was the accursed magical penny. In the mere instant he said the magic word, his mind, body, and soul were transferred into the object in his right hand. The change dropped, and fell between the cushions, the only sign he was there, a TV playing for no audience.


      "Unhand that finger, boxy!" The micro man Cal said.

      "Cal!" Monique cried as she looked down at Cal through a microscope.

      Boxy was holding unto the giantesses finger. "Beep beep, Cal, Monique is mine now." Boxy voice declared but was censored.

      "Monique how could you betray me, we were going to get married tomorrow!" Cal said, as the Actor gave his all to say his line.

      "What the hell is this garbage?" Bridget said as she walked into the living room. To her surprise, her brother wasn't there. Walking over to the TV she unplugged it. "Waste of electricity and brain cells this thing."


      John was stuck, immobile, plastered to the couch, or as far as he could tell. He couldn't speak no matter how hard he tried, and man he wanted too. It felt like he was being violated all over his body after all, and he couldn't even figure out why. It also terrified him how everything seemed so big. Even Cal on the TV, far across the room from him, micro seized was huge.

      As he kept trying to move he saw a huge figure step into the room. It was his gigantic sister. If not for the sheer terror whaling up inside, and the fact she was his sister. John might have called her very hot.


      Sitting her butt on the couch she felt something smoosh under her behind. "Ewww gross." She stood up and saw that she had sat on a half eaten donut. Wiping off its remains, she looked at her watch. She really didn't have the much time to be wasting, and she still needed to find some cash. "Maybe there's some loose change in the couch." She thought.

      Getting back up Bridget inspected her behind, luckily the donut was pretty dry and left no spots on her tight shorts. "Oh well, anyways let's see if Bro has left me any change in here." She said as she bent down to inspect the couch cushions.


      She was huge and heading straight for him, John's heart would be pumping if he had one, but it was silent. "Am I dead." He thought as the large rump of his sister completely blocked out his vision. He quickly dismissed that thought as her large behind crushed him under its weight.


      "What's this?" She said, as she found some change between the cushions. She really hadn't expected to find any, a real pain to Stacy but oh well, but here it was, a large size of change.

      She counted the change twice; unable to believe she found over three dollars of spare change. Shoving it in her pocket, she hopped back unto the couch and grabbed her socks from earlier. "Whew these stink!" She said as she lifted them off the couch."Oh well, don't really have time to get a new pair."

      Stretching the sweaty socks over her feet, they snapped in to place, just where they belonged. Each sock, leaving Bridget with the feeling she may get athlete's foot if she's not careful.


      John had survived, his gigantic sisters rump had not ended his life, but he was still stuck to the couch. Still unable to move. Further the terrible smells and tastes he was experiencing still, had not gone away. He felt like he had fallen in a vat of sweat that had been allowed to ferment for days. His body had handled his sisters butts weight, but he still ached from his body being contorted. He wasn't even sure of what his body was. His field consisted of white, and currently his sisters behind.

      John Panicked once more as his sister's rump came hurtling back down towards him, it missed. He was grabbed by his sister abruptly and had a giant sock shoved into his face. This is when it dawned on him. "That sock looks exactly like me right now." John thought as his vision suddenly blurred.

      In front of him, as his body was being painfully stretched, was an enormous foot. His sisters foot, a foot he could see glistening with sweat. With literally every fiber in his being, he wanted to scream, to move, to do anything but be wrapped around his sisters foot. But he felt every crevice of his body expand painfully around the small wrinkles and creases of her foot. "Why me." John cried. But unfortunately he could not.


      Socks on, she slipped on her sweaty jogging sneakers, they too smelled and were laden with sweat. But she didn't have the time to change her socks and shoes, the mall was about five miles away. With the door closed and locked behind her, it was time for the twenty minute sprint to the mall. She couldn't help but think she lost more socks this way than any other.

To be Continued.

Chapter End Notes:

Well I hope you all liked Part 1. Stay tuned for the conclusion in part two.

As always I congratulate you if you read this far, and I hope you can do me the honor of pointing out any mistakes you saw, or provide me with positive criticism or feedback. Knowing people enjoy my stories can't help but make me want to write more.

 Thank you,


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