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Anonymous asked: Any chances of running an experiment where you test a shrink ray over and over again on one specific subject? I think the various stages of your body would be wonderful to see as one dwindles down before eventually ending up on a slide of a high powered microscope, and I would love to get in line as your second female subject!


;) Where have the ladies been all this time, huh?

I have found it amusing to take more haughty and disrespectful people and slowly dwindle them down. It’s a huge turn on to see how their horror grows as their body shrinks, until they’re a trembling, terrified insect in my palm. x)

You see, dear, this is why it’s a bad idea to cut in line at the candy shop.

*referring to a tiny young woman in her early twenties, who has been trying to grasp her new status from within a test tube on the desk for about three hours*

;) Rudeness should never be rewarded, but you did seem so eager for candy before. Here you go.

*lifts a single Mike and Ike candy from its package in her warm pocket and drops it into the test tube, delighting as the tiny girl is pinned beneath it, though not outright crushed*

^_^ Hehe.

Now, anon, as for you, we could begin with us being full-sized. We’ll start slowly.

First, three inches. Just to give you a taste of the sensation, and a preview of the many perspective changes you’re about to experience.

I’ll be taller than you then, but plausibly, and after another three inches you’ll really begin to notice. My enormous hand on top of your head, the increase in size of the world around you.

You’ll be at my chest then, and my arms hugging you tightly, pinning your face between my breasts will be a display of merely a fraction of the power I’ve got over you.

Zap! Another foot gone suddenly, and I’m placing you on my examination table. Sitting there at a little over/under four feet tall, with a giantess in a white coat, you begin to feel like a child at a doctor’s office.

Until my large hands begin stripping you of your clothing, very easily pinning you down in case you struggle. I’ll take away three inches every time you try to stop me, until you’ve got no chance of fighting my fingers as they rip away your outfit and underwear.

I imagine the hassle of stripping you would result in you being around three feet tall. At this point, I would place you on my desk chair and tell you to brace yourself.

The next thing you’d see would be my round ass, blanketed thinly by my lab coat, looming over your face. I may or may not be wearing panties that day, but I assure you, my pussy will be wet as it descends on your body.

While you’re pinned beneath my soft and hefty butt, I’ll ride against you a bit, rubbing my clit over your face as I fuck it between your little breasts. Feeling your nipples stroking my labia as I clitfuck your tits, mm, I just can’t wait! I’m going to drown your little face in cum, and you had better swallow it if you want me to grant you oxygen.

As you lie there, staring helplessly up at your grinning science goddess, I’ll slowly drain you of your remaining height. You would be two feet tall soon, and tucked into the chest of my dress, pinned beneath my breasts as I fondle your little ass through the fabric.

If you’re wise, you’ll obey my commands to service my nipple when I push your head and face against it.

This could go on for hours, depending on what I’ve got going on in the lab that day. You might stay trapped under my massive boobs as a pleasure pastie while I watch Netflix, or dance, or have my dinner. ;) That just may be your role in life for a while, so do get used to the idea.

Once I’ve brought you down to a little over foot tall, I’m taking you to my science bed, and you’ll begin worshipping my pussy and ass hole with your little tongue and hands. During your endeavor, I’ll be docking inches, gradually taking you down to seven inches in height as you witness my hungry cunt grow larger and more menacing as you strive to please it.

Finally, you’ll be feeding yourself to me. Headfirst, licking the walls as you go, into my hot love tunnel. I want to feel your hands stroking me, your tongue licking, and those cute little breasts grinding themselves against me from the inside.

I’m on top of my kegels, of course, so helping you along by slurping you in with my vaginal muscles wouldn’t be a problem. ;)

Once my pussy has swallowed you up and dominated your body by gnawing and sucking on it for pleasure, it might cause me to fall asleep. That’s a very action-filled day I’ve written out, you see, so you’ll likely have to spend the night deep inside of me, drenched in my juices.

Make sure you take your vitamins and get plenty of rest. ;)

Perhaps my pussy will keep working my tiny lady in my sleep, whittling away her height, her only indication being the lessening of pressure around her.

By the time I woke up, I would know where my mini had gone, but I wouldn’t know exactly where she was. ;) Though I would imagine floating helplessly in my juices and sticking to my inner walls.

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