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Story Notes:

Hello everyone! If any of you read my other stories, I want to apologize for leaving them like that. I don't intend to abandon them, I've just had a bad case of writer's block lately. That's why I decided to write this story. I need to "loosen up" a little, and writing a fun, silly story is probably what I need right now. I really hope everyone likes it and I'll do my best to get back to my other stories soon. Thank you for understanding.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is just the prologue, so it'll mostly be an introduction. Still, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for taking the time to read it.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

As a part of the "Sizes and Countries" series, this story will use the size differences common in said series. Here is a chart showing the average height of people from each country (you don't need to remember the sizes, though. They'll be indicated in the story each time a new person appears. This is just a general guideline):

Country (average height in centimeters / average height in feet and inches)

Netherlands (6600 / 216’6.42’’)

Iceland (6025.414 / 197’8.21’’)

Norway (5500.850 / 180’5.68’’)

Sweden (5021.955 / 164’9.14’’)

Denmark (4584.751 / 150’5.02’’)

Finland (4185.609 / 137’3.87’’)

Czech Republic (3821.217 / 125’4.41’’)

Slovenia (3488.547 / 114’5.44’’)

Luxembourg (3184.840 / 104’5.87’’)

Croatia (2907.572 / 95’4.71’’)

Germany (2654.443 / 87’1.05’’)

Estonia (2423.352 / 79’6.07’’)

Austria (2212.378 / 72’7.01’’)

Belgium (2019.772 / 66’3.18’’)

Serbia (1843.934 / 60’5.95’’)

Switzerland (1683.404 / 55’2.75’’)

United States (1536.849 / 50’5.05’’)

Australia (1403.053 / 46’.38’’)

Poland (1280.906 / 42’0.29’’)

Greece (1169.392 / 38’4.39’’)

New Zealand (1067.586 / 35’.30’’)

United Kingdom (974.644 / 31’11.71’’)

Hungary (889.793 / 29’2.31’’)

Ukraine (812.329 / 26’7.81’’)

Ireland (741.609 / 24’3.97’’)

Russia (677.045 / 22’2.55’’)

Israel (618.103 / 20’3.34’’)

Lithuania (564.292 / 18’6.16’’)

Canada (515.165 / 16’10.82’’)

Lebanon (470.316 / 15’5.16’’)

Turkey (429.371 / 14’1.04’’)

France (391.990 / 12’10.32’’)

Uzbekistan (357.864 / 11’8.89’’)

Italy (326.709 / 10’8.62’’)

Senegal (298.266 / 9’9.42’’)

Jamaica (272.300 / 8’11.20’’)

Mali (248.593 / 8’1.87’’)

Spain (226.951 / 7’5.35’’)

Romania (207.193 / 6’9.57’’)

Azerbaijan (189.155 / 6’2.47’’)

Uruguay (172.688 / 5’7.98’’)

Argentina (157.654 / 5’2.06’’)

South Korea (143.929 / 4’8.66’’)

Syria (131.398 / 4’3.73’’)

Morocco (119.959 / 3’11.22’’)

Iran (109.515 / 3’7.11’’)

Portugal (99.981 / 3’3.36’’)

Côte d’Ivoire (91.277 / 2’11.93’’)

Egypt (83.330 / 2’8.80’’)

Tunisia (76.076 / 2’5.95’’)

Algeria (69.453 / 2’3.34’’)

South Africa (63.406 / 2’.96’’)

Cameroon (57.886 / 1’10.78’’)

Gambia (52.847 / 1’8.80’’)

Ghana (48.246 / 1’6.99’’)

Brazil (44.046 / 1’5.34’’)

Colombia (40.211 / 1’3.83’’)

Taiwan (36.710 / 1’2.45’’)

Chile (33.514 / 1’1.19’’)

Venezuela (30.596 / 1’.04’’)

Paraguay (27.933 / 10.99’’)

Japan (25.501 / 10.03’’)

Hong Kong (23.281 / 9.16’’)

China (21.254 / 8.36’’)

Mexico (19.404 / 7.63’’)

Pakistan (17.714 / 6.97’’)

Singapore (16.172 / 6.36’’)

Thailand (14.764 / 5.81’’)

Mongolia (13.479 / 5.30’’)

Malaysia (12.305 / 4.84’’)

Sri Lanka (11.234 / 4.42’’)

Malawi (10.256 / 4.03’’)

Bahrain (9.363 / 3.68’’)

Iraq (8.548 / 3.36’’)

Nigeria (7.804 / 3.07’’)

Peru (7.124 / 2.80’’)

North Korea (6.504 / 2.56)

India (5.938 / 2.33’’)

Vietnam (5.421 / 2.13’’)

Philippines (4.949 / 1.94’’)

Indonesia (4.518 / 1.77’’)

Cambodia (4.125 / 1.62’’)


I'd also like to say that each characters personality is singular, and I don't mean to generalize any aspect of them to all the people in their countries.




Prologue: Arriving



Donna stepped into the hotel's lobby, looking around. “Ah...we're finally here!”, she said, excitedly clapping her hands and jumping, causing her long, blonde hair to wave a little.

“Calm down, Donna.”, said Chloe, placing her hand on Donna's shoulder. “How old are you? 10?”

“No...”, the blonde girl said and stopped jumping. “I'm just happy to be here already.”

“I am too, but you don't see me acting like a child, do you?”, Chloe said.

“Well, no.” said Donna, offended. “But you do LOOK like a child...shorty.”, she said, sticking her tongue out at her petite friend. Chloe was barely as tall as her tall blonde friend's chin.


Chloe just sighed, shaking her head a little, before looking back at the lobby entrance.


“Linda!”, Chloe shouted. “Just put that stupid pamphlet away, please. You're staying behind again.”


A girl holding a purple pamphlet hurried into the lobby, catching up with her two friends. As she walked, she used her free hand to try and keep her slightly frizzy black hair from curling even more.


“Sorry, sorry!”, Linda said. “It's just that these fun facts about Mexico are really interesting.”

“Oh, tell us one, Linda!”, said Donna, smiling.

“Well, for example, did you know that Mexicans are about 9/10th of an inch tall compared to Americans?”, said Linda, spreading her index and thumb a little less than an inch appart. “So, about this tall, I guess.”

“Ummm...yeah, we knew that”, said Chloe. “This place is full of Mexicans.”

“Yes, I know.”, said Linda. “But we haven't been close enough to any of them to find out their exact size.”


As if on cue, a tiny woman walked towards them. Her formal outfit made it obvious that she worked in the hotel. She stood right by the three girls' feet and craned her neck up to look at them.


“Good morning!”, she said. “Welcome to the Feathered Snake Hotel. My name is Julieta. May I ask for your last name, please?”


The three American girls squatted down to be able to listen to her better. Her Hispanic accent was evident, but not thick at all. They were also surprised that she seemed to be so cool while standing infront of 3 girls who most likely seemed to be as tall as buildings compared to her. But then again, she worked at a multi-sized hotel, so she was obviously used to it.


“Oh! Hi there, Julieta.”, said Linda. “We made our registration under the name Bell.”

“Bell, Bell...”, said Julieta to herself while looking through the list in her hand. “Here you are! Now, please follow me. I'll show you the way to your room.”


Julieta then turned around and started walking. The three girls watched her, amused by the slowness of her pace. Linda and Donna just giggled a little, but Chloe was growing impacient and reached down, sweeping the tiny woman onto her palm, as if it was a spoon. Julieta yelped, both startled and embarrassed.


“Let me give you a hand.”, said Chloe. “Just tell me where to turn.”

“V...very well.”, said Julieta, blushing a little. “That way.”


Chloe followed Julieta's directions, while Donna followed them. However, Linda was already reading her Fun Facts pamphlet again, and therefore falling behind. As she walked, her big, brown eyes were so focused on the text that she failed to notice a tiny person in her path. Screaming, the Mexican girl barely managed to dive aside, avoiding being flattened under the enormous, white flip-flop.


“Huh?”, said Linda, hearing the scream and looking down. “What was that?”


Linda then noticed a tiny girl right next to her left foot. Curious, she crouched to get a closer look. The girl was wearing a yellow bikini, which made perfect contrast with her slightly tanned skin. She then noticed that the girl was sitting, and her long, black hair was all disheveled. She immediately realized what had just happened.


“Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!”, she said, blushing. “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I'm fine!”, the tiny girl said, standing back on her feet, brushing her bikini with her hands. “But not because of you!”

“I'm super sorry, really.”, Linda continued. “I was distracted and I didn't see you there.”

“Yeah, yeah...typical American.”, the girl continued. “You never look down at the little ones.”

“Hey, that's not fair”, replied Linda. “It was an accident.”

“Fine, whatever.”, said the yellow-bikini girl. “Just watch your step, OK?”, and walked away.

“Grrrr...”, Linda said, clenching her fists. “What a bitch!”






Once in their room, the three girls quickly changed into their bikinis, more than ready to go to the beach and resort to have fun.


“What's with the all-pink outfit, Donna?”, asked Chloe. “Pink bikini, pink flip-flops, pink fingernails...”

“Well, I like pink”, answered Donna. “You're wearing black sandals and black fingernails, anyway.”

“Yeah, but I'm wearing a red bikini, so I'm not all monochromatic like you.”

“OK, OK, enough you two.”, said Linda, standing right between them. “Donna, do you want some of my anti-frizz mousse or not?”

“Yes, please!”, she said, brushing her now very frizzy blonde hair.

“Yeah, you two better use that”, said Chloe. “You look like the Lion King!”


As Chloe laughed out loud, Donna and Linda looked at her with arms crossed. Of the three, the petite brunette was the only one whose hair wasn't frizzy. Her pixie styled hair was perfectly combed; but not for long. Without even warning, the tall blonde pulled Chloe close and, using her height advantage, started ruffling her hair with her hand.


“Hey, no! What the Hell are you doing?!”, shouted Chloe, trying in vain to break free.

“Just giving you a reason to use the mousse as well, hehe”, Donna said before releasing her.

“That was totally uncalled for.”, said Chloe, doing her best to fix her hair with her hands while staring at Donna with green, gun-like eyes.

“It was kind of called for, actually.”, said Linda, chuckling a little.

“Shut up, Linda.”, said Chloe. “And what's with the American flag bikini, anyway?”

“What? I'm proud of being American and I want to let everyone else know that”, Linda said, proudly.

“Yeah, like they might mistake you for a very tall Mexican if you aren’t wearing that.”, Chloe said, chuckling at her own joke.






As soon as the girls were ready, they got out of their room and headed for their size-zone inside the resort. They were halfway there when, suddenly, in the middle of the hallway, Linda stopped. Chloe and Donna stopped too and turned to their friend.


“What are you doing, Linda?”, asked Chloe. “Let's go already! Did you forget something?”

“What are we doing?”, asked Linda.

“Going to the resort?”, Chloe asked her, confused. “Remember?”

“Yeah, but...I mean, why did we come all the way to Mexico?”, asked Linda.

“To enjoy the sunny weather and play beach games!”, said Donna.

“Duh! Because we're old enough to drink here!”, answered Chloe. “The minimum age to drink alcohol here is 18, you know?”

“Wrong!”, said Linda. “I mean, sure, that too. But what is it that makes Mexico so much different than the USA? The size difference! I don't want to waste my time here spending it with other Americans. I would have travelled to an American beach if I wanted that. No way, I say we turn around and go to the Mexican area.”

“But everything is so tiny there.”, said Donna. “How will we swim, get drinks, etc.?”

“I'm not saying we have to stay there”, continued Linda. “But we should at least go take a look around and see what's going on. Who knows? Maybe we'll have even more fun there.”

“Very well...”, said Chloe. “I guess we could go try the tinies’ zone.”

“Yay!”, said Linda, excited. “Let's go, then. Just remember that they're super tiny. So please watch your step and try not to hurt anyone or break anything. I don't want any of you kicked out of the hotel, or worse, arrested.”

“Yeah, yeah...whatever, we're losing sun time.”, said Chloe, already walking down the hall towards the Mexican area while her two friends followed her.

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks everyone for reading! I really hope you enjoyed it. Chapter 1 is coming soon, so stay tuned. As always, I'd really appreciate if you could comment. Thanks again and see you soon!

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