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Story Notes:

Hey guys I'm new to creating giantess stories but I have read alot of them so I hope you all enjoy. Expect some adult content in this story.Enjoy

Author's Chapter Notes:

Just an introduction into the story.

Nick, a highschool freshman, has a giantess fetish on some of the girls in his classes. One day the girls he like and have a fetish on catch him looking at some giantess stories during lunch. The hottest girl to him is Mackenzie. She's a white girl with nice sized breast's and a nice size ass. Another girl Nick likes is Alexis. She's a white girl with medium sized breast's and an average ass. He also likes a girl named Mary. She's a white girl with medium sized breast's and a medium sized ass. Another girl he likes is Esccence. She's a white girl with small sized breast's and an amazing ass. When the girls find out about Nick's fetish they imediatley decide that its time to have some fun. The girls then go to their friend Mark who's a scientist. "Hey Mark I was wondering if you could help us with something" Mackenzie said. "I sure can what do you girls need help with?" asked Mark. "We have a friend who has a giantess fetish and wanted to help him make his dreams a reality." said Mackenzie."Ok well what do you need me to do?" asked Mark. "We need you to create a drug that will shrink our friend and make him invincible so we don't have to worry about accidentally killing him." said Mackenzie. "I just so happen to have made a drug for both of those things." Mark said. "Great but how long will they last?" asked Mackenzie. "They'll last until you give him the antidote." said Mark. "Thanks Mark." Mackenzie said. Nick always had a giantess fetish on the hot girls he liked. He liked thinking about the large amount of fun he could have while being shrunk and the girls could have while being giantess'es to him. He liked thinking about all the things they could do to him while he is that small. He thought about how the girls could easily play with him in their cleavage, how they could make him hump their nipples, how they could easily trap him in between two of the girl's breast's, and how they could let and also make him enjoy himself while being shrunk. He also thought about how the girls could use him a human dildo, or how they could use their massive tongue's to give his penis the best blow job ever. But his favorite thought was about how they could easily use their massive asses to play with him by either sitting on him or getting him stuck in between massive asses. The Thought of each of the hottest girls in the school as a giantess and using their enormous asses to play with him and having lesbian sex using him as their dildo shoving him up each other's vagina and cumming on him and shoving him up each other's ass made his penis rock hard and ready to masturbate to the giantess girls. On Friday during 4th period, the girls put the drugs in a bottle of water and offered it to Nick. He thankfully took the bottle of water and blacked out after drinking the entire bottle of water. 


Chapter End Notes:

Now that that's over it's time for some action in the next chapter which I will upload as soon as it's ready.

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