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Chapter 1

I gazed around quickly, eyes alert for any signs of movement. I was looking for a Little to take home, since pretty much all of my friends had one. They were rumored to hang around in parks like this one, with shrubs and bushes to create houses in. I had decided against barraging into bushes, not only for ruining my reputation, but also to make sure that I didn?t hurt any potential pets.

But I shouldn't get that far just yet. Perhaps an introduction would do. My name is Angel. I?m from Tibet, and I have always wanted a Little to call my own. I am 23 right now, and I was about 19 when the shrinking first started. For four long years I had been looking for a Little. And every day I had hoped that that day would be my lucky day. And you know what? I keep on believing and hoping.

Suddenly, to the left, I saw a flicker of movement. Running from one bush to another. I was on my feet before you could yell Casanova and jumped towards the tiny movement i had seen before. I watched as a doll sized human started running, and I hit the ground with an oof! But I had my prey in my sights.

I landed right in front of the Little, my body providing a barrier for him. He stopped in his tracks and stared at me fearfully. He took a step back, and started running the other way. But I was too quick for him. I reached out my hand and put it right on him, pinning him to the ground
and blocking his view of the world with just my palm and fingers.

I looked around, and once more realized that I was in a public park. And people had just seen me catch the Little. I wrapped my hand around the Little and casually stood up. With a giant triumphant grin on my face as I saw jealousy on the faces on the people watching me. The government and a couple of odd people out viewed Littles as actual humans. But I knew, and the majority of the world knew, that they were delusional. I mean like, for god?s sake, they are a god damn 3 inches tall. And I viewed them as pets, and that was what this little lucky would get to become!

I could feel the struggles in my hand as the Little struggles to be free. I just smirked, and tightened my hand until the struggles stopped. Shoving him into my purse without bothering to even look at him, I quickly walked towards my apartment. A little pet all to myself. I could barely keep my excitement contained.

Little did I know what I was doing...
Chapter End Notes:

My first time writing a story in first person. And like always, please review!

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