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Story Notes:

This is my first transformation story, please leave a review, even if it is negative! All feedback is appreciated!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Setup for the story. Please leave a review! I'm sorry it's so short!

    I woke up after god knows how many hours. I was wet, as if I had been sweating, in a dark and cold environment, and felt different. The air smelled lightly of sweat, and I was confused. I thought back to my last memory, which was one of me in my comfortable bed, tired from the day of school and work, in my slightly warm room. I could not figure out what happened, but I did not need to, as I felt a tremor. This tremor was the biggest I had ever felt! I quickly went back to finding out where I was, when I noticed I could not move! I tried thinking aloud, and noticed I could not talk. ‘This is weird,’ I thought to myself. Next, I tried to figure out why I could not move or talk and I noticed I felt flat. I felt very flat, and long. The smell, the tremor, my current condition, and size, it made sense. I was an insole!

   I felt the tremor again, and felt it getting more and more intense. I was not sure whose shoe I was in, but I was excited! I hear the person talking, and I note that it was a girl, probably 11-13 years old.

   She said, “Mom, I’m going to school, love you!”

   Whom I presume was the mom responded, “Alright, I love you!”

   I felt the tremor close, and I felt the shoe move, while seeing the light block out by a large, pink sock. I saw the foot force itself into the shoe, and the toes dragging along me. While the toes neared my face, I felt her heel enter fully into the shoe with a pop. I felt her toes, smooth, but bumpy from her sock, on my face. The pressure increased tremendously, her toes forcing into my face, her heel crushing my legs. I went weightless as I flew through the air along with her foot. As her foot fell quickly, I was thrown into it. Slamming into the ground with a thump, I realized my wish to be an insole was foolish as it was more painful than I could have thought.

  She stood in place, I presume at the bus stop. The pressure was mostly constant as she stood, with her moving back and forth occasionally. I felt her swing her foot back and hit her toes into the concrete, rocking her foot back and forth. As she was doing this, her toes were pressing into me, grinding me beneath them. She started sweating a little bit, the sweat running down her foot and onto me. Eventually, she started walking again, carelessly crushing me beneath her foot. I felt her walk up steps, hurting me more than the walking did.

  She sat down and I felt relieved. This was until she started to play with me. I felt her dragging her foot backwards, her toes scrapping across me painfully. Eventually, I got fresh air once her foot left the shoe, but then I felt the shoe lurch upwards. I realized her toes were grabbing onto the back of the shoe! I felt her play with the shoe, tilting it constantly. She put her toes into the shoe, crushing my legs, and started to drag it around. I felt her toes, harder than before, rubbing into me, wearing me down very very slowly.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter in my story! I hope to update it soon. Please leave review!

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