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Story Notes:

Since I felt the multiple sizes genre wasn't used as much as it could on this site, I decided to write the story I wanted to see, taking it to the max. This is a porn story where I try to lay down all the stuff I like about giantess stories, and ignore all the stuff I dislike. It's mostly female stuff, but I can't promise not putting any giant males later on the story.

Author's Chapter Notes:

First chapter of a story. Cool shit. Enjoy.

It had happened only two hours ago, though it already seemed like two years. 

She was substantially larger than a house, her own reaching barely above her knees. Most street lights now reached about her belly, and to top it off her neighborhood still used wires, which had made it pretty hard for her to move around. It had been a shitty experience overall.

Still, she wouldn't say she was big. In fact, with what had happened, she would say she was still pretty small. Of course, that hadn't stopped most of her neighborhood from considering her a terror, and the threats hadn't ceased until she isolated herself on a small forest near her house. Right now she was sitting on a small clear accompanied by her boyfriend. Seeing trees that would overwhelm a normal person only make it up her chest made her feel pretty powerful.

"It's great that you could finally visit me. I was getting bored."

"You think it's gonna stop?" the little guy sitting on her lap asked. 

"I don't know, Jon, I don't want to think about that." She was focusing on feeling the breeze past her hair. Being naked wasn't so bad at her height. For the first time she was starting to get accustomed to the situation.

She was actually very pretty, with long blonde hair brushing past her shoulders. To the little guy, it left a big impression. 

"I mean, it is fucked up, you know? The world has never seen anything like this before" He sounded worried "what will happen with the people? How will everyone live a month from now? A year? A decade?" 

She looked at him annoyed. She grabbed him with both her hands. He still wasn't as small as one of her hands, but she could lift him easily.

"Shut up."

It was amazing to her. His weight was pretty noticeable, but still she could manage to hold him without as much as a sign of weakness. 

"You think we could go to the city?"

"they'll kill you!"

"I think they have bigger problems in the city."

Placing the little guy on her left shoulder, she stood up. She could feel her boyfriend grabbing her blonde hair and pulling softly. She walked into the forest. Most trees barely made it to her hips now. She was seeing the world from an amazing new perspective. Far beyond, she could see the city. It's tall buildings were still immensely impressive to her, thought there was no way she could fit inside one now. To her right, she saw her neighborhood, with the neatly ordered orange-colored houses smaller than she was. The whole thing, with its houses and streets and lights now seemed like a very detailed model she could play in. 

Susan walked through the trees and to her neighborhood. The plants scraped her belly and everything below with their tiny leaves, but for her it was only a funny feeling that had her giggling. Once, she had been immensely scared of the woods, and never ever would she think of standing naked on them, but now it was different. There were no tall tree tops darkening her path. There were no bugs to pester her, and no beasts that could harm her. These were nothing more than bushes, and yet with the perfect shapes of enormous trees. Right now she was free. She couldn't stop thinking about how powerful she was, as she felt some of those leaves scraping her pussy. Her feet didn't even feet right between the great plants. She wouldn't have admitted it, but it was extremely arousing to feel this way. She couldn't help herself now. She grabbed a huge trunk between her thumb and index and presented it to her boyfriend.

"Look what I can do!" She said amusedly. 

Her boyfriend held tighter to her hair. The enormous trunk was enough to make him fall. 

"That's... That's impressive." He said, getting closer to her neck. 

When she finally reached the neighborhood, there didn't seem to be anyone around. She jumped above a house and landed on the street effortlessly, destroying a street light in the process. She checked to see if anyone had seen her. 

"The cars are still here." She said, looking at the row of parked vehicles by the sideway. 
She knelt down, grabbing one to feel it. It was bigger than her hand, and somewhat heavy, but nothing she couldn't handle. "Another boring car for a boring neighborhood" she thought. She flipped it over to see the part below. Everything was still there, perfectly detailed like it always had been. She touched it softly, trying to memorize the details of the tiny car. She touched the top of the street light by her belly. It was an amazing feeling. She wanted to feel everything at this size.

She knelt down to place the car down, and saw an older woman staring angrily at her. 
"Hey, I'm just passing through" she said, ignoring the judging woman. 

She walked through the street, feeling both the pavement and the sidewalk. She touched the roofs of houses, feeling the tiles, the antennas and anything else above them. It was an addictive feeling. To think that actual people lived there, that she did once, and now she would completely demolish it if she tried to fit in. 

Having reached the main road to the city, she saw the large traffic congestion with all the cars stuck. It was still quite a walk to the main city. She walked above them without any shame at all. Some of the drivers and pedestrians lifted their heads, looking at her with a dumbstruck look on their faces. 

"Hello tiny people." She waved with a smile. The small guy on her shoulder waved too. 
"What do you think is going on?" She asked him. 

"Must be more of you."

Amanda was standing near a couple of buildings arguing with a police officer. She seemed to be having a lot of fun, but the officer looked like he was having a lot less than that. He was obviously trying to sound serious and tough against the situation, but his voice had the occasional cracks and doubt. It was more humiliating to him than anything. 

"Come on officer. Here are my hands. Handcuff me, please." She said, showing him the giant hands, taller than a monster truck.

"Please miss. You know I can't do that." The man gulped. He realized he was alone on a wide circle. Most people had already fled from the giantess. "We need to get you out of the city." 

Another giantess, three times as big as the other one, appeared on the side of another skyscraper. She was about as big as the entire building.

"Who is bothering you, Amanda?"

"This officer wants to restrict my freedom of travel."

The bigger giantess crouched to take a good look at the man. She lifted him. He wasn't even as big as her finger. With her other hand she lifted the police car. It was barely big as the palm of her hand

"You know what happens to those who hurt my friends?" she crushed the car effortlessly. The officer was speechless. 

"I... I'm only following orders, lady"

The bigger giantess took a big laugh.

"That's right." She said. Her tone tried to be serious, but she couldn't avoid some innocent giggling. The girl below her giggled too. 

She set the officer on top of the building to her right. It was one of the tallest buildings in the city. She wasn't as tall as that particular one, but her arm reached without problem.

"Thanks, Sarah. I love you."

"I know." She said playfully. She went back to straightening her hair using one skyscraper as a mirror. To the people inside, it was quite a sight. For some it was the enormous boobs that jiggled back and forth. For others, it was her beautiful face, and for the lower ones. It was her huge pussy,  motioning back and forth with her hips as she worked on her hands. Even if the people weren’t in the exact spot for these sights, they just had to open a window and look up or down, and the details of an enormous female body would be presented to them. 

Even though she couldn’t see them, she didn't mind. She enjoyed the attention anyway. 

"look who's come to see us!" The smaller giantess exclaimed "Hey Susan! We had been waiting for you."

"Wow, those are huge." Jon said in awe. "How tall do you think they are?" 

Susan stared at the giantesses for some time, with a playful smile showing in her cute lips. Her friend was more than five times as tall as she was. She felt extreme jealousy, but it made her happy seeing her like that. 

"I heard that building is forty stories tall, so I guess about a hundred and fifty feet." she only reached below her knees. "and this one must be like three times her size. Four hundred and fifty, I believe. Give or take."

The bigger giantess looked back. She crouched again to examine the small girl. "Wow, you're so cute." She went back to the Amanda "Who is she? Can we keep her?" 

"Haha, certainly. Her name is Amanda. She was my friend in college and it looks like she's grown too." she crouched too, and used her hand to measure her. "But not nearly as much as us."

Susan brushed the giant hand away. 

"Hey! I'm still pretty big too, you know?" 

With that, Susan placed her feet on top of a car. Her feet was still not as big as the car, but she pressed and was happy to realize that she could still destroy it.

"Besides, you're not the one to brag about being big."

With that, the three giantesses felt the ground shook.

"What the hell?! Is there a bigger one?!" Jon shouted. He craned his neck and almost screamed. The giantesses followed. 

"Wow." Sarah managed to say. 

The face they saw staring at them was so enormous that it was creating an eclipse on the entire city. Her eyes must have been larger than a city block. Her fire red hair seemed really thick to them, but it was difficult to measure in her proportion. The girl was tall. Really tall. Taller than they thought was possible, even in the situation. Still, she was fully clothed. They could see that she was wearing a pink shirt and cowgirl shorts. A tiny girl was sitting on her shoulder. Tiny was a relative term for her. Susan calculated she must have been four times taller than the tallest girl in the city. 
People started to get out of the buildings, as if the other giantesses weren't a threat anymore. Soon, the street was filled people with their necks lifted towards the sky. Everyone looked horrified. 

"Wow." Sarah muttered again. 

"This is amazing." the tallest girl they had ever seen said. 

"Who are you?"

She stared at them, with a puzzled look on her face. 

"I said who are you!" Sarah screamed. 

"Oh, I heard you the first time. Excuse me. My name is Lisa."

"Get me down." The girl on her shoulder said. 

"Excuse me, city. I'm gonna sit for a second." Lisa said. 

She made an enormous racket putting her hand behind her back. They swore she destroyed an entire mountain on the process. Once she was seated, they could see the enormous wall of skin that were her legs taller than the buildings on both sides of the city.

She placed her hands on her mouth and seemed startled.

"Oh, jeez, sorry guys. I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. You couldn't avoid it." the girl on her shoulder said. "Just put me down."

With that, Sarah reached to her shoulder and placed her friend on her hand. Then, with a careful motion, she put her on the tiny city between her legs. The tallest buildings barely passed her knees.

"Wow, this is awesome" The girl on the city said, placing her hand on a skyscraper, feeling it. There was a good number of people standing on it, and their view was darkened by the giant hand, bigger than the roof of the building. "She really doesn't know how to have fun." The smaller girl said. "My name is Jennifer." She placed her hand in front of Sarah, the tallest of the girls. It was bigger than her head.

"Why is she still wearing clothes?" Jon asked to his girlfriend. 

"Oh. I told you. She doesn't know how to have fun." Jennifer answered, much to his surprise. 

"You can hear me?"

"Of course I can hear you. Everybody can. don't be a retard."

"You told me you lost your clothes!" Jon screamed at Susan. 

"Yes. I lost them. That doesn't mean I didn't grow with them."

"Lisa take off your clothes!"

"Yeah, do it!" The other giantesses followed. 

"I don't know, girls."

"Come on. Don't be a chicken!" Jennifer screamed. 

Lisa laughed below her teeth. It was amazing to think that those teeth could destroy a skyscraper with ease. Jerking her head back which such simplicity, made her seem really pretty, but even more tall and massive. 

"Okay girls. I will. Just give me a second to prepare." The massive girl said. 
She closed her eyes and then took off her shirt above her belly. It was barely smaller than the entire city. Her tummy was enormous. Even her navel would pass as a lake, and not exactly a minor one.

"Ok here it goes."

The gigantic boobs jiggled with the motion and soon it was gone. She threw her shirt far away, far beyond any of them, except maybe Jennifer, could see. It landed near another city, crumbling some buildings but leaving it intact on the grand scale. 

"Like what you see?"

The girls screamed in excitement. She could even hear some of the people on top of the buildings encouraging her. For most normal people on the street, however, there was panic. A lot seemed to be hypnotized by the show. 

She laughed timidly while undoing her bra. She took it off to reveal her boobs, jiggling with the motion. The nipples were about a third of the height of a skyscraper. The breasts themselves were as tall as mountains. Building a village in between them probably wouldn’t have been so hard.

She set her bra on top of a mountain to her left. To the people on it, it was instantaneous darkness. Some light filtered through the cup but the tree tops blinded any bystander. They would have to walk for miles and miles to return to the light. The label was bigger than a building, and even the joint of the bra was far too tall for anyone to reach. 

Lisa then got near the city, and very carefully to not destroy any buildings, she lifted Susan off the street. Her fingers barely fit onto the streets and Susan was smaller than her fingernail. The ride was pretty wild, helding John on her hand and feeling herself being lifted with great speed. She saw the ground zooming up from her perspective. The street became thin lines, then the buildings seemed like little models, like she had once seen the houses. Finally, she was placed on Lisa's right nipple. Susan held onto the nipple, sitting on it like a horse, with her legs barely reaching the edges and looked down below. For the first time in her experience, she felt a little scared. She could see the entire city from up there and the giantesses standing on it. From her perspective she even seemed taller than them. Below that, she saw the streets full of people from all over the city. 

"Don't worry, I won't let you fall guys." Lisa said looking at her giant nipple.

"I don't doubt it for a second." Susan answered. 

"You comfy?" She asked Jon. 

"Couldn't be more." He answered. He was amazed that she could still recognize him. 
To Jon, the ride was even wilder. He had closed his eyes protected by Susan's hand. When he opened his eyes, it was like nothing he had seen before. He saw other cities beyond his own, and far, far away, he could see the ocean, with all its currents, and could even distinguish some small boats. 

On the terrain that stretched beyond the view, he saw other giantesses and giants, of all possible sizes, some seemed taller than the one whose breast he was currently in, and others so small that they were difficult to distinguish, but that he knew they were still there. Some were playing with cities. Others were just standing around and talking. This phenomenon was already changing the world as they knew it. It was amazing, he was feeling tall but at the same time impossibly small, like a microbe. 
"Place me down." He asked his girlfriend. 

"Are you sure?"


The giant hand grabbed him and placed him on the red surface. It was porous and difficult to stand. He turned around, and he saw the body of his girlfriend looking at him. She was smiling confidently. Above her head, he could distinguish the features of the impossibly massive redhead he was currently standing on. 

"I'm gonna walk for a while." With that, he got closer to the tip of the nipple. It was some fifteen feet away He could feel himself being carefully watched by Susan. It was definitely a difficult walk. To his left, he saw the other nipple, just as perfect as this one, but seemed impossibly far away. He enjoyed standing here now, still not comprehending the idea that he was standing on a human boob. Finally, he sat down, and grabbed tightly onto the pores. This was definitely gonna be a crazy ride. 

"It's like playing with dolls." Lisa commented to no one in particular. "Alright. Let me take my shorts. Hold on, guys." With that, Lisa stood up to her full height of two miles. Susan held for dear life, as did Jon. She knelt to take off her sneakers. For everyone behind her, the giant ass was an amazing sight. She placed them neatly by the city. The laces were brushing some of the buildings, leaving some cracked walls and were too big to fit on the street. The sneakers themselves were far bigger than any mountain. 

Sarah then started kicking wildly to take her socks off. It was the first time she was having real fun and she was gonna take advantage of it. She still was being especially careful with the city, though. After some kicking around, they were gone. One landed on a lake, getting all wet. “Oh well, I didn’t want to use it anyway”. The other landed on the center of another city, covering any building that might have been dare and leaving it in darkness.

"Alright. Let me see." she slowly unbuttoned her cowgirl shorts taking them off her legs. The buttons were taller than any building. She played with her shorts for a while, and threw them as far as she could. They landed near the shore, creating enormous currents that made it to the land far beyond it was supposed to.

At this point, everyone could clearly see how wet her panties were. A drop of her cum falling on the ground left an enormous imprint the size of two city blocks together. Even in those aspects she was being careful not to get too close to the tiny city by her feet.

"Alright girl, one more." Amanda said, unsure if she was heard.

Lisa undid her panties very slowly. She had once seen a "professional" strip video and she tried her best to imitate it. Soon the smell of her pussy filled the entire city. It reached every street and every corner of the city. It was intoxicating for everyone present. Needless to say, her pussy was bigger than any skyscraper. In fact, taller than a number of skyscrapers put together, and the people directly below it were only seeing the massive canyon of a pussy coming to them as Lisa sat down. 

Now completely naked, she enjoyed the breeze on her body that passed at her height. 

"You know what we haven't tried?" she referred to Jennifer. "Here."

Lisa leaned down to grab one of the skyscrapers. It was really small to her, only somewhat smaller than her finger. For the people below it was an impossible sight. To see something that could hold thousands of people being grabbed so easily by a giant finger was both amazing and fear inducing. They looked up at the enormous index and thumb fingers ripping the building off its foundation, letting an enormous amount of dust fall onto the city. For the people inside, the windows cracked with easy as they saw the enormous wall of skin cover two of their windows and suddenly they felt themselves ascend really fast. Everyone held to whatever they could. It was a trip worse than any rollercoaster on earth. 

She examined the building closely, peering through the windows and seeing the people. Inside, they were in awe of the ten story tall pupils that stared at them. 

Then, she grabbed her friend. She was taller than the building, but she still fit in her hand. Jennifer was already accustomed to this. She pressed the two of them together. The movement trashed everything inside the skyscraper around, but it still survived. Jennifer hugged the building while laying on the palm of Lisa's hand as best as she could. She grabbed it like it was a man, albeit a very small one. Inside, the workers saw the enormous boobs pressing against the glass, threatening to break it. Other saw the enormous pussy wetting their windows, and others just saw the huge feet touching their walls. Being trashed around was unnerving, but strangely, this was being quite more arousing than they would admit.

Soon enough, the building crumpled on top of Jennifer. Those who survived were laying on her stomach. Some fell to her navel. Jennifer toyed with them for a while. Seeing the tiny people around her was an amazing experience. She felt very powerful in this position.

She grabbed one and examined him. He was smaller than her fingernail. Dressed on suit and tie, she guessed he was one of the office workers on the destroyed skyscraper.

"Hey cutie. What is your name?" Jennifer asked.

"Da... David."

"Are you scared?"

He didn't know if he was supposed to tell the truth.

"Yes. Some, lady." He gulped, hoping his tongue could now save his life. “You’re quite big, lady.” 

"Oh,  I know I'm big. But this bitch is bigger than me! Look at her!"

She was toying with David using her fingers, being careful not to hurt him much. She moved him around so he was able to look at Lisa. She was staring directly at them, with her palm in front of her eyes. amused. 

"Wow. That... That..."

"Dont worry little guy. We don't want to hurt you." Lisa said. 

Like Jon, he was absolutely in awe that she acknowledged his existence.

"That doesn't help much."

Jennifer laughed. It struck david to see how pretty she was.

"I'll protect you." She said, keeping him in her cupped hand by her chest.

This lasted for some time, until she got him near her mouth. He pushed with strength against the giant lips that blowed against his body, but it was useless.

"Calm down, boy." She said softly.

She opened her mouth to reveal the cavernous insides. The wet tongue, far bigger than he was, threatened to push him away. He let himself go and embraced the giant muscle. She put place him on top of it and he landed with a wet sound. The smell was intoxicating, but at the same time he felt turned on by his sticky bed. It was difficult to move being stuck to her salive. Suddenly he saw himself trashed around against her cheeks, against her teeth and thought the roof of her mouth. Now he was inside her cheek. Now he was hugging one of her teeth. Her canines seemed scary now, but it didn’t matter much. Now the motion was threatening to let him fall to his doom on her throat.

When she calmed down, he hugged as much as he could of the giant tongue and started humping. It was a strange experience, but he knew he was still humping a girl. An enormously tall girl. 

"What is he doing" Lisa asked the girl sitting on her palm. 

"He is humping my mouth!" Jennifer answered, momentarily not thinking about the little man in her mouth.

With that slight wording, he was again trashed around hitting the roof of her mouth. She spit him on the palm of her hand.

"I'm really sorry, David. I didn't mean too."

He seemed exhausted, covered in her saliva, gasping for air. After a while, he managed to give a thumbs up while lying on his back. 

Jennifer smiled relief. In all truth, it was easy getting attached to the small people. She wasn't evil. She just wanted to play.

"Okay people." She said standing on her knees to the remaining ones on Lisa's hand. "I'm feeling really horny right now. Who will go inside my pussy?"

Without much forethought, she grabbed a handful of them, one by one. Men and women stood on her hand, and she looked at them for a while before lowering them to her crotch, far larger than any of them. She set David down onto one of Lisa's fingers. It was as wide as a football field for him. 

With her left hand free, she grabbed some of them one by one and place them inside her. He insides were wet and slowly she felt the little people move around, some trying to escape. Others standing inside, scared. She could tell that some were taking the best they could of the experience, humping the walls of her vagina and licking her. She had to lie down on Lisa's hand and she felt the need to kick her legs to the air. This was pleasure like she had never felt. 

"Hey, don't hurt the tiny people!" Lisa said, half joking, half serious. 

"I'm sorry guys!" Jennifer screamed."You'd wish to be on my place!"

"Nah, I'm too comfortable here."

With that, Lisa stood up. One giantess on her hand and another on her nipple, a handful of little guys with them. She kneeled down to the remaining giantesses on the city. 

"Hey girls, wanna go for a walk."

"Sure thing!" Both of them screamed. Lisa picked the two of them with her free hand. 

"Hold on everyone. We're going to meet the others."

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