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Story Notes:

Enjoy, or not. It's up to you. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

Thomas makes plans. 

"Alright babe, I'm going to make a quick stop at work first, but after that I'm heading straight to you. It'll be a few hours. Alright, love you! Bye."

Thomas was ready to tackle the day. He had worked the past four days and was ready for a day off. And he wanted nothing more than to spend it with his girlfriend, Rose. They had met a year ago and went on a couple dates until Thomas finally asked her to be his girlfriend. She of course said yes. Now they've been spending most of their free time together. Thomas was actually thinking about getting an apartment together. 

Thomas, being in his mid twenties and holding a full time job, wanted to get out on his own, of course "own" means with his girlfriend. Thomas was never one for being able to do much by himself, he's always needed someone there for him. That's just the kind of guy he was. 

Thomas grabbed his cell phone, wallet, and iPod and headed out towards the bus stop. Despite his age, Thomas never learned how to drive, even so he didn't own a car. He never really cared for having to deal with all the traffic and road rage. Public transportation was more time consuming, but a lot less stressful, and Thomas was okay with that.

Thomas turned on his iPod and looked out the window as the bus drove him towards his destination. He works at a bakery-cafe, a rather popular place which serves a variety of foods: bagels, sandwiches, salads, pastries, and more. It was still pretty early, only eight in the morning, so breaskfast was still going on. 

Breakfast and lunch usually got pretty hectic, but Thomas loved working then because time always went by so fast. He didn't much enjoy having to take the customers orders, but he liked the other aspects, such as making drinks, or sweeping the floors when they got dirty. He was good at it, and his bosses liked him, that's what really mattered. 

Thomas was entering into his work now. One of the perks of working there was that employees got free drinks, so Thomas took advantage of that whenever he could. He planned on just being in and out. 

"Hey Big Tom," one of Thomas' co-workers said when she saw him come in. That was her nickname for him, since he was tall...at least taller than most of the girls he worked with. Thomas was one of the few male cashiers that worked there, as such a lot of the heavy lifting and reaching high places was pushed on to him. 

"Hey there Rachel," Thomas said. "Just getting a drink real quick before I go and see Rose." 

"Cool cool, come back here and get it yourself alright. I gotta go do something real quick," Rachel said as she walked away towards the back. 

Thomas headed around the corner and behind the counter. Since Rachel just left there were no cashiers at the moment so he was free to do as he pleased with no interuptions. Thomas made himself a large lemonade real quick and turned back to head around the counter again. 

As he starting walking past the registers Thomas blacked out. It was for only a second but it was the most important second of Thomas' life. When he came back to there was something very different about where he was. He looked around, the ground looked similar, but he was much closer to it than before. And there were crumbs all over the floor, the same crumbs that always litter the floor at this time, only now they were the same size, and some even bigger than Thomas. 

In fact, everything was bigger. No, that wasn't it. Everything was the same size, Thomas was the one who got smaller. Much smaller. For some unexplainable reason, Thomas was now the size of a small crumb on the floor, and the only person who knew he was here already assumed he had left. 

Thomas was alone. 

Chapter End Notes:

End of Chapter 1

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