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Author's Chapter Notes:
Tags: gentle, entrapment, body exploration

A gentle version of stories from the White Smite universe by makebelieve. Go read those if you haven?t read them yet! They?re probably way better than these stories. :P

Chapter 1: Choices

Looking out the door of my cage, I really wished my life was different. What did I do to deserve such a fate like this? What did my race do to deserve this? Being shrunk down and becoming toys. I felt grief and anger. Yet through my haze of despair, I couldn?t help but remembering what my new owner had said to me.

?If you?re still here when I come back, I?ll give you a surprise.?

She had deliberately left my cage door open so I could escape. I had thought about doing so for some time. The clock on the wall showed that she had been gone for about 8 hours. From 8 AM to now 4 PM. 8 hours that I had had to escape. I guessed that she was at work, and wanted to come home to me.

I?ll give you a surprise.

The words had haunted me for the whole day. A good surprise? Or a bad one? I had no idea. Maybe it was good for her, and bad for me. There was a tiny voice in my head telling me that she seemed nice. She had seemed gentle with me so far for the morning that she had owned me and had given me a generous amount of food and water before leaving for work.

But there was also another voice in my head, a much louder one, that told me that she wanted to see if I was a good and trustworthy pet. Then use me. But so far, I had decided to stay in the cage. If I got out, I?d probably starve to death or be eaten by rodents or bugs.

As I looked out, I saw a vast expanse of places to hide. Behind the TV. Under the sofa. But then death was guaranteed. Maybe if I stayed with this owner. Maybe if I could trust her.

Trust. An almost unfamiliar concept to me. When you?re brought up like I was, the only person you could rely on was yourself. Trusting someone else was a weakness. A way to show that you weren?t a survivor. But surviving alone was lonely and hard work.

I cursed my luck with all 4 inches of my puny body. Why couldn?t I have been born any other race? Why did I have to be white? The easy life I had seemed like another lifetime now.

I was brought out of my stupor as I heard a click emanate from the door.

Run or stay, I thought to myself. I chose to stay, and sat down on the cold metal bars of the cage I was confined in. Hoping that I made the right choice.

The door opened, and I saw my captor walk in. Boy was she hot. Her skin was a dark brown. huge breasts, and a huge ass too. I was captivated as she looked at me, and when she saw me still in my cage, she sighed and smiled. Those pearly whites. She looked like a perfect wife, but she was single. At least, that?s what I could tell so far. No boyfriend walked in with her, and there was no husband in the house.

?You actually stayed! I can?t believe it,? she whispered. As I looked into her eyes, my fear slowly started to ebb away. In her eyes were kindness. She looked like someone that would care for me.

?Thank you,? she whispered down to me.

?F-f-f-for what?? I called back. She had a far away look in her eyes, and I couldn?t tell if she had heard what I said.

?For not running away. For trusting me. You don?t know how much that means to me.?

?Why the hell should I mean anything to you? I?m just a pet,? I blurted out. I couldn?t believe what I was saying. What the heck was wrong with me?

?You know, when the shrinking first started, my best friend was one of the first. A caucasian girl. Who meant so much to me. I was heartbroken after that. I became a social recluse. Only recently have I started to go out into the world once more. I swore that in her place I would take care of someone. That?s why I brought you here. To find someone I can become friends with. Thank you for your trust,? she murmured.

I notices that her eyes had become teary, and she was avoiding eye contact. Instantly I felt regret for my earlier outburst. I lowered my head from shame. It was just like me to talk without thinking. I stared up at her, and looked straight into her eyes. They were captivating. I felt myself being pulled in. Suddenly, she grinned and wiped the tears away from her eyes.

?But I bet I know what?s on your mind. How about time for your surprise,? she smirked. ?Let me just change out of these clothes first. Shouldn?t be too long of a wait.?

She set me down gently on the table I was on, and walked away. I watched her walk away in confusion. Never before had an owner treated me with such respect. Such kindness. Another word that had almost been erased from my internal dictionary.

I eased myself down onto the wooden surface of the table I was on. Sliding down the table?s legs would have been rather easy. But I was tempted to stay and see just what this gigantic beauty would do to me.

A couple of minutes later, I heard footsteps. Once more brought out of my daydream and looked up. What I saw brought my jaw down and my dick up. She was in her birthday suit. Stark naked in front of me. Everytime she walked, I could see her gigantic breasts bob up and down, and her hips sway from side to side. Even from the front it looked appealing.

?Hope you don?t mind too much. I prefer to walk around the house naked. The cool air on my body feels rather nice,? she said as she walked up to me. Putting her hand down in front of me, she gestured with her other hand for me to climb on. I complied.

She sat down on the sofa, and lifted both her legs up to the sofa. One she lay flat, and the other she placed in a position where her knee was about level with her face. She set me down onto her knee, and I could stare directly at her. I didn?t have to look up at an owner.

?I?d prefer to talk to you like this,? she said. ?I don?t like looking down on you. It seems so dehumanizing.?

I was shocked by the fact that she actually considered me human. I decided not to ask her about it, in case she got angry at me. I doubted that she would, but I wasn?t going to push my luck.

?I bet you?re excited about your surprise though, aren?t you. Your erect penis kinds of gives that away,? she smirked. ?Here is how it?s going to work. I will flip a coin. If it lands on heads, you get to play on my body for 10 minutes. If it lands on heads, I get to command you around for 10 minutes.?

I instantly stiffened at that. Command me around. Most likely just a nicer way of saying used as a dildo or an anal bead. Or something worse. Like being eaten then vomited. There was also a chance she wouldn?t even acknowledge her previous deal. But I thought that she would. Well, maybe more like hoped.

As if she could sense the fear in me, she said, ?Don?t worry. It won?t be anything rough. Maybe I?ll ask for a foot rub or something. I won?t hurt you. I promise.?

I knew that I couldn?t say no. So I nodded my head. She leaned forward, and picked up a coin from the table. A shiny quarter that was bigger than my head. Smirking at me, she flipped the coin. She caught it in mid-air, and flipped it onto the back of her other hand. It was...
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A woman with sympathy breaks into a store and steals whites. With a bag full of whites and a tiny amount of money, she is on the run from the police and must figure out how to stay alive.

Stay tuned for the next one-shot named "Nourishment"!
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