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Author's Chapter Notes:
Another author of ours wanted to post ANOTHER developing story. However, his ideas are striking.
Five years ago there was a war that was greater than all wars. The world wars among humans are nothing compared to the greatest battle that took place circa 2013. This battle was something more than just a battle; it was a revolution and an evolution at the same time. The war took a toll on every aspect of the globe. The wave started all throughout Southeast Asia, migrated to the Americas in one day, then plagued Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and so on. It was a war our modern weaponry wasn?t ready for. Our nuclear weapons would?ve only hurt us if we attempted to use them. This war took the normal world we knew and loved and turned it into a struggle for survival against an evolved race, thanks to the help of science.

So, who?s responsible for this?

The answer is a group of extreme feminists that were able to convince a higher number of women that an unequal gender society in favor of men would never come to an end unless they did something by force. Their numbers have reached hundreds of thousands in the United States, and heavens know how many more around the world. They knew they didn?t stand a chance against men physically, so they evolved themselves through some scientific breakthrough that was a liquid formula giving them the ability to expand the matter of atoms in their bodies to impose a growth of size and strength, while maintaining their proportional body shape.

Depending on how tall these women were, the formula could raise their height to 50 feet or 100 feet, but on a 1 to 10 ratio. For example, a normal 5 foot woman that takes the serum grows to 50 feet, but is significantly shorter than a 6 foot woman that takes the serum whom would rise to 60 feet.

This magnificent size change gave them tremendous power over men and the women that stood by them. The serum probably affected their rationality and logic thinking, but they didn?t know it. You could argue that they?ve just stuck to their feminist beliefs, but after all of this time, no sympathy? No compassion? No reminisces of the old world that wasn?t destructive or chaotic? That sounded a little chaotic to the brain and for the brains that rule the world now.

During the war, men fought with all of the weapons and the wit they could throw against an army of women that used their bare hands and their bare feet, and as you guessed it, the women triumphed over the human race. This battle of giants against humanity proved once and for all that women were superior to men. It has paved a future of new queens and matriarchies that would force men to be subservient to them. It was a new world order. It was a new age that we?d have to succumb to.

A world that wasn?t in peace has changed to a world full of destruction caused by these giantesses. Any man caught roaming free would be caught easily and enslaved to their giantess that has captured them. Any small woman would first be trialed to brainwashing by the women, and if they feel they have brainwashed them enough, they would put them to the test by murdering any imprisoned man with a gun. If the women do not pass, they are enslaved. If they do pass, they are rewarded the serum and are rewarded another killing of another small person with more creativity. Some women are psycho enough to use their own body parts to kill them or swallow them whole like they were some kind of snack. It?s despicable, and we mourn those lives that have been captured or lost.

This is the world we live in now, however. The air is just filled with the smell of female domination over ensnared men. The light of the sun doesn?t reflect light at all, but the dark and terrifying chance that you?d be caught by one of them. Ranging from teenagers, to adult females in their fifties, these diverse feminists hunt the human race down like cat and mice. Once one is spotted, it?s pretty much over.

Not everyone has been caught, and I am one of the few who have been able to survive all of these years. A village of people and I confine in an underground tunnel where trains used to drive by. Its ways away from the city and it?s hard to spot for the giantesses. We?ve only had a few rare instances where they?ve strolled by, but they would never think to start digging through the ground because above us is just a valley of yellow grass in the middle of Texas.

Our only problem is hunting for food and supplies. It?s complicated to exit the tunnel without getting caught, and it?s even more complicated to find food since the giantesses have been scavenging them all, but we?ve managed for five years.

Soon, if we find more people and more weapons, we plan to ignite a revolution and take back the world we once knew and loved. However, we don?t feel ready yet, numerically, and strategically, but we?re getting there.
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