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Story Notes:

Just so you know, the all of giantesses (currently) consider humans 'unworthy', and this means humans have never been able to see the face of a giantess (e.g. when they communicate via a video link with human ships). They have only ever managed to view giantesses from the neck down (because humans are not deemed worthy enough to see the face of a giantess unless she decides otherwise, because a human has earned the privilege). This further demeans the humans. As a result, all of the giantesses are members of the below trope, especially Eris because she considers herself Goddess:


There will be a big reveal for the villainess towards the end of the story, as there often is with characters of this trope. Other giantesses may be revealed sooner. I would describe giantess society as an odd fusion of Feudalism and Fascism, hence the reason for many of their views.

Again, a thanks to Nostory for applying vinegar, so to speak, to my rusty writing.

The terraformed Mars: a masterpiece of human ingenuity. Many centuries of hopes, dreams and research has led up to the first tentative steps of humanity on the Red Planet. I remember when my family first came to Mars in search of a new life amongst the stars; my parents came looking for wealth and opportunity, hoping to capitalize on the booming tourism industry. Of course, that was before the war started.   Legions upon legions of humans have died fighting the self-proclaimed Goddess Eris, and the end seems farther away than ever. Each year she seems to get bolder and stronger, and now much of Mars is dedicated to military endeavours. You could say Mars became it’s namesake.   Mars is well-equipped to withstand and repel any attack. Nothing in the known universe compares. The Red Planet truly is a ‘God of War’; an entity containing unmatched firepower!   Looking out of the window of my apartment, at the military base and the ferrous Martian soil, I see an omen of my own future: the state of the art ship I’ll be living in for the next few months. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery and a glorious example of what contemporary technology and engineering can do.   From the bridge at the top of the bow she flows elegantly downwards, diagonally, at about a forty-five degree angle, before meeting with the crimson Martian soil. She’s so tall and curvy. She’s just like my girlfriend, but she's not as sexy as her, of course.   That’s it! When I get back from my tour of duty I’m going to ask her to marry me! That is, unless she asks me to marry her first. She’s a fiercely independent woman and has always been one for the unexpected, so who knows?   And here she comes now. I hear the feint sound of each meticulous step, as she walks softly across the carpeted floor up to me – which must mean that she’s finished her shower. Her arms wrap tenderly around my chest, forcing their way underneath my arms, in a telling embrace. I then feel her long brunette hair brush against my neck.   Her lips come into contact with my cheek, and I, all of a sudden, freeze. The way she sensuously brushes her lips against my face always manages to leave me in a trance. As her lips continue to flirt with my face, like a feisty young feline on the prowl, waiting for just the right moment to pounce and go in for the kill, her arms gently rub against the muscles of my torso.   Shivers go down my spine as her hands move from the top of my chest, lower and lower, closer and closer, probing; wanting to go down and see if there has been a reaction – which of course there has been. I always try to resist her charm, but I just can’t! She’s such an expert at this, and things are really beginning to heat up.   I want to push her arms away, to save myself from any further embarrassment, but I feel powerless. Love is the greatest form of magic, and I seem to have succumbed to her latest spell. She has me right where she wants me. I'm under her control – and there’s nothing that I can do about it.   Her hands continue exploring my stomach, creeping slowly downwards, but they pause at my waist. She loves to tease me. She’s an expert at teasing me. I really thought she was going to go for it this time. We don't have much time left together after all.   A couple more hours or so and I'll be well on my way out of the Solar System; she may never seem me again. Hopefully she will, but one should never be complacent. If I lose my concentration, even just for a split second, it could be the end for me.   I tilt my head upwards in order to get a better view of what will be my home for the next while. I'm sure I'll be fine. She's state of the art. But I can’t get complacent, not with who were going up against. Our enemy on this mission isn’t a simple band of pirates that stalk the interstellar gas and dust clouds.   "Sidney," I hear her whisper in my ear.   "Yes," I reply flatly.   By now I've become used to her advances, so I'm not too flustered, even if I do often feel powerless to stop her. Somehow though, she can still give me goose bumps with every whisper.   "Come back in one piece won't you? I can only admire your body if you're alive and in one piece. I need you here, with me."   "Of course I will. You know me."   "I've always admired your confidence."   "Thanks. I won't let you down. I'm sure you don't need reminding who our enemy for this mission is, right?"   Just thinking about our target for this mission – Eris, a self-proclaimed goddess – gives me the creeps. She and her band of so-called 'Angels' manage to strike fear into the hearts of even some of the most hardened of servicemen and women. Others often claim I'm incredibly brave, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fearful of Eris.   Her Angels have been known to appear anywhere on the edge of the known universe. But if you ask anyone where exactly she came from you'll get mixed responses. Eris herself claims that she and her angels come from somewhere in the Rosette Nebula, though there isn't any proof of this. The fact that she says this makes me wonder what's so special about that nebula in particular.   The intense reds of the nebula remind me of blood for some reason. Plus, looking at the older photographs of it I can roughly make out a skull shape. Could this be an omen?   I want to think that its just pure coincidence, but many brave adventurers have died there – even before Eris's rise to fame. The intense dust makes it hard to navigate and means that ships are not be able to rely on visual information.   Add to that, the seemingly infinite number of asteroids. I hear its rich in all kind of rare and highly sought after elements. If I could set up a successful mining operation there I'd be a billionaire in no time at all, I'm sure!   "No, of course not; we talked it over yesterday, remember?” Maxine coos after a moment of intense thinking on her part as well, interrupting my chain of thought, “It's just...well, you're known as a risk taker."   “I can’t back down now. My luggage is already on the ship and I’m going to be leaving soon. I’ll look like a coward in front of my comrades.”   “There’s bravery and then there’s stupidity. Isn’t that what you always told people?”   “But I have to do this! We can’t let that big bully, Eris, win!”   It pains me to have to do this but there’s no turning back now. We remain in our room for a while longer, talking, until the public address system says that it’s time for me to leave. Just outside our state of the art ship, when I’m about to walk up the stairs to the crew entrance, is where we exchange our last words. I manage to pick out her voice from amongst the many onlookers standing alongside the parade of personnel, and see her sweet face in the second row of people.   “Goodbye, Sidney,” I hear her call, “Bring back a trophy, or two, won’t you?”   “I’ll try,” I reply, desperately trying to hold back my tears. “Maybe I’ll be able to bring back a set of Eris’s underwear or something. A huge bra would make a fine hammock!”   I really want to say more, but I can't hold up the line of personnel. I'm sure they are all just as eager as I am to explore the innards of this state of the art ship. Hard to believe my squadron was one of the ones selected for this mission. They must think we're really special. There's been so much hype about this new ship.   Unfortunately, upon my entry, I realise the inside doesn't seem to live up to the expectations. I was expecting something sleek given it's sexy exterior. Instead, what I find is a boring, sterile environment – some might even say it was a bit dated. Whether or not there are enough pleasantries to keep me sane remains to be seen, but they do keep repeating that this ship is state of the art. Hopefully there's at least a half-decent Intranet on board to keep me entertained.   Sadly, I can't stop and examine the ship in more detail just yet, as we all have been instructed to make our way to the its canteen. As I enter it, I pause and take a moment to study it.   It looks as if there are hundreds of seats. Above most of the gangways are monitors and security cameras. In the distance there are several other doors and the kitchen areas. As I stand and stare, I feel a hand on my shoulder. A shiver goes down my spine at the unexpected gesture.   “Hey Sidney,” says a feminine voice behind me, as I walk through the doors.   “Jasmine,” I exclaim as I turn around to look at her, “it's so nice to finally see you again. It's been weeks! How was your holiday to Olympus Mons?”   As we start to talk, I gaze into her hazel eyes and notice her newly curled auburn hair. It’s been so long since I last saw her! What happened?   “It was wonderful, thanks for asking! How are things going with Maxine?”   “Things are going great. When I get back I might just ask her to marry me. Unless she asks me first of course. You know how she is.”   “For sure. Wonder what's going to happen in the...”   Suddenly all of the monitors hung from the canteen's ceiling turn on. A man with greying hair and in a white naval suit, decorated with many medals, appears on the screens. Everyone stands to attention as he begins to talk.   “Welcome everyone. This is your ship's captain speaking...” he says with a clear stiff upper lip.   Guess he didn't get to the top by being nice to people. Hopefully he'll at least pretend to care, unlike our previous captain. Man, he was a real bastard.   “Well that answers that question,” Jasmine whispers to me.   “As you are all aware, this mission is no ordinary mission. First let me congratulate you all on being selected. You are some of the finest pilots in the navy. Even in this age of robotics, we still need aces like yourselves, and I thank you for putting your lives on the line.   “As you know, this mission will be a true test of your skills. Our enemy isn't the simple pirates or renegade colonists you may be used to. Our enemy on this assignment is the mysterious demon Eris. I'm sure that I don't need to remind of what she is capable of. There's no shame in dying, but just don't be a pussy and surrender to her. You will probably die anyway and you will be remembered as a coward.   “I'll have more information for you later. For now, acquaint yourself with the ship’s facilities. The stewards will be happy to show you to your sleeping quarters if you show them your papers. We shall leave in an hour. Thank you, that is all for now. Good day to you all.”   Ah, he doesn't seem so bad as a captain. I’ve had worse instructors. I'm sure we'll get along without any ethics questions.   “Psst, Sidney, did you hear the rumour?” Jasmine says, placing one hand beside her lips.   “What rumour?”   “Mining vessels have been spotted coming out of Eris's territory.”   “But how? Eris is said not to let anybody escape her star system alive. Ships aren't even allowed to get anywhere near the system.”   “It's just a rumour I heard when I was holidaying. There are lots of miners that frequent that area of Mars. I don't know how they heard about it. I was speaking to one man and I said I was in the navy and one thing led to another.”
“Isn’t it too risky to be out there? What were they thinking?”   “Maybe they weren’t. All I know is there is a lot of money to be made out there.”   Suspicious mining vessels, giant women, battles of an epic scale. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. This has the makings of a great film! I bet the crazy part of the Martian Wide Web is full of theories...   “I'm as clueless as you are Sidney. How about we go and find Brandon and explore the ship so that we can take our minds off of Eris for a while?”   “That would be great. I'm feeling very uneasy about the whole mission.”   “You're not alone,” I hear a nearby male voice say.   It's Brandon. I haven't seen him a while either. Wonder what he's been up to since I last spoke to him.   “Hey, how have you been?” I ask him.   He feigns a smile. His bright blue eyes tell the story of a man with much on his mind. Guess things haven't been going so well for him.   “Well, I've been spending a lot of time in the gym recently. You know, to take my mind off of our latest assignment.”   “If there's anything you want to talk about, you know Jasmine and I are always ready to listen.”   “It's okay, I think I’ll be fine. But you don’t seem worried yourself, aren't you worried about her too?”   “We'd be lying if we said we didn't,” interjects Jasmine.   “But I'm sure we'll be fine,” I say, attempting to reassure Brandon, “The technology on this ship is all new. Eris won't know what hit her.”   “I hope you're right Sidney...” Brandon replies, with obvious unease.   I hope I haven't underestimated Eris. The military has a nasty habit of doing just that. She's more powerful than we dared dream.
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