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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey guys I'm back i was really busy over the summer and had no time to write so I apologize for that.

On the last day of school nick was going to miss being able to look at all the girls and their "features", but one of the girls he was going to miss the most was a girl named Essence. Essence had small sized breasts but what she did have that Nick loved looking at was her perfect ass. Nick had always dreamed about Essence sitting on him and playing with him using her ass.

About halfway through 4th period when Nick went to go to the bathroom he ran into Essence.

"Oh hey there Nick" she said, "hey Essence" he replied. "Are you excited about summer starting" she asked. "Not really I'm going to miss all my friends" he said. "Well I'm real excited about all the fun I'm going to have this year" she said.

As soon as she said that she pulled out what looked to be a water gun. Nick then could only see light before he passed out. When he came too he realized he in the gym and that every thing seemed huge. He looked behind him to find the bottom of the bleachers looking to be about 10 times bigger than him. He then started to feel the ground shake, he turned around to see running shoes. He looked up the to see the shoes go to what looked like white skin to black legs. He kept looking upwards to see the legs come together into a triangle shape and up to a grey shirt that led to a face. He then realized he was looking at Essence in her black leggings that loved and her grey tank top.

"Hey there little man, are you excited for summer now" she asked the 2 inch man. She bent over and scooped Nick up in her hand bringing him up to her face. She then his giant erection, "Before you ask about how you got this small, how bout we deal with your excitment" she said pointing to his cock. Nick then realized he was naked and really enjoying this already, he knew how she was going to deal with it and wanted it imediately. She then brought Nick to her lips smashing Nick into them.

Nick's extremely hard cock slipped in between her lips. She then proceeded to suck, rub, and play with his cock using her tongue.Nick was holding back the erge to cum right then and let some build up before he does, about 15 seconds later he gave in releasing his massive load into her mouth that she then swallowed. She enjoyed that salty taste of his cum but wanted to get to the fun part for him.

"Are you ready for the fun part" she asked him after giving him a bottlecap full of water. "Yea I'm so ready" he answered. She then picked him up and placed him on the bleachers. She then turned around and bent down giving him the best view of her perfect ass. "I always catch you staring at my ass you must really love it, so lets see how much you love it" she said. She then sat down with Nick under her right ass cheek.

She moved her ass aroung to grind Nick into her ass, he went and started doing whats she was wondering. Nick humped the shit out of her ass while she was moving her ass around. Nick did this for about 5 minutes before cumming on almost her entire ass cheek. "I guess you really love my ass alot" Essence said.

She then saw her friend Mary walking into the gym to meet her. Essence showed her Nick and the giant cum spot he left on her ass cheek. "You really should try this little man's cum, it tastes so sweet and salty" Essence said to Mary. "Sure why not, let me help you with that" Mary said to Essence. Essence then bent down while Mary got on her knees.

Nick then saw Mary looking straight at him and his cum spot. He then saw Mary's face getting closer when she stuck out her tongue to lick up all the cum and Nick. Mary started licking up the cum on the right side of Essence's ass cheek moving towards the left where Nick was. Mary licked up all the cum and Nick and was now playing with Nick in her mouth while her and Essence stood up. Essence went up to Mary kissing and slipping her tongue into Mary's mouth. Both of them played with Nick with their tongues until Essence stopped with Nick in her mouth. "Lets make this super fun for Nick" Essence said while pulling of Mary's light blue leggings and her blue tank top leaving her in only panties and a b-cup bra.

Mary then pulled down her panties to expose her slit. Essence opened her mouth giving Nick a view of his destination. She then started licking Mary's cunt with Nick at the tip of her tongue fully inside Mary's pussy. Essence then let Nick off her tongue and into Mary's horny pussy. 


Chapter End Notes:

OK guys the next chapter is going to be uploaded tomorrow hopefully.

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